Friday, September 20, 2019

Global Climate Strike Starts Today !!!

Here is the link to find out what is happening in your neck of the woods under" Search The Climate Strike Map"...many, many activities planned for San Diego; even Tijuana !!! Out Of Sight Tijuana, way to go !!!

Global Climate Strike - Sept. 20-27 


There are eight of them...feeding them twice a day...they are notorious ! Don't look at the wall which I was priming, everything stopped when my knee gave out.

Meanwhile, I am being held hostage by ruthless feral kittens.  Kittens to the left of me, kittens to right! We'll start to trap them in about another week to take them in to be spade and get shots, but the only animal shelter in Rosarito can't take them even tho I offered to pay for their food and medical.  Cannot just release them anywhere, so looks like they will be released here, which is kind of crazy, because they can't come in the house. Still unable to handle them at all, they hiss and run.

Paris had a bad ear infection which even after treated down here, returned .  She has an appointment (the earliest date I could get) at the Dermatology Clinic next to VCA in Kearney Mesa next Friday the 27th, so until then she is not feeling real great and I'll miss the big march up in San Diego. Giving her 50 mg. of Benedryl at night as prescribed, cool green tea & awapuii wipes on her tummies which is red, yogurt and the coconut oil which she loves and coconut baths and keeping the A/C on for her with a vornado fan. This could be a yeast infection. I'll be back with stats updates.


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