Thursday, June 27, 2019

Not Seeing a Great Deal Of Coverage Of This 06/21 Event Locally.... Check Out Western Stars !

Courtesy CNN-Mexican National Guard @ Ciudad Juarez

...or of the cartoon it inspired. Cartoon, remarks from Denise Dresser and video of the African migrantes being held in Mexico:

 ~ From CNN:

The Other Photo That Shows What's Happening Now At The Border
By, Catherine E. Shoichet - 06/26/19 

More currently, Reuters reports that Presidente AMLO at his press call on this last Tuesday said the Mexican National Guard had not been instructed to carry out such detentions:

 ~ From Reuters:

Mexican National Guard Shows Lighter Touch With Migrants After Presidents Warning
By, Anthony Esposito  - 06/25/19

We'll see what happens. 


June is not quite but almost over and we are up to almost 180 executions in Tijuana, more down Ensenada way over control of the drug routes.  Once again, I'm sort of incapacitated, this time it is both of my eyes - I kept telling Mike "Gawd, I can't see anything". So I have two cataracts which need to be removed and I can't see really you are on your own til I get the surgery which according to one of my neighbors is a breeze.  Go here for all the latest:




Meanwhile, I love this new Bruce Springsteen album, and in the world we are living in, it is much just soothes the soul..  Check it out : 

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