Tuesday, April 7, 2020

I Cannot Stand It Anymore !

 Just checking in quickly because I am in the middle of baking banana bread for here & neighbors (six loaves). Later in the week I'll be baking apple pies.  BTW, excellent recipes over on MSN News, they will blow you away.

Meanwhile everything is okay here and I'll try to get back with the can check them yourselves because I don't know when I'll get out of the kitchen .


Tonight I'm making old fashioned real fish sandwhiches with cod, like you used to get at Point Loma Seafood. !  It's still raining here, unsure how long the electricity will hold out.

Also, click the links on the sidebar....I'm so sick of Trump and his bullshit I can't stand it anymore!!! 

Take care everyone !

 Any Lou Reed Fans?

Paris says woof.


Ziggy said...

It's so good to see you again. I trust all is fine with you and Mike.

Keep up the good fight. <3

Maggie said...

Ziggy ?? The Real Ziggy ? No shit man, how are you ? We're sorta ok. How about you ?

I'm scared. I just finished up apple pies to distribute to neighbors. But you know it might get a little bit weird here, Mexico City, Doctors, Nurses and Administrators were attacked by a family who just lost a family member to the virus, three doctors shot & killed in Morelos - so far no one has tied this to the virus but who knows? The Chinese have been dumping plane loads of supplies to Tijuana since 04/07, one Hospital in TIJ is out of ventilators, another Hospital the staff has been infected by the virus, and AMLO is asking Trump if he can buy 10,000 ventilators - so aside from the deadly virus, no one has any money as you know, the peso is still up there, people are trying to conform to stay at home and social distancing, but I just don't think there is an awareness of how bad things could get (I hope I'm wrong) - To top it off, if there aren't hospitals to care for people it will really get bad. Pandemics always hurt the poorest the most. We might have to relocate or get a motel room out in the desert up there somewhere if we make it to that point.

I freaked in March and ended up being ripped off at Amazon by War Time Profiteers, finally received some of the products which included 70% rubbing alcohol & pure aloe vera gel to make hand sanitizer. 3/4 cup of the alcohol + 1/3 cup of the aloe vera gel are the measurements, give it a shot.

So I'm trying to figure out what can I do until there is a vaccine (18 to 24 months if we're lucky)because I cannot go out (diabetic and old). More painting I guess.

What scared me today was reading that now they are finding that people who had caught the virus and recovered are NOT immune and they aren't 100% sure how long the virus stays in a person. Also, the indigenous people in Brazil could get completely wiped out (Asshole Bolsonaro is still saying it's just a flu !) along with refugees all around the globe living in crowded squalor, the Palestinians and Africa could be a total disaster. Just decimated.

So I feel really bad for all the suffering on all levels that people are experiencing.

Paris knows something is wrong.

Cannot believe Trump said this deal about lifting the lock down will be the hardest most difficult decision he ever will make. How hard is it to choose between human life and a regenerated economy ?

4 " of rain here this last week, we are up to an unbelievable 20 inches of rain. Completely unheard of.

Did we do this to ourselves? After it is over, will humans change?

Over and out for now and good to hear from you, come back whenever and let us know how you are. Maybe I can do a blog tomorrow, we'll see.

Please take special care !

Maggie & Paris who refuses to leave my side.