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We Should Have Listened To Padre Solalinde, Father Patrick Murphy and Sergio Tamai: The Migrantes Were Deceived By Extremists of Pueblo Sin Fronteras

This will be quick because it is late here, but I wanted to get some things down and give you some links before the storm arrives and we lose power here.

First up (if you haven't read these reports already), the Democracy Now! coverage of events in Tijuana, with special coverage of the US intervention into Honduran affairs and Dana Frank's book which illustrate how the US intervention has completely influenced the migrante exodus. Still have not heard much on that subject in the MSM.

 Please note Honduran President Hernandez's brother arrested on cocaine trafficking charges.  Must run in the family. I think I ended the last blog by linking a report that President Hernandez wants an investigation into USBP firing rubber bullets at the migrantes  - really?  Since when has Hernandez or Jimmy "The Rat" Morales, President of Guatemala ever been concerned over the migrantes?

Democracy Now !

Immigration|Democracy Now


I mentioned last blog that my neighbors (and many others...I was on the fence but not completely dismissing this theory)) thought last Sunday's catastrophic events were produced by Trump himself to insure he would attain his "Wall" agenda.  Not so fast.  On last Saturday, Sergio Tamai of Mexicali, founder of Angeles Sin Fronteras and also speaking for the Alianza Migrante Tijuana asked Irineo Mujica of Pueblo Sin Fronteras to reconsider and cancel the planned demonstration as the results would benefit Trump's agenda, and defeat the intentions of the migrantes.

 - From: El Sol de Tijuana:

Pide Angeles sin Frontera que Migrantes No Se Manifestan

Almost a week before the demonstration, Sergio shared the information with Telemundo 20 of San Diego that a masse crossing was being planned at SYPOE, who passed it along to Fox News and other right wing news outlets. Here, because of Telemundo 20 the information went viral and scared people.

 - From Fox News:

Migrant Caravan Members May Be Planning 'Human Stampede' At US Border: Aid Group


 - But it wasn't just a free for all.  Both Padre Solalinde and Father Patrick Murphy (Casa Del Migrante/Padre Chavas Tijuana) have condemned Pueblos Sin Fronteras - or at least a faction of that group who Padre Solalinde calls "extremists" with irresponsible and unforgivable behavior, of exploiting and deceiving the migrantes to forward their own political agenda.  For the longest time, I agreed with Univision that this caravan was not organized by any group. I should have listened to the Padres.

 - From Frontera:

Lamenta Padre Murphy El Engano a Mgrantes de Caravana


" Father Patrick Murphy, director of the Casa del Migrante, lamented that the families of the Central American caravan have been tricked into entering the United States through a humanitarian asylum.

That has been noticed because people do not have their documentation and are unaware of the process, they also believed that in three days they would be in the American Union.

Like the priest and activist Alejandro Solalinde, Muphy railed against the organization Pueblos Sin Fronteras for allegedly organizing the exodus and bringing him to Tijuana.

"They did not inform them very well. They made false promises.

Cross in three days? I always had my suspicions, why are they doing that? Why not seek a dialogue with those who work at the border? They have a very political strategy and want to enter forces and this time it will not happen again, "he said.

The asylum process lasts a long time and very few will receive it, for what others will have for their Mexican dream, he added.

He explained that this situation will increase the work of the pro-migrant civil associations, who will have to support those people who fulfill their Mexican dream when establishing in the city.

Hence, he proposed that the governments of Mexico, the United States and Central America should generate actions to serve their communities.

The director of the Casa del Migrante said that Tijuana always arrives migrants of different nationalities, the difference is that this time they did it in caravans, in which they exceed 6 thousand members.

In that sense, he described as slow the preparation of the authorities to deal with the migrant exodus.

"The response of the authorities has been extremely slow.

For more than a month, every Thursday, we started having meetings with the shelters and the government of the three levels, there were always many promises. I always insisted that we make decisions because the migrants were going to arrive and that was no secret, "said the father.

Worse, Padre Solalinde offered up this information days earlier through several interviews where he also brings up trafficking in arms and people  - at least by what he describes are "extremists" within Pueblos Sin Fronteras.

 - From

Migrantes Son Utilizados Por Pueblo Sin Fronteras Para Trafica Armas: Solalinde


What next?  Apparently there is rumor that some of the migrantes will participate in a  hunger strike starting today, Frontera will update us.  Meanwhile, we were in Tijuana yesterday after my Doctors appointment and to say it is tense is an understatement.  You could cut the tension with a knife and people are frightened.

Right now it just started raining, it is supposed to come down heavy during the day - what will happen to the migrantes?  If someone doesn't find shelter for them, they are going to be soaking and freezing  from the rain.  Here are some links, you can read about the birth in the camp, the outbreak of chicken pox and other health issues at the baseball field, and after the disaster on Sunday, 100+ migrantes leave Tijuana and Mexico on their own accord. Dreams broken, thanks Pueblo Sin Fronteras Extremists Idiots !!

 I am so angry at this Pueblos Sin Fronteras I could scream...but I am also wondering if they hired the strongmen to infiltrate the caravana from President of Guatemala Jimmy "The Rat" Moreles and President Hernandez's  (the puppets of the USA.) criminal gangs.

El Sol de Tijuana:

Caravana Migrante


Caravana Migrante 



Anonymous said...

You are nothing if not naive. There were videos of Pueblos sin Fronteras passing out money to the migrants weeks ago. This was an organized invasion. This is what happens when people do not follow the law. Neither the US or Mexico should be used as pressure valves for evil regimes that deal in drug and people trafficking.

Maggie said...

Okay, give us a link. I watched the video from Millenio and it was taken in Guatemala. You can prove those guys who were handing out the dinero were from Pueblo Sin Fronteras? I assumed from the beginning when I first watched the video the men passing out the money wads of it were sent by Jimmy "the rat" Moreles.

That would and still does make sense to me - Jimmy The Rat and Prez Hernandez are terrific con men and liars. They have always wanted to make the migrantes look bad and make themselves look good. Their one goal is to stay on the US Payroll (i.e. foreign aid) & they will do anything to kiss Trump's ass. Not only were they glad to see the migrantes go, they would IMHO sweeten the deal and pay them to go. then, turn around and say - "we just do not understand why these people want to leave !"

So my friends who believed that Trump was behind the infiltration of the Caravana and the disaster of last Sunday were correct in a round abput way. He loves chaos, and Jimmy The Rat and Hernandez were doing his bidding.

Further, according to the experts who know exactly how things work down there like Padre Solalinde, he infers that this is a faction of extremists from Pueblo sin Fronteras. It's difficult for me to believe that a faction could come up with tons of cash - and following the Caravana, it did not seem particularly organized to me, at all.

Still this Mujica guy is still in Tijuana and it is he who is reinforcing the hunger strike of how many - 50 men and 50 women and egging them on to go back to Chaparral and make more trouble. He reminds me of Charlie Manson and seems to have a committed cult following which does not include the majority of the migrantes in the caravana, the majority of which were duped, naïve and desperate.

I don't understand your last sentence - because for one thing, the United States set up these "evil regimes" to begin with. What we are seeing now is the result. Further, this is what happens when people are blind sighted by complete despair and along come Benito Mussolini. Yea well, we all know what happened to him - upside down and all that.


Maggie said...

Oh wait - the United States is not involved with dealing drugs or washing drug money? That's a new one on me. So using your terms then, we could say the United States is an evil regime, right ?