Saturday, September 28, 2019

More Views On The Impeachment ! Remember Valerie Plame? Did Trump Make A Deal With Devil ?

We always watch these guys, in this case I left thinking....they are both right:

 ~ From PBS 09/27:

Shields and Brooks On the Politics Of Impeachment


OMG Finally ! Do not miss the Valerie Plame video ! It's all great.....

"+ If you really wanted to covertly dig up dirt on the Bidens (of which there are geological strata in plain sight), why would you assign the task to Rudy Giuliani and send him on a mission to Ukraine, unless you wanted to get caught and force the spectacle of impeachment, which you can count on the Democrats to completely screw up to your advantage?"

  ~ From Counterpunch:

Roaming Charges: Rough Trade Transcript 
By, Jeffrey St. Clair


I'll be back with more stats and a Paris update !  I am currently on a Cream trip...think about it, could it be Trump & his buddies made a deal with the devil and now his time is up ?  Thanks of course to Robert Johnson:


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