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COVID-19 Stats For Baja California and Mexico - No Ventilators - Hospitals Lacking Equipment - Hospital Personnel Infected By COVID-19 - Pleas For Help From Hospital Employees - 76 Attacks on Mexican Medical Personnel (so far) - AMLO Wants To Buy 10,000 Ventilators From Trump

Non-essential businesses have been shut down, schools shut down, the Mexican people have been daily briefed on conditions of the infected , reminded constantly to wear a mask and practice social distancing and even though Governor Bonilla has taken stringent measures to ensure public safety (including the sanitization of streets, the outside of buildings and public areas) and the order to stay at home has been reinforced by law enforcement, the National Guard, Paramedics and the Red Cross this is what we saw today - drag racing at Rodriguez Dam - click the link for images and video:

 ~ From Zeta: 

(VIDEO) Mientras Paramedicos de Cruz Roja Invitan a Ciudadanos a Permanecer en Casa; Tijuanenses se Van a Arrancones en la Presa
Por, Uriel Saucedo

"For some Tijuana residents, neither the 30 deaths from COVID-19, nor the 370 confirmed cases throughout the state, have been enough to stop going out on the streets and practice a healthy distance as the health authorities have indicated since the first infections occurred in the entity almost a month ago. This Sunday, April 12, dozens of people passed through the city and lived together in the glass of the Abelardo L. Rodríguez Dam.
In two videos recorded by a citizen, you can see dozens of vehicles gathered in an area of ​​the dam where it is common for “drag” games to be played. This activity is usually attended by groups of friends and entire families, who live together throughout the afternoon. There are also often street vendors offering food primarily.
The videos confirm the presence of people outside their vehicles, others more on their motorcycles and some vendors in the area. In contrast, of these evidenced acts, a paramedic from the Tijuana Red Cross also shared a live broadcast on his social networks in which he pointed out that people continue on the streets despite the contingency that exists.

The video recorded in the Santa Fe area reveals that there were several vehicles on the streets when citizens would be expected to be at home, "Sunday with enough traffic and enough work" the paramedic is heard speaking.
"They do not understand why the hospitals have not seen how they are right now, we should give a tour to all the people who leave their homes ... traffic and more traffic," continues the Red Cross worker, as the unit travels along Cuauhtémoc Boulevard. South towards Agua Caliente Boulevard.
Of the first of the videos, that of La Presa, there was no position on the part of the Municipal Ministry of Security and Civil Protection (SSPCM), despite the fact that since March 23 activities in public spaces have been reduced and since 30 measures increased with the closure of beaches, shopping malls and parks, however, such restrictions have not been an impediment for sectors of the population to continue to meet."


So, this is bad news as we all know and there's more bad news on the way unfortunately. Mike reports over this last weekend, Rosarito Beach was observing all prescribed precautions and there were hardly any people on the streets when he was there. The ones he saw were wearing masks.

 National Stats: Taken from yesterday's late hour reports, so the figures will change; all reports from Zeta.

En Mexico Han Fallecido 296 Personas por COVID-19; Mil 843 se Han Recuperado 
Por, Carlos Alvarez

"In Mexico, up to this Sunday, April 12, there are 4,661 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19), 296 deaths, 1,843 recovered, 8,697 "suspects", as well as 21,943 negatives. of a total of 35 thousand 594 people who have undergone the test.
This was reported by José Luis Alomía Zegarra, general director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (SSa) of the Federal Government, indicated that 3.64 percent is the incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants, of which 58 percent are men and 42 percent women.
The federal official added that of the total of confirmed cases, 3.97 percent are incubated (185 people), which represent seriousness is around 20 percent (897 people), while 66.47 percent has been treated in a manner ambulatory. As for comorbidities, hypertension remains at the top of the list, with 39.86 percent. It is followed by diabetes, with 36.82 percent, and obesity, with 35.81 percent.
Regarding the age range, the population from 25 to 59 years old concentrates 73.1 percent of the cases. However, people over 60 years old have the highest case fatality rate, with 14 percent, which at the national level is 6.35 percent per 100 cases, while the mortality rate of the total national population is 0.23 percent.
Alomía Zegarra indicated that the epidemic curve of confirmed positive cases in recent days has presented "a stable trend", and it is ordered by date on which the symptoms began. On the other hand, the federal official pointed out that since week 11, the positivity rate for viral illnesses due to influenza and COVID-19 is higher.
While week 14 was for the coronavirus. In addition, according to the director general of Epidemiology, of every 10 people who have respiratory symptoms, 2 have COVID-19, so the Federal Health authorities keep testing only 20 percent of the "suspects".
The state entity with the highest mortality rate is Quintana Roo (1.10), while the entity with the lowest rate is Guanajuato (0.04)."


Baja California Stats:

Suman 30 Decesos en Baja California por COVID-19 y 370 Casos Positivos  
Por, Uriel Saucedo 

" The SARS-COV2 virus (COVID-19) took the lives of three more people in the city of Mexicali, according to the report presented on the morning of Sunday, April 12 by the Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, the balance in Baja California is 30 deaths, 370 positive cases in the cut made on April 11.
"Surely tomorrow we will be above the 400 infected, according to the trend, yesterday there were 33 new, today another 33 new cases, and in the scenario we have right now we are hitting the 400 since we started reporting cases from 17 March ", informed the head of the Ministry of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico.
He explained that there are still accumulated figures of results that have not been sent from the IMSS General Hospital de la Raza in Mexico City, and that data will project the statistics in the coming days.
To avoid the delay in the delivery of the results, the local government is looking for the tests to be done in the state IMSS with the support of the State Laboratory of the Baja California Ministry of Health, the UABC and the Cicese, to avoid the lag of results.
Baja California continues in third place nationwide with positive results, below Mexico City and the State of Mexico, and in second place in deaths from COVID-19, behind the country's capital.
“Here we are not going to hide absolutely anything, these are the cases that we have deaths and the number of positive cases; we represent 8.5 percent of the total confirmed in Mexico. We have carried out 1,542 tests, having 370 positives, 398 suspects and 774 negatives, ”shared Pérez Rico.
Of the 370 positives: in Tijuana there are 217, Mexicali with 131, Ensenada continues with four, Tecate has 12, Rosarito has four and San Quintín has two.
As for deaths: in Tijuana there are 18 deaths, 11 in Mexicali and one in Ensenada.
Pérez Rizo warned that negative cases could become positive if they continue to leave home and do not respect the instructions to stay home and keep a healthy distance.
He also mentioned that of the cases confirmed by COVID-19 in Baja California, there are 77 inmates and 262 who were sent home.
Likewise, he mentioned that so far there are about 240 hospitalized patients with atypical pneumonia.
Regarding hospital capacity at the Ministry of Health, Issste and Issstecali, Pérez Rico said that of the 268 beds and 71 fans in the state, 39 percent are being used. He explained that there are 24 fans in Ensenada, 18 in Tijuana and 29 in Mexicali. While at the IMSS there are about 300 beds and 30 fans available statewide.
In addition, he explained that they sent 12 beds to the Tecate General Hospital and 16 to the Rosarito Hospital, which were part of a previous order, and serve to fulfill the installed capacity of the aforementioned hospitals, which will be used as support centers, to receive people who require hospitalization for conditions other than the coronavirus."


Supplies From The Chinese

On April 7th, the first two loads of medical supplies were received from the Chinese government. in Tijuana. More arrived on April the 10th in Mexico City:

Llega a Mexico Tres Aviones con Insumos Medicos Procedentes de China 

" On Friday night, April 10, three Aeroméxico planes that transported medical and technological equipment from Shanghai, China, arrived at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).
These trips are part of 20 flights that will bring medical supplies to our country to face the COVID-19 epidemic, which to this day has infected 3,844 people and killed 233 in the country. While there are 10,300 suspected cases.
The first plane landed around 9:45 p.m. in the old presidential hangar of the country's capital's air terminal, the other two arrived later; to later be guarded by elements of the Army.
At the scene, Martha Delgado, undersecretary for multilateral affairs and human rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reported that the three planes contained 10 tons of merchandise in total, with 1.9 million surgical masks and 800,000 NK-95 face masks.
"In the next eight to nine weeks we will require more or less two flights a week that will bring the full load of protective equipment for medical and public health personnel who are attending the health emergency of the COVID pandemic in Mexico, ”added the official, adding that soon fans, electronic equipment, medicines and other sanitary supplies will begin to arrive to attend to patients infected by coronavirus.
On Tuesday, April 7, the first flight with medical supplies arrived from China, with 1,184 boxes containing 800,000 KN95 masks."


What About the Ventilators, Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Beds ?

Report From 04/10:

Confirman Brote de COVID-19 en Personal Medico en Baja Califofrnia, Incluido el IMSS
Por, Angela Torres Lozano y Julieta Aragon

"Baja California Health Secretary Alonso Pérez Rico confirmed that there is an outbreak of coronavirus among health personnel in units of the state health system, including the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

*Note: Alonso Perez Rico was confirming the 14 Health Care Professionals with 2 of them in ICU.  Originally when reported, the number was at 19 Doctors infected.
"We have to determine, know exactly what the damage count is," said the state official, who noted that "the Epidemiology department is investigating what happened, to guarantee the mitigation of damage to the health sector, because it is very important understand that the vast majority of doctors work in different institutions. What we want is to see how far that outbreak went ”
He indicated that the dependency in his charge what he is asking is that right now extreme measures be taken to have personal protective equipment on all the health workers who works on a specific designated COVID hospital. "All hospital workers who have been converted by the Ministry of Health must have their level 2 personal protective equipment"

He added that the situation of intrahospital contagion is being attended by the Department of epidemiology of Social Security since they began to present confirmed cases.
"The same workers who were testing positive indicated to us," revealed Pérez Rico, adding that communication has already been established with the IMSS delegate in the state, Desirée Sagarnaga Durante, to "see how we can help, in the desire that let's protect the staff. ”
Also the general secretary of the union of Social Security Workers, Dr. González has contacted me expressing the need for us to be homologated in how we have to protect our staff, added the official in attention to the media, offered after giving his daily report .
Given the possibility of some clinics being suspended, Pérez Rico stated: “Right now none until the extent of the damage that has been done is determined. We cannot say that any clinic or hospital is going to be suspended because they are all essential, however, we have to continue operating them with the highest safety standards. ”
On the other hand, he explained that the IMSS made reconversions of some hospitals, others are working in a mixed way, and still others are working entirely on COVID-19.
At the close of this Friday, April 10, in the entity there were 304 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 25 deaths. Suspected cases numbered 327.
It will enable IMSS alternate hospital in Clinic parking 1
Authorities of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) will set up an alternate or “fast-building” hospital in the parking lot of Clinic 1, for when it is already at its maximum capacity for patients with COVID-19.
Currently, Clinica 20, located on Díaz Ordaz Boulevard, was the hospital chosen to treat suspected and / or confirmed patients with COVID-19, due to its accessibility, with a capacity for 200 people.
But it was soon saturated, so Regional Hospital 1 was enabled for its care, and it is expected to be full in a week or two, according to the trend that is taking place in the city.
"According to the Sentinel model presented by López-Gatell (Hugo), due to the number of inhabitants in Tijuana, and the number of confirmed cases, it could be said that the city is already in Phase 3, which is an Epidemic, but as the information is being handled by States and at the national level, it is still considered as Phase 2, but this is going to be beyond us, ”a Social Security official told ZETA.
For this, the protocol of the Expansion Plan will be applied, which consists of the rapid construction of this alternate hospital, which will have a capacity for 50 beds, and whether they serve stable patients with COVID, or those who are hospitalized for any other non-respiratory condition.
In addition, Alejandro Ruiz Uribe, sole delegate in Baja California, told ZETA that two refrigerators will be given to Social Security in the State, which are used to contain the corpses whether by COVID-19 or not.
Social Security doctors also need their personal protective equipment, ventilators, and beds to care for the sick, and although they have sought to buy, the shortage is worldwide."


Report From 04/11:

No Hay Mas Ventiladors en Hospitales de BC; Sube a 27 el Numero de Fallecidos por COVID-19 
Por, Isabel Mercado 

" The hospitals of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Baja California only have ventilators available to attend to patients with coronavirus for two days, while in the rest of the state hospitals they are expected to run out in a week, "if we continue with the same trend ”of seriously ill patients, explained the entity's Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico.
The morning of this Saturday, April 11, in Baja California confirmed 337 patients affected by coronavirus and 27 deaths, the municipality of Ensenada registering its first death from COVID-19, while Tijuana added 18 deaths and Mexicali eight. Of the nearly 1,500 tests carried out, a total of 743 were negative and 409 people remain suspected of having contracted the virus.
For the care of those affected by the pandemic who require hospitalization, the official specified that the IMSS has only 12 ventilators, an amount that is only sufficient to attend to patients who require it this weekend.
Taking into account that the average recovery time of a patient is ten days, he noted that in seven days the respirators in the rest of the hospitals converted in the state would be exhausting for the care of people infected by coronavirus.
To address the ventilator deficit, "we are looking for strategies that the medical community that supports us with ventilators [...] Right now the critical, what we are urgently need are ventilators, doctors and nurses, hospital beds," said Pérez Rico.
Regarding the deficit of medical personnel that Baja California faces, he added that "we are considerably reduced in doctors and nurses among the personnel that protected themselves, those who are not available, those who unfortunately are ill, we have less and less," said Pérez Rico.
Given this, the governor of the entity, Jaime Bonilla Valdez, invoked the rector of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) to "support with the staff that retired, to help us because this is the zero moment in our state."
And he added, “we know the risk, we all run a risk from the moment we walk on the street, I cannot withdraw, I have to continue to lead the government, of course I take care of myself, I take shelter from the distance I have to have , but in this case the students who have the vocation, I think that they themselves want to stay ”.
Bonilla Valdez also summoned retired medical personnel to join the attention of the pandemic, to which Alonso Pérez Rico reminded him that they were part of the risk community due to age and morbidity record, which Bonilla considered, " the doctor is used to putting his life through the health of others, that is his vocation, we know that, they are at an age… in this emergency they can save several lives all of them ”.
Regarding the trend of increase in positive cases to coronavirus, the state president stressed that "unfortunately the phenomenon of the border penalizes us, Baja California will go hand in hand with California, with the advantage that they have the resources, if not all the resources at least all the ventilators they need. "


Report From 04/12: Hospital Regional Numero 20 in trouble: note pic inside the hospital and no one is wearing any protective gear:

Hospital Regional Numero 20 de Tijuana Sin Respiradores se Ausentan Directivos del IMSS 
Por, Isabel Mercado 

" Medical personnel from the hospitals of the Mexican Institute of Social Security that care for patients infected with COVID-19 accuse the abandonment of IMSS executives and the authorities of the state and federal government.
"The managers coincidentally were given a disability and because there is no one in front of the boat at 20 or 1. The managers are not the floor managers or nurses and the doctors, or the shift managers, left the race alone, without supplies, ”said a doctor from the IMSS Regional General Hospital Number 20 (HGR No. 20), located in Tijuana.
A nurse corroborated ZETA the situation faced in that hospital, indicating that the staff, in the absence of managers, the staff in charge, limits the delivery of protective equipment, “we are exposed, without equipment or respirators, there are no longer any respirators available to care for seriously ill patients ”, he indicated.
According to the testimonies of doctors and nurses, the third floor adapted to serve COVID-19 patients has already been saturated, so the fifth floor of the hospital is currently being enabled to continue receiving more patients.
"The problem is that there are not enough personnel to attend to all those infected, and those of us who do not have sufficient protection equipment, give us a single protection package to those of us who serve COVID. We have to stay in that suit all the time without being able to go out to the bathroom or eat, nothing, ”said the nurse.
In other testimony, a doctor who works at the Imss Regional General Hospital Number 1, located in Tijuana, said that in order to rest from the protective suit she has to buy her own equipment on her own, using two pieces of protective equipment in a single day. Work, and thus be able to go out to drink water or make their physiological needs.
"We are buying our equipment from our pockets so that we can rest after five hours of wearing the suit, because we don't even go to the bathroom, the treatment they are giving us is inhumane."

Authorities Response: 
Regarding these indications, through a statement, the authorities of the IMSS Delegation in Baja California, admitted that “today, in HGR No. 20 some managers and medical personnel are at home self-confinement according to the established protocols, but each one of them has been replaced by other personnel of equal or greater rank in the Medical Unit, with the aim of providing the right to medical attention in a timely manner ”.
And he added, "the vast majority of the governing body is in office and is working in a timely manner to provide continuity of services and face the current health emergency, with the support of the Institute's representation in the state."
The authorities of the IMSS maintained that in the clinics and hospitals that the Institute operates in this entity "they have the availability of places, equipment and personnel necessary to attend to the current situation derived from the contingency."
Regarding the spread of coronavirus in the personnel, they assured that “the authorities of the Institute in the state attended to and timely controlled an external contagion in several workers of the General Regional Hospital (HGR) No. 20, not attributable to the Personal Protection Team or to the care of suspected or confirmed patients ”.
It was stated that all workers attending suspected and confirmed cases by Covid-19 have been provided with personal protective equipment, "in full adherence to protocols."


 Report from 04/12:  Meanwhile in Mexicali, Hospital employees are begging for assistance since last week:

Piden Apoyo; Doctora Internada Con COVID-19
Por, Eduardo villa Lugo 

" A group of employees of the Institute of Security and Social Services for Workers of the State and Municipalities of Baja California (ISSSTECALI), set up a table to receive financial support or medical supplies, for care at the clinic located in the Civic Center of Mexicali.
Maritza Olivas, nurse of the institution, who is accompanied by Magda and Manuel, two other state workers, lead the effort made -they say- for the benefit of the employees of the health institution, which is receiving all patients or care urgent that the General Hospital used to receive, which since the beginning of the contingency in Baja California only receives patients with coronavirus.
Located at a small table just 100 meters from the Centro Cívico clinic, with reception hours from 8 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon, they have managed to collect approximately 20 thousand pesos in supplies, since they received the first donation last Wednesday, April 8.
Maritza invited citizens to support ISSSTECALI employees in the reception of supplies that will remain until April 31, knowing that the next two weeks could be the most critical in the face of the contingency.
He assured that although patients with this disease will not be directly received, we are all suspects during the contingency, so precautions must be taken, especially because - said Maritza - there is already a doctor hospitalized for coronavirus in ISSSTECALI of the Civic Center.
Maritza asked the public to support them with face masks, disposable gloves, antibacterial gel, chlorine, special coveralls, which are essential supplies that since the pandemic in Baja California suffered, their use has multiplied substantially.
“Gloves are what we need the most, in a normal 24-hour day 30 boxes are spent, right now it has multiplied. They are disposable gloves and you should throw them in the trash, ”requested the nurse, who added that they manage to put together a kit daily that is delivered to the health personnel of the unit.
The institution's nurse claimed that the last state administration left meager finances in ISSSTECALI, and although the situation was improving now, the reality is that the pandemic touched them at a bad time."


Report From 04/12: Mexican Actor Eugenio Derbez goes viral pleading for help:

Solicita Eugenio Derbez Apoyo Urgente Para IMSS de Tijuana (VIDEO)
Por, Victor Delgado 

"Through a video published on his social networks this Sunday, April 12, the Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, shared the message for help from Dr. Faustino Ruvalcaba, from Clinica 20, in Tijuana, Baja California, requesting help from the IMSS.
This after the doctor made the request public because the health facilities were abandoned by their managers, due to the lack of supplies and equipment necessary for patients infected with Covid-19.
The video shows the actor reading Dr. Ruvalcaba's letter, and in anguished way, Derbez requested the support of the authorities, as well as donations of medical supplies:
"I woke up today with the call of a friend who is a doctor and works in one of the clinics in Tijuana, one of the Social Security IMSS clinics. He made a desperate call to me and I want to publicize the letter he issued from desperate and able to support. "
"AUXILIO, I would like you to inform the public through your social networks that this has already surpassed us, we can no longer do it. Clinic number 20, in addition to two other hospitals, are destined as Covid-19 concentration clinics and, as has been said, like when all this started, we don't have the equipment and material to protect ourselves. ”
"What we are using are equipment purchased from our own pockets," Derbez shared on networks, reading the letter in which, with a hopeless face, he launched the call for help in-kind of mouth masks, gowns, glasses and various equipment Recommended by the Organization World Health to care for the infected ”.
To date, in Tijuana there have been 217 cases and 18 deaths, Mexicali has 131 cases and 11 deaths, while in Ensenada there are four cases and one death, Tecate twelve cases, Rosarito four and San Quintín two more."


From Report of 04/11:  Attacks on Medical Personnel INCREASE: (watch the video)

Aumentan Agresiones Contra Personnel de Salud en Mexico: CONAPRED, ISSTE Pide Seguridad
Por, Carlos Alvarez 

" The National Council to Prevent Discrimination (CONAPRED) has received 76 complaints for attacks against medical personnel, nurses, administrative workers, cleaning personnel, beneficiaries of health institutions, and patients, related to the health crisis caused by the SARS-CoV coronavirus -2 (COVID-19).
One of the cases of aggression occurred at the General Hospital of Zone number 48 of Azcapotzalco, in Mexico City, where relatives of a patient who died from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19), beat police officers, doctors and nurses, to try to see the deceased for the last time.

CONAPRED indicated that, between April 6 and 9, the complaints it received for acts of discrimination doubled. Given these events, he called on the citizens to stop the attacks, in addition to asking the security and justice authorities to guarantee the dignity and integrity of medical personnel.
“Far from rejecting and attacking them, Mexican society must recognize and appreciate their dedication, their commitment. It is the medical and nursing staff who can attend to the population at this time of health contingency, "he added.
CONAPRED explained that with respect to health personnel, the most frequent complaints were because they were prohibited from using means of transportation, as well as physical and verbal attacks. While the largest number of complaints was registered by people who had been forced to attend work, despite belonging to a vulnerable group.
For his part, Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda, general director of the Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), asked the Commissioner of the Federal Protection Service, Manuel Espino Barrientos, to reinforce security in different hospitals.
"We are going to provide you with a list of medical units that may require some type of help, especially where there is a greater concentration of population," said the federal official, when questioned by the press, after leaving a meeting with the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace.
Ramírez Pineda assured that, so far, the Institute's hospitals have not registered cases of violence against their medical personnel, except for the case of Daniel Lopez Regalado, former Chief of Sanitary Jurisdiction number 2, who spat and coughed personnel from the Hospital del ISSSTE in Oaxaca, for not receiving special treatment.
“We are making an effort so that our medical staff is attentive and that such friction or pretexts are avoided to generate violence. Fortunately, our staff remains very serene and responsible, "said the director general of ISSSTE."

 * Note: There was also the case last week of the Nurse in Mexicali who was shut out, berated and not allowed to enter a convenience store. This is an aspect of Mexican culture which no one talks about - that there is a high degree of mistrust, jealousy, resentment and dislike initiated by the poor class of Mexico towards the Medical Professionals. So, I hope we are not going to see what is not atypical in Africa, where tribes people attack the Medical Professionals and blame them for the pandemic. 


Report  from 04/11: Unclear why these three doctors from Morelos were gunned down and killed, although the first response is that the initial line of investigation is the stolen Mercedes. Other lines they say are open for investigation.

Asesinan a Tres Medicos del IMSS en Morelos
Por, Carlos Alvarez 

" In the midst of the pandemic due to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus, three doctors from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) were assassinated yesterday, Friday, April 10 at night, in the La Presa neighborhood, in the town de Tilzapolta, in the municipality of Puente de Ixtla, in the southern area of ​​Morelos.
According to police reports cited by local media, a report of the homicide was received shortly before 11 p.m., after a group of armed men surprised the three doctors - who wer outside a liquor store located on the Tehuixtla highway to Tilzapotla-, they were stripped of a Mercedes Benz vehicle, and before fleeing they fired on them.
The victims were identified as the gynecologist Oscar Emetrio Ceballos, 51 years old; the general doctor Gerardo Urquiza Martínez, 44 years old; and the anesthesiologist Jorge Luis Vidaña Marrufo. All three worked at the IMSS Regional General Hospital 1, in Cuernavaca.
In a statement, the State Attorney General's Office reported that elements of Expert Services and agents of the Criminal Investigation Police went to the scene, a house fitted out on the outside to store beer and alcoholic beverages.
The institution detailed that the first investigations indicate that the three men had carried out actions related to medicine in the area and upon returning from their activities, around 4:00 p.m., they decided to stop for some drinks in the aforementioned place.
"Later, several subjects arrived at the scene, who, carrying a firearm, subdued and assaulted the victims, stoled their belongings and the keys to a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, and to later actuate the firearm against them," the report stated.
The institution indicated that the main line of investigation of the homicides is the theft of the car. However, he asserted that the investigations are being carried out in order to corroborate if the armed aggression derives from some type of resistance from the victims or there could be some other motive that generated the acts of violence.
"The State Attorney General's Office establishes close coordination with the authorities of the State Security Commission, as well as federal authorities such as the National Guard, in order to advance in the corresponding investigations and establish the identity of the person or persons responsible for their capture" he pointed out."


Going to end it here, check in on Zeta for the latest reports.  Yes, there is still a drug war and executions in addition to everything else, I'll try to add those a bit later.  Making a quiche today at some point, but there weren't any eggs in RB over the weekend, Mike will bring some home I hope.

One last one:

Report from 04/10:  Weirdly haven't seen this reported in the States: 

AMLO Pide a EUA le Vende 10 Mil Ventiladores, El Lunes Presentara  Balance General Sobre COVID-19
Por, Julieta Aragon 

" President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked his counterpart, Donald Trump, "to help us by selling us 10,000 ventilators and 10,000 monitors," said the Mexican president this Friday, April 10, 2020.
"I told him that we know the situation they are going through, the lack of ventilators in general, of monitors, but I also expressed to him that they have more possibilities. They have more plants, more technological development, and more economic resources ”.
Trump's response was that "he is going to consult with those in charge of supplying these teams and that he is speaking to me this afternoon to give me an answer on this particular issue."
"I want to thank you, regardless of the result, for listening to us, for giving me time, and for being kind enough to speak personally to inform us about the request that we have made to you," added the Tabasco politician, who announced that on April 13, the federal government will present a general balance on "how we are going and what is next" regarding the coronavirus epidemic.
During his morning conference this Friday, AMLO also announced today, 8:15 am (central time), he would speak with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to "thank him because they are supplying us with the medical equipment we require and to see the possibility of that we can acquire more equipment and have no problem of supply, lack of beds, ventilators, monitors.
“Be prepared for the possibility of contagion, disease and we have a way to care, hospitalize the sick, even intensive care and save lives. We are dedicated to that to prepare. ”


  What teams????? Our Governors were left alone out there in Trumpland to have to come up and place bids on ventilators.  There was no fucking National Stockpile, fuck Trump !

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