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Drug War & COVID-19 Stats For Tijuana, Baja California and The Nation: Linton Is Once Again On the Prowl Waiting for Everything to Calm Down So He Can Start Promoting again !!

I was waiting to get permission to reprint another terrific report on Trump's incompetence and haven't received it yet, so we'll see how that goes.  I had to give the publishers the address where the report would be reprinted, which is the address of this blog. 

 Later in the day, I googled in my blog and it was clear that someone is pissed off at me, the title (URL) had been changed, bogus information posted of who my domain lay with, blogs out of order, my name appearing on other blogs, pictures of really elderly women posted under my name along with obituaries for "Marjorie Ann Drake", posts calling me a "pinche gringa " and to "shut up." and the porn is piling up in my spam folder on gmail. Sound familiar? I'm sure I don't know who it is  that could be doing this (right).  At any rate, back to square one, and I'm afraid if these publishers see what I saw, they'll think, oh brother forget it.  What pissed me off the most though, was a reference to me made by CQR from years ago (2008) as a contact/source was no longer listed. But I found it - I'm way down there on page 1029:

CQ Researcher: The Mexican Drug War

Foolish pride I know, but that did mean a lot to me, particularly since I was being beat over my head by the promoters, and I cannot afford a SEO because Paris needs surgery. I wish this guy would just leave me alone and fade far away. Maybe he'll go back to promoting Trump properties? Maybe, but we all know for sure he was heavily into porn promotion both in Mexico and the USA, and of course, he can always go back to Breitbart and post as "Fulano" the Trump aficionado. Unsure if he still runs the discussion board for the Red Light district of Tijuana, aka "Tijuana Amigos" but it would not surprise me.

So while we are waiting for the report I'd love to re-print, let's finally look at some of the stats - of course by tomorrow the numbers will all increase. 

BTW, Saul Silva's (brother of Dr. Silva in Rosarito Beach many of you are familiar with) son is a Doctor down in Ensenada treating the COVID-19 patients and they are worried sick over his safety.  If you're in town, drop in and say hello and try to reassure Saul.  Great guys.


Drug War Stats:

All Reports from Zeta:

 - On Monday (04/20) Zeta reported the monthly total of executions in Tijuana stood at 114 dead:

Reportan Tres Ejecuciones en Tijuana 

 - Since that report, more executions leaving the YTD total in Tijuana at 593 dead and the YTD total for Baja California at 799 people dead:

Se Elevan a 593 Ejecuciones en Tijuana, 6 en Las Ultimas Horas

 ~ From Zeta's Investigations, some higher numbers and background information:

Baja California, Jornada Homicida Imparable 

"Given the conditions of violence at this time, it is even more likely to be shot to death than from the coronavirus. In the first 18 days after the official contingency was declared, 65 residents of the entity - official figures - have died from the pandemic, and 137 people have been killed. In Tijuana, cells of the Sinaloa Cartel reactivate their homicidal violence. In Mexicali violent deaths increased in the Las Pueblas area and in Ensenada two policemen and a firefighter were murdered.

On March 31, this state registered the first death from COVID-19, the worst pandemic faced in the modern world, and by Thursday, April 17, the coronavirus had added 65 deaths in the state, with victims over the age of 40.

In the same 18 days, the homicidal struggles between cells of the drug cartels left 137 corpses of men and women between the ages of 20 and 40 in the five municipalities. Ten deaths correspond to March 31, and 127 between April 1 and 16. In the last 24 hours of that period, the coronavirus killed ten people and the assassins killed fifteen. 

The first month, the beginning for the two orders of government, had been the most difficult and bloody times, with 241 murders throughout the State during October 2019, when the new mayors took office, and 231 homicides in November, with the arrival Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez. Over the next three months, violent deaths fell and averaged over 200 violent deaths.

Now, the period of the health emergency that began between March 13 and 18, has been the period of greatest violence faced by the Moreno governments of Baja California, because in March the executions increased to 244, and the April statistics do not show improvement, with 127 corpses in the middle of the month.

On the one hand, the activity of the thugs shows that they do not care about quarantine, seals and sanitary filters, children at home or the Sana Distancia (social distancing) campaign. The information shows that only 13% of the armed attacks have taken place inside courtyards or houses.

The other 87% have occurred on public roads, the largest amount on neighborhood roads, dirt roads, alleys, ramps, vacant lots, sidewalks, even in the vicinity of pantheons. And a smaller number in the interior of cars.

In general, they have been shot to death, shot in the head and chest, still others have been suffocated with plastic bags and tortured, dismembered, specifically decapitated, and their remains abandoned in suitcases, backpacks or garbage bags.

There was even a murderer who found it appropriate, on April 7, to leave the body of a decapitated and sheltered man, abandoned inside a truck on Sierra Street of the Natura delegation in Tijuana, the following message: " The clean goes for the blots follow El Corona, Joel, Daniel alias La Wera Pepa, el Roque, Atte Covid-19".

But the sanitary measures against the contingency, have affected the work of the police and the State Attorney General, where the number of personnel was reduced,“this resulted in a decrease in the number of arrest warrants and processes initiated in the second half of March, which the attorney general (Guillermo Ruiz Hernández) did not like, who analyzed the possibility of returning to work some of the staff and asked for a greater effort, explained a member of the Coordination Tables for  the Construction of  Peace and Security, but refused to report the percentage in which the personnel decreased or the impact on effectiveness.

As for the operational Police, a percentage of the officers have anti-contingency assignments, from distributing food to participating in roadblocks, patrolling around the town, dispersal of groups on beaches, dams, tourist areas and fines in celebrations meetings, as announced this week in Mexicali.
"In addition, despite the security team assigned to them, there is fear of contagion, that is real and has reduced the number of captures," said a police chief in Tijuana, to top it off: "The bosses are still trying to put us at a minimum. "


The urban insecurity experienced by the residents of Tijuana, Rosarito and Tecate, is attributed by the integrated authorities to the Coordination Tables for  the Construction of  Peace and Security in Baja California, to a new homicidal day promoted by the hired killers and heads of Sinaloa Cartel cell.

Data obtained by the researchers reveals that the cell leaders of the Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and Arellano Félix (CAF) cartels have physically left their areas of operation as of March 9, when their boss David López Jiménez -captured on the day 29 of that month - he was designated a priority objective of the  State Guard for Security and Investigation (GESI) and federal forces.

While those of the CAF try to control criminal activities in their areas, by electronic means, those of Sinaloa decided to take advantage to try to expand their domains.

In this context, the main generators of violence at the moment are:

Leonardo Peña Peralta "Arcángel" and / or "Turbo", and Francisco Javier Rabadán Gudiño "Aguacate" and "Iván", their main area of ​​operation are the Central and West areas. They also launder money managing hotels, motels, and bars in Tijuana.

Edwin alias “Max”, who started criminal work in Sinaloa at the hands of the group of Víctor Hugo Mejía López “El Griego”, has as its criminal comfort zone the Center of Tijuana, the delegations La Mesa, Mesa de Otay and Sánchez Taboada.

I n the Eastern Zone, José Luis Mendoza Uriarte "El Güero Chompas" along with Luis Alberto López Uriarte "El Pájaro", have security houses distributed along the Insurgentes Boulevard and on the Third Stage of the Tijuana River.

This group fight territories bordering Tecate and confront CJNG thugs, led by:

Danny Isaac "El Moreno", brother of José Giovanni Ortiz Covarrubias "El Puma", assassinated last year and named as the person responsible for the homicides of the family of Jorge Humberto Acosta Gallegos "El Güero Leches", trafficker of CAF and Sinaloa, Prisoner since 2015. An arrest warrant for the kidnapping and murder of Ernesto Zatarain Cisneros "El Netillo", committed on March 3, 2017, weighs on him.

On the CAF side, the authorities identified Jorge Villarreal, identified as the nephew of Arturo Villarreal Heredia "El Nalgón", a criminal lieutenant detained in international waters by US police officers in August 2006, when he was accompanying Francisco Javier Arellano. "The Tigrillo".


The statistics of violent deaths in Tijuana with the National Regeneration Movement as a ruling party experienced their worst month with 175 executions in November 2019, the following months fell, only to flare up with 163 homicides in March and 88 corpses in the first 15 days. April 2020.

In the city with the most homicides in BC, 65% of the attacks on life committed in the last month were concentrated in the Natura, Sánchez Taboada, San Antonio de Los Buenos and Los Pinos delegations. 70% were perpetrated with a firearm, 6% with blunt blows and in 24% of the folders the cause of intentional death is still unknown.

It highlights the fact that between April 14 and 15, the criminal day totaled 14 homicides, an equal number of violent deaths had already occurred between January 30 and 31, but before, only on January 5 the city had dawned with 18 people killed.

In April, the quarantine did not stop the escalation of violence. Just on the afternoon of April 15, three men were killed at the intersection of San Miguel and Rancho Alegre streets in the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood, La Mesa Delegation. They were in a dirt lot, two of them inside a white Scion brand car , plates 7CZF913. Another was lying on the ground.

Earlier, on April 14, while driving in a Toyota car on Bulevar Natura, Miguel Ángel López Ruiz, with a history of injury due to guilt, was shot with a 223 rifle; He was accompanied by his 13-year-old son, both of whom were injured. On April 11, also in Natura, a white-skinned man in a black jacket and blue jeans, aboard a white Honda car , shot in the back and killed the man named Ernesto Juárez Vázquez.

In the Eastern Zone, Natura is one of the most conflictive areas and, according to the authorities, the Michoacan Víctor Manuel Navarro Rivas, recently wounded, represents the CJNG, a mafia that has been controlling most of the points of sale for a year of retail drugs in the area. They are facing criminal cells from the Sinaloa Cartel led by Los Uriarte.

This week it was noteworthy that both ISSSTE and Issstecali, medical institutions dedicated to helping state workers and their families, began to report deaths from a gunshot wounds. Daniel Guzmán Morales and Carlos Leobardo Huerta López, 29, were attacked on April 11 in the Camino Verde neighborhood, and on the 9th of the same month, José Arturo Grijalva Gómez, 24, shot the previous day in the Castillo neighborhood. . "They are not government employees, but they attended them there because the General Hospital is no longer receiving gunshot wounds," said an official from the State Attorney General's Office.


In March, the period in which the first case of coronavirus had already been registered, there was the highest number of homicides during the Moreno government of Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, with 18 deaths in Mexicali, and the highest since July 2019, When 22 homicides were accounted for, generated - to a large extent - by the attempted entry of the criminal group from Los Salazar, which left several homicides in the Mexicali Valley.

The area with the highest homicidal incidence has been registered in the group of communities known as Las Pueblas, east of the city. Between March 17 and 22 alone, nine crimes were counted, of which six could be related to seven homicides that occurred on the 19th of that month.

They assassinated Ricardo Cadena Montes, whose body was located brutally beaten in a sewer in Ángeles de Puebla; the same day they found the bodies of three people in the surroundings of the Tulichek channel, at the height of the Cerro Prieto neighborhood, in the metropolitan area near the Ejido Puebla; the other crime was to the detriment of an Uber driver named Fredy Ramírez Escobar; the last in that area was little Abraham, 5 years old, allegedly killed by his parents.

On that date, a gas station employee who was assaulted in the Islas Agrarias subdivision, to the east of the city, was also murdered.

However, other events occurred between March 17 and 22, one of these to the detriment of a taquero named Francisco Flores Acosta, in Parajes de Puebla.

During this period, Daniel Enrique Pacheco Espinoza “El Cherokee” in Parajes del Oriente was also assassinated on March 22; the victim had a long history of drug dealing and a handgun was found.


The paramedic and firefighter Héctor Murillo Dávila, joined the statistics of 15 homicides that occurred in Ensenada this April, 39 in March already in times of isolation and pandemic, and 80 so far this year.

Murillo was the second municipal element assassinated in 2020, after the attack against the former deputy operational director of the Municipal Public Security Directorate, Juan Francisco Chávez Ibarra, on the night of March 9.

The same day, after four weeks without homicides in San Quintín, at 3:27 pm the Police of the Vicente Guerrero delegation was alerted to a shooting on Industria Street, between Cuarta and Quinta in the town of Chula Vista.

Upon arrival, officers found a 1998 model gray sedan-type vehicle stopped in the middle of the dirt road. Inside they found two men who had died as a result of firearm injuries, and an injured woman who was taken to a hospital. At the crime scene, the Ministerial Police located 30 rounded cartridges of long arms.


Tecate had a slight spike in homicides in March and reached 10, the highest number of the year, but it is the only municipality that shows a reduction in the homicidal incidence in April, with three violent deaths in the middle of the month.

In Rosarito, the 14 executions in March rank second in their annual statistics. However, members of the Territorial Coordination Tables for the Construction of Peace and Security are more concerned with the deadly trend in April, because just halfway through the month it had already totaled 12 homicides.

Among the victims of Rosario, the municipal agent Francisco Honorio Hernández Cota stands out, who perished in the Issstecali El Mirador hospital on April 10, due to injuries from March 29, when he was driving in his personal vehicle in the Bajamar neighborhood.

The agent repelled the attack and the vehicle in which the assailants were traveling, lost control until invading the opposite traffic and collided head-on with a passenger truck. Javier Meléndez de la Tova, one of those arrested for the attack, has been sentenced for robbery with violence and has another prior investigation for the same crime against him. He and his family have been denounced "for dedicating themselves to stealing gasoline from the Pemex pipelines in the vicinity of the Carranza and Rancho El Mezquito neighborhoods."

Deprivations of liberty also continue.

 On April 14, residents of Rosarito, José Guadalupe González Navarro, Juan José Suárez Delgado and Saúl Mejía, were arrested after trying to forcibly remove a Tijuana resident in a Primo Tapia shopping center.

After the entry of the morenista mayors into the municipalities of Baja California, the statistics record 1,430 homicides, of which 1,199 have been committed in the government of Jaime Bonilla Valdez, and 768 correspond to 2020."


 The COVID-19 Stats For the Moment at Least:

Suman 857 Defunciones Por COVID-19 en Mexico; Hay 297 casos Activos en BC
 Por, Carlos Alvarez 

"Until this Tuesday, April 21, there are 857 deaths due to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus in Mexico, as reported by José Luis Alomía Zegarra, general director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (SSa) of the Federal Government.

During the daily follow-up press conference, the official explained that in total there are 9,501 confirmed cases accumulated since the spread of the pandemic began in Mexico, while 3,185 confirmed cases are active (since 14 days ago) and 8 1,262 are "suspects."

The general director of Epidemiology pointed out that there are 297 confirmed active cases in Baja California. While of the total 857 deaths, 69 percent are male and 31 percent female. The median age of mortality is 59 years."


Baja California Breakdown:

"Es Una Enfermedad Contagiosa Pero No Ha Mas Mortal Que Hemos Tenido": Bonilla Valdez  
  Por, Uriel Saucedo

"While the Governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla Valdez said on the morning of this Tuesday, April 21, that COVID-19 is "a contagious disease but not the most deadly we have had" and invited Baja Californians to continue with the healthy distance , the entity already accumulates 852 confirmed cases and 96 deaths from this virus, keeping Baja California in second place for deaths nationwide.

“Right now the cure is distance and taking care of ourselves, and if we get sick, we immediately take care of ourselves, so if we do that, we will achieve two things. Number one, we are not going to panic and we are going to lead a normal life, and number two in case we are one of those who does have the condition and we go to the hospital, there is a great probability that people in the hospital will cure, "said the state president.

Despite the fact that at the national level the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion at the federal level, Hugo López-Gatell reported this morning that Mexico has already entered phase 3 of the pandemic, in which cases of community contagion will begin to count in the thousands. 

Therefore, it is necessary to increase prevention measures, neither Governor Bonilla Valdez nor the Secretary of Health in Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico, made any comment in this regard.
The state secretary of Health reported that of the 852 confirmed cases, 393 were attended at the Ministry of Health, 313 at IMSS clinics, 31 at ISSSTE, 27 at ISSSTECALI and 88 at private hospitals.

In reference to the suspected cases of COVID-19 in the state, Pérez Rico, reported that four laboratories are already working to carry out tests on all those who present symptoms, in order to reduce the number of suspects.

He indicated that until the midnight report on Monday, April 20, there were 61 people who were waiting to receive the results of the examination, only in the Ministry of Health, who would have a response this day, in addition to attending the six cases ISSSTE suspects, five from ISSSTECALI and 11 from private hospitals; of the 437 cases of the IMSS, it is anticipating that we can support them to get the results soon.

Regarding the deaths that increased in 13 cases during the last 24 hours, he explained that of the total of 96 people who died, 64 are men and 32 are women, who were over 40 years old and continue to present diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

FIGURES COVID-19 (April 21)

            Positive cases 852

  • Tijuana 510
  • Mexicali 295
  • Ensenada 12
  • Tecate 22
  • Rosarito 11
  • San Quintín-Vicente Guerrero 2

  • Deaths 96

  • Tijuana 60
  • Mexicali 27
  • Ensenada 3
  • Tecate 3
  • Rosarito 2
  • San Quintín- Vicente Guerrero 1


 ~  Mike has noted that when he drives through Tijuana in the mornings, the streets are empty - still, there is traffic backed up in the SYPOE non-Sentri Lanes at that early hour, assuming these people are going to work.

There are still problems. this report is from last Saturday, so the COVID numbers are less.  Click link for pictures.

En la Zona este de Tijuana "Pareciera que no existiera la pandemia por el coronavirus"

"Despite the fact that Tijuana is one of the cities in Mexico with the most cases of people infected with COVID-19, there are parts of the city where people do not abide by the authorities' main recommendation: "stay home."

Residents of the Eastern Zone detailed to ZETA, that in that part of Tijuana, people continue to circulate as if the pandemic caused by the coronavirus did not exist.

And so it was found in a tour carried out by this weekly on Saturday afternoon, April 18; In colonies like Mariano Matamoros, El Florido and El Pípila there was vehicular flow, on installed wheels, street vendors, jugglers and open non-essential businesses.

"I go outside because I have to go to work, but I do know that things are very hard (pandemic), but because in my work, the employer has not told us anything and I cannot be miss work," said Juan Estrada, an employee of a maquiladora.

 Several of the interviewees expressed that in the face of the health contingency they wanted to stay at home, but necessity forces them to leave.

During the tour, businesses such as stationeries, retail stores, beauty salons, among others, could be seen operating.

"It is also important that we are working, both for them (the customers) and for us," said a corn vendor.

Another of the interviewees expressed concern about the pandemic in Tijuana, which until this morning has left 49 deaths.

“I hope that people understand that it is for their own good to stay home because this (virus) is for real, you can die; Hopefully everyone understands it, ”said María Ramírez, a Florido resident, while cleaning the patio of her house.

During the journey through the eastern neighborhoods of the city, a Municipal Police agent reported that they are constantly attending to reports of crowds, which are usually in shopping centers or on wheels.

The official explained that they ask the public to obey the recommendations of the health authorities, however, "there are many people and you must bet on awareness."

Fines and notifications on wheels 

Through a press release from the Tijuana City Council, he released this Saturday, April 18, that operations have been carried out to monitor the markets on rounds.

So far, six fines have been issued to stalls where diners remained and nearly 50 notifications to businesses that are not considered essential.

The director of Inspection and Verification, Adolfo García Dworak, mentioned that in a particular case of the market located in the North Zone, its installation was not allowed due to the sanitation works that the Directorate of Public Services, in coordination with the Municipal Police, performing on-site tasks using high-spectrum chemicals.

So the area will remain restricted for street vending until Sunday, April 19, the day when only the stalls considered essential will be placed.

So far, the Tijuana City Council has only issued six financial fines to positions where diners remained and about 50 notifications received by non-essential businesses; during the operation, the vendors were also invited to withdraw and return to their homes, and voluntarily accepted the instructions of the authorities.

The inspections continue to carry out operations in the markets of Valle San Pedro, Panamericano, El Vergel, Mariano Matamoros, Valle de las Palmas, Urbi Villas del Prado, Natura, Villas del Campo, El Florido, La Morita, Delicias, Otay and Zona Centro .

It is important to address the preventive measures for essential positions, such as the installation with a minimum separation of two meters between each one, using mouth covers, gloves and antibacterial gel, actions that contribute to slowing the spread of Coronavirus in Tijuana.

In Baja California there are 652 positive cases of COVID-19, of which 374 are from Tijuana, 242 Mexicali, 5 Ensenada, 19 Tecate, 10 Rosarito and 2 San Quintín-Vicente Guerrero.
Deaths go 81, Tijuana 49; Mexicali 26; Ensenada 1; Tecate 3; Rosarito Beaches 1; San Quintín-Vicente Guerrero 1."


Concern Over Staffing & Overcrowding at Hospitals:

Preocupa al IMSS la Saturacion de Los Hospitales en Tijuana y Otras 3 Zonas del Pais
Por, Carlos Alvarez

"The saturation in hospitals in four areas of the country is worrying: Tijuana, in Baja California; Culiacán, in Sinaloa; Monclova, Coahuila; and the Valley of Mexico", said yesterday, Monday, April 20, Zoé Robledo Aburdo, general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

"We can reach saturation of beds with ventilators, which are for the most critical patient [...] So every time  personal protective equipment arrives, the distribution is not bureaucratic but in the place where it is most needed ,"said the federal official leaving a meeting at the National Palace, led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In addition, he indicated that the IMSS is adding around 9 thousand health workers, such as doctors and nurses. "I take this opportunity to make a call to all those who have attended the calls, general doctors, nurses, of course specialists, to review the calls that we have made, because we are looking for them, in Social Security we need your support," he said.

"Our staff, which is extraordinary in some places, may not be enough, that is why we need more people at the moment, we are considering a fixed-term contract, for six months," said the director general of the IMSS, who added that of  the18 thousand people they are seeking to hire, they have only managed to employ 9 thousand."


The cases of physical attacks on Medical Personnel, which we mentioned before a couple of blogs back:

Jefa de Enfwermeria del IMSS Llama a Parar Las Agresiones contra el Personal Salud
Por, Carlos Alvarez 

"Fabiana Maribel Zepeda Arias, Head of the Nursing Area of ​​the Coordination of Comprehensive Care for the Second Level of Care, Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), tearfully, called on the general population and the media to stop the assaults, discrimination or stigmatization that some of the Health personnel have suffered.

"In this case it hurts to talk about this, it hurts to talk about what happens to your people, it hurts to talk about Health workers, that we are also people, that we also have our family, that we are leaving our lives in hospital units, and this is not free, because it is what we decided to be, "said the nurse by profession.

"We are not carriers on the street, we are not going to infect anyone, have that peace of mind, on the contrary, we are helping," said the federal official during the daily information conference regarding the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic (COVID -19).

Zepeda Arias pointed out that all those who wear a Health uniform give their all, for professional ethics. He recalled that in other countries they even pay tributes to doctors and nurses. That in Mexico we also receive samples of support, donations, from society in general and from businessmen "who are convinced of what we are doing."

"We are empowering everything we can do to contribute to the Health system [...] Right in the battle, every day [...] We are very proud to commemorate 2020 as the Year of Nursing", declared by the Executive Council of the World Health Organization (WHO), as indicated.

“To all those people who believe in us, thank you very much, and those people who have attacked Health personnel, who limit themselves in those actions, we can save their lives, and for that reason we need that you take care of us, that there is unity among Mexicans, we need solidarity, ”requested the IMSS official.

"I assure the entire population that these attacks have hit the Health Guild, we invite you to respect us [...] This uniform that I wear today, I have worn for 27 years, and I do it with great pride, just like the doctors and the nurses, and today we have taken it off on the streets, and this has a lot to do with limiting the damage ”in the face of the attacks.

The nurse by profession explained that the uniform she wore during the conference today is for clinical use, because the one she wears to care for people with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19) is special protective equipment, in addition to the necessary sanitation measures.


Zepeda Arias explained that in the IMSS they have registered 21 attacks against Nursing personnel, in a total of 12 entities in the country: Mexico City, State of Mexico, Yucatan, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa, Jalisco, Puebla, Morelos, Coahuila, Guerrero , Quintana Roo and Durango.

Likewise, the federal official added that since last Tuesday, April 14, the deployment of elements of the National Guard began to provide security to the 184 IMSS Reconversion Hospitals, which will attend to patients with COVID-19.

In total, according to the nurse by profession, there are 1,600 elements of the GN, assigned to monitor the main doors of pedestrian and vehicular access, the Emergency area and the main entrance of the IMSS hospital medical units."


Finally, for all the reports go to Zeta Tijuana.

Stay safe everyone. 

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