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Shields & Brooks And Juan Cole On The Middle East Situation - Adding More From Counterpunch - 1962: Bob Dylan's "John Brown" Fabulous Cover By Phil Doran

Happy New Year and hope ya'll acclimated to the forever freezing cold weather we've been having, I'm still cold despite the forecast of another Santa Ana over the next few days. I have one last Holiday Dinner scheduled for Sunday the 5th to make, a sort of early celebration of "Dia de Los Reyes", then that is it thank goodness. Wait, there's still "Dia de La Candelaria" next month ! But of course just when everyone was somewhat relaxed and renewed, Trump is attempting to pull another fast one in the Middle East. So, we really cannot relax can we ?

In love these guys, this is from last night's broadcast:

 - From PBS: Shields and Brooks On Iran: 



 ~ From Informed Comment - 01/03/19:

Trump Troll-In-Chief, Wags the Impeachment Dog by Going To War With Iran  (with video)
by, Juan Cole

"Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – The madman in the White House has been sulking and raging for weeks about his impeachment proceedings, tweeting manically on some days more than 100 times. With the release by of unredacted emails on the Ukraine scandal showing that Trump personally (and illegally) withheld congressionally mandated military aid to an ally, the Republican defense of the president is collapsing. Some GOP senators such as Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski seem to be weakening on calling witnesses and subpoenaing records for the Senate trial, and the Democrats only need four Republican senators to ensure a proper proceeding, which would certainly put Trump’s presidency in peril.

It is extremely suspicious that Trump has abruptly begun trafficking in the sanguinary merchandise of all-out war just at this moment when his throne is on the brink of toppling.

My title is a reference to the 1997 Barry Levinson film, “Wag the Dog,” starring Anne Heche, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert De Niro. Its story line at IMDB is, “After being caught in a scandalous situation days before the election, the president does not seem to have much of a chance of being re-elected. One of his advisers contacts a top Hollywood producer in order to manufacture a war in Albania that the president can heroically end, all through mass media.” Only, Iran is not Albania.

Trump has from the beginning of his presidential campaign appealed to the worst and most fascistic elements in American political life. At a time when the US has no credible peer military rival, he added hundreds of billions of dollars to the Pentagon budget, and the pudgy old chicken hawk lionized war criminals. Up until now, however, Trump shrewdly calculated that his base was tired of wasting blood and treasure on fruitless Middle Eastern wars, and he avoided taking more than symbolic steps. He dropped a big missile on Afghanistan once, and fired some Tomahawk Cruise missiles at Syria. But he drew back from the brink of more extensive military engagements.

Now, by murdering Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Jerusalem (Qods) Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, Trump has brought the United States to the brink of war with Iran. Mind you, Iran’s leadership is too shrewd to rush to the battlements at this moment, and will be prepared to play the long game. My guess is that they will encourage their allies among Iraqi Shiites to get up a massive protest at the US embassy and at bases housing US troops.

They will be aided in this task of mobilizing Iraqis by the simultaneous US assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Forces. Al-Muhandis is a senior military figure in the Iraqi armed forces, not just a civilian militia figure. Moreover, the Kata’ib Hizbullah that he headed is part of a strong political bloc, al-Fath, which has 48 members in parliament and forms a key coalition partner for the current, caretaker prime minister, Adil Abdulmahdi. Parliament won’t easily be able to let this outrage pass.

The US officer corps is confident that the American troops at the embassy and elsewhere in Baghdad are sufficient to fight off any militia invasion. I’m not sure they have taken into account the possibility of tens of thousands of civilian protesters invading the embassy, who can’t simply be taken out and shot.

Trump may be counting on the unpopularity among the youth protesters in downtown Baghdad, Basra, Nasiriya and other cities of Soleimani and of al-Muhandis to blunt the Iraqi reaction to the murders. The thousands of youth protesters cheered on hearing the news of their deaths, since they were accused of plotting a violent repression of the rallies demanding an end to corruption.

Iraq, however, is a big, complex society, and there are enormous numbers of Iraqi Shiites who support the Popular Mobilization Forces and who view them as the forces that saved Iraq from the peril of the ISIL (ISIS) terrorist organization. The Shiite hard liners would not need all Iraqis to back them in confronting the American presence, only a few hundred thousand for direct crowd action.

You also have to wonder whether Trump and his coterie aren’t planning a coup in Iraq. In the absence of a coup, the Iraqi parliament will almost certainly be forced, after this violation of Iraqi national sovereignty, to vote to expel American troops. This is foreseeable. So either the assassination was a drive-by on the way out, or Trump’s war cabinet doesn’t plan on having to leave Iraq.

Although Trump justified the murder of Soleimani by calling him a terrorist, that is nonsense in the terms of international law. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps is the equivalent of the Iranian National Guard. What Trump did is the equivalent of some foreign country declaring the US military a terrorist organization (some have) and then assassinating General Joseph L. Lengyel, the 28th Chief of the National Guard Bureau (God forbid and may he have a long healthy life).

UN Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Executions Agnes Callamard tweeted,

What American corporate media won’t report is that Trump has put Iran under an almost complete economic blockade after breaching the 2015 nuclear accord that the US had signed. That accord removed economic sanctions on Iran in return for it mothballing 80% of its civilian nuclear enrichment program. That agreement could have formed the basis for reintegrating Iran into the world system and greatly reduced the tensions in the region for a generation.

 Although Iran was certified by UN inspectors as abiding by the accord as long as it was in effect, Trump abruptly trashed the agreement. He then not only put the severest economic sanctions on Iran that have ever been applied to any country in peacetime, he went around the world twisting the arms of South Korea, Japan, India, and even China, pressuring them not to buy Iranian oil. There is no UN Security Council resolution imposing economic sanctions on Iran, so this is a rogue unilateral blockade imposed by Trump alone. It has strangled the Iranian economy, and people can’t afford key medicines for loved ones. A naval blockade is considered an act of war in international law, and Trump’s trade embargo is analogous in every way to such a blockade.

I predicted when Trump started doing these things that it would lead to conflict between Iran and the United States in ways that Trump himself could not foresee (people like Trump with narcissism personality disorder cannot empathize with the pain of other people, so Iran is invisible to him). The economic strangulation of Iran was bound to lead to pushback, as with encouraging Iraqi Shiite militias to target Americans, and to an escalation between the two countries.

 If the Middle East now spins out of control, it is on Trump and his desperation to undo every good thing Barack Obama ever accomplished."


 ~ Latest Brief From Juan Cole, a must read...with video:


Iranians React After US Strike That Killed Top Commander
Trump Unites Iran and Iraq against the United States



In between making more cranberries for, these folks are not vegans, they are full on carnivores being treated to grass fed prime rib and you are probably going "Oh Yuck !"...but I could not find any lamb...adding real organic wild rice & green beans, seared potatoes and carrots and a homemade cheesecake, I found more anti-Trump over on Counterpunch:

 ~ From Counterpunch:

After Mossad Targeted Sulemani; Trump Pulled the Trigger 
By, Jefferson Morley 

"Last October Yossi Cohen, head of Israel’s Mossad, spoke openly about assassinating Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“He knows very well that his assassination is not impossible,” Cohen said in an interview. Soleimani had boasted that the Israel’s tried to assassinate him in 2006 and failed.

“With all due respect to his bluster,” Cohen said, “he hasn’t necessarily committed the mistake yet that would place him on the prestigious list of Mossad’s assassination targets.”

“Is Israel Targeting Iran’s Top General for Assassination?” I asked on October 24. On Thursday, Soleimani was killed in an air strike ordered by President Trump.

Soleimani’s convoy was struck by U.S. missiles as he left a meeting at Baghdad’s airport amid anti-Iranian and anti-American demonstrations in Iraq. Supporters of an Iranian-backed militia had agreed to withdraw from the U.S. diplomatic compound in return for a promise that the government would allow a parliamentary vote on expelling 5,000 U.S. troops from the country.

The Pentagon confirmed the military operation, which came “at the direction of the president” and was “aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans.” The Pentagon claimed in a statement that Gen. Soleimani was “actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.”

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, under indictment for criminal charges, was the first and only national leader to support Trump’s action, while claiming that that Trump acted entirely on his own.

“Just as Israel has the right to self-defense, the United States has exactly the same right,” Netanyahu told reporters in Greece. “Qassem Soleimani is responsible for the deaths of American citizens and other innocents, and he was planning more attacks.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vowed retaliation for the general’s death,  tweeting that “Iran will take revenge for this heinous crime.”

Soleimani was the most capable foe of the United States and Israel in the region. As chief of the Al-Quds force, Soleimani was a master of Iran’s asymmetric warfare strategy, using proxy forces to bleed Iran’s enemies, while preserving the government’s ability to plausibly deny involvement.

After the U.S. invasions of Iraq, he funded and trained anti-American militias that launched low-level attacks on U.S. occupation forces, killing upward of 600 U.S. servicemen and generating pressure for U.S. withdrawal.

In recent years, Soleimani led two successful Iranian military operations: the campaign to drive ISIS out of western Iraq in 2015 and the campaign to crush the jihadist forces opposed to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. The United States and Israel denounced Iran’s role in both operations but could not prevent Iran from claiming victory.

Soleimani had assumed a leading role in Iraqi politics in the past year. The anti-ISIS campaign relied on Iraqi militias, which the Iranians supported with money, weapons, and training. After ISIS was defeated, these militia maintained a prominent role in Iraq that many resented, leading to demonstrations and rioting. Soleimani was seeking to stabilize the government and channel the protests against the United States when he was killed.

In the same period, Israel pursued its program of targeted assassination. In the past decade Mossad assassinated at least five Iranian nuclear scientists, according to Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, in an effort to thwart Iran’s nuclear program. Yossi Melman, another Israeli journalist, says that Mossad has assassinated 60-70 enemies outside of its borders since its founding in 1947, though none as prominent as Soleimani.

Israel also began striking at the Iranian-backed militias in Iraq last year. The United States did the same on December 29, killing 19 fighters and prompting anti-American demonstrations as big as the anti-Iranian demonstrations of a month ago.

Now the killing of Soleimani promises more unrest, if not open war. The idea that it will deter Iranian attacks is foolish.

“This doesn’t mean war,” wrote former Defense Department official Andrew Exum, “It will not lead to war, and it doesn’t risk war. None of that. It is war.“​

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported a year ago that Washington had given Israel the green light to assassinate Soleimani. Al-Jarida, which in recent years has broken exclusive stories from Israel, quoted a source in Jerusalem as saying that “there is an American-Israeli agreement” that Soleimani is a “threat to the two countries’ interests in the region.” It is generally assumed in the Arab world that the paper is used as an Israeli platform for conveying messages to other countries in the Middle East.

Trump has now fulfilled the wishes of Mossad. After proclaiming his intention to end America’s “stupid endless wars,” the president has effectively declared war on the largest country in the region in solidarity with Israel, the most unpopular country in the Middle East."


 ~ From Counterpunch: 

Opening Pandora's Box In Iraq (must read, excellente)
by, David Lindorff

The Killing of General Soleimani: Hail Mars ! Hail Pluto ! (another outstanding post)
 by, Matthew Hoh

 ~ More Information Here:

Democracy Now !

 ~ Some of the best: 

The Intercept


 I'll be back with the year's end stats, and Ed Vulliamy's coverage of Julian Leyzaola.

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It's Christmas Day !

Wishing all of you a Happy and Merry Christmas, and that all of your dreams come true,

Maggie, Mike, Paris-Simone, Daca Bob and  The Eight Sleepy Kittens  


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TRUMP IMPEACHED ! Steny Hoyer's Remarkable Closing Speech - Happy Day !

In case you might have missed it this afternoon, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer gave the most remarkable closing speech before the votes were taken to impeach Donald Trump, the rest is history:


~ From The Baltimore Sun:

Transcript of U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer’s speech on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump:

“Madam Speaker, I’ve had the honor of serving in this House for over thirty-eight years. I’ve served during six presidencies. I’ve been here through moments of tremendous progress and terrible tragedy. I’ve seen periods of rank partisanship and patriotic bipartisanship. I’ve seen our two-party system work, and I’ve seen it break down.

“Never, in all my years serving in this great institution and the people of my district, did I ever expect to encounter such obvious wrongdoing by a President of the United States. Nor did I expect to witness such craven rationalization of presidential actions, which have put our national security at risk, undermined the integrity of our elections, and defied the Constitutional authority of the Congress to conduct oversight.

“We’ve heard from Republicans that this impeachment really has to do with policy differences or concerns about the President’s temperament or that we simply dislike the President. They’ve alleged that Democrats have been itching to impeach him since he first took office. The facts say otherwise.

“Throughout the Trump presidency, Democrats have resisted pursuing impeachment even as we watched with dismay and disgust at a pattern of wrongdoing. That pattern included ordering federal agencies to lie to the public, firing the FBI Director for refusing to end an investigation of his campaign, siding with Vladimir Putin over our intelligence agencies, taking funding away from the military to put toward an ineffective border wall, and setting policies that have led to the separation of families and the caging of children. We have, to be sure, deep disagreements with the policies and actions taken by this president. But they are not reasons to pursue what Chairman Schiff has called, ‘a wrenching process for the nation.’

“In fact, Democrats rejected that process emphatically in three specific votes. In December of 2017, Democrats overwhelmingly voted against pursuing articles of impeachment, including the Speaker and myself. We did so again in 2018, with over sixty percent of Democrats rejecting that path. Again, in July 2019, just days before the infamous July 25 telephone call, we did the same, with sixty percent of Democrats voting not to proceed.

 “It was not until there was clear evidence that the President was abusing his power to serve his own interests – at the expense of our democracy, our national security, and the safeguarding of our elections from foreign interference – that we were compelled to consider articles of impeachment. Credible witnesses, many of whom were appointed to office by President Trump, have corroborated the details and timeline of his abuse of presidential power, which forms the basis of the first article of impeachment in this resolution. I will not recount them here. They have been laid out fully in the articles before us and by colleagues in their remarks.

“What I will do is remind Americans that the House provided President Trump every opportunity to prove his innocence. Instead, he ignored Congressional subpoenas for documents and for testimony by White House officials and ordered his subordinates not to cooperate. This itself is unprecedented. When Presidents Nixon and Clinton were asked to hand over documents and allow officials to testify, ultimately both complied. Because it is the law. Such actions of the President can be taken as further evidence of his obstruction and abuse of power. It is itself impeachable conduct, the subject of the second article in this resolution.

“These two articles before us concern two very profound Constitutional issues about the abuse of power in our republic. First, whether it is acceptable for the President of the United States to solicit foreign interference in our elections, undermining our national security and the integrity of our democracy. And second, whether it is permissible for the president to obstruct Congress and act as if he is above the law and immune from Constitutional oversight.

“On December 4, the Judiciary Committee heard the testimony of Constitutional law experts who weighed in on these points. One of them, Professor Noah Feldman, cautioned: ‘If we cannot impeach a president who abuses his office for personal advantage, we no longer live in a democracy. We live in a monarchy, or we live under a dictatorship.’

“The votes we are about to take concern the rule of law and our democracy itself. Let us not forget the words of the philosopher John Locke, so influential to the Founders of our republic. He warned: ‘Wherever law ends, tyranny begins.’

“This impeachment asks whether we are still a republic of laws, as our Founders intended – or whether we will accept that one person can be above the law. In America, no one is above the law, but only as long as we hold every person accountable for breaking the law – even a president. Especially a president.

“If the House does not act – if we wait and delay – we run the risk of allowing the President’s misconduct to be repeated at the expense of the integrity of our elections, our national security, and our Constitutional system of separation of powers. Democrats did not choose impeachment. We did not wish for it. But President Trump’s misconduct has forced our Constitutional republic to protect itself.

“These votes we are about to take – and the process that will follow in the Senate – are not only an assessment of the President’s commitment to the Constitution or to his oath of office. It is, as well, a test of our own. Damning evidence of the President’s high crimes has emerged. Nevertheless, Republican Members of this House and of the Senate have continued to defend a President whose actions and statements are indefensible.

“All of us feel a sense of loyalty to party. It’s what makes our two-party system function. It’s what helps hold presidents and majorities accountable. But party loyalty must have its limits. And as evidence of the President’s impeachable offenses has mounted, it has become increasingly clear that the limits of partisanship have been reached and passed.

“Now, Democrats and Republicans together face a test before our constituents, our countrymen, and our Creator.

“The New York Times on October 18 summarized the question now posed to House and Senate Republicans: ‘Compromise by compromise, Donald Trump has hammered away at what Republicans once saw as foundational virtues: decency, honesty, responsibility. …Will they commit themselves and their party wholly to Mr. Trump, embracing even his most anti-democratic actions, or will they take the first step toward separating themselves from him and restoring confidence in the rule of law?’

“Madam Speaker, we have seen Republican courage throughout our history, from the Civil War to the Cold War. In 1950, Margaret Chase Smith, the Senator from Maine, spoke bravely against the cancer of McCarthyism in her party, leading six of her Republican colleagues in a ‘Declaration of Conscience’ against their own leadership.‘We are Republicans,’ they declared, ‘but we are Americans first.’

“In 1974, one Congressman took the brave and principled step of becoming the first Republican on the Judiciary Committee to support impeaching President Nixon. He said to his colleagues and to the country: ‘…It isn’t easy for me to align myself against the president to whom I gave my enthusiastic support… on whose side I’ve stood in many legislative battles, whose accomplishments in foreign and domestic affairs I’ve consistently applauded. But it’s impossible for me to condone or ignore the long train of abuses to which he has subjected the presidency and the people of this country. The Constitution and my own oath of office demand that I bear true faith and allegiance to the principles of law and justice upon which this nation was founded. And I cannot in good conscience turn away from the evidence of evil that is to me so clear and compelling.’

 “That Congressman’s name was Larry Hogan Sr. He represented the Fifth District of Maryland, which I now represent. His son is presently the second-term Republican governor of our state. When Larry Hogan Sr. died in 2017, every obituary led with praise for his great act of political courage. Who among us, many years from now, will receive such praise as a man or woman of courage? Who will regret not having earned it?

“When Rep. Justin Amash left the Republican Party, he admonished his colleagues that: ‘This president will only be in power for a short time, but excusing his behavior will forever tarnish your name.’ Rep. Amash, of course, is the only Member of this House who has no allegiance to either party. He is supporting both articles of impeachment.

“We need not ask who will be the first to show courage by standing up to President Trump. The question we must now ask is: who will be the last to find it?

“The pages of our history are filled with Americans who had the courage to choose country over party or personality. But, as President Kennedy wrote: ‘The stories of past courage …can teach, they can offer hope, they can provide inspiration. But they cannot supply courage itself. For this each man must look into his own soul.’

“I urge my colleagues in the House and in the Senate: look into your soul. Summon the courage to vote for our Constitution and our democracy. To do less betrays our oath and that of our Founders, who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Let us neither turn away from the evidence, which is so clear, nor from our good conscience, which compels us to do what in our hearts we know to be right. Let us not allow the rule of law to end or for tyranny to find its toehold.

"With our votes today, we can ‘bear true faith and allegiance’ to the vision of our Founders. And we can show future generations what it truly means to be ‘Americans first.’”


 I understand Nancy doesn't want us hoopin', hollerin' and cheering but you have to is a Happy Day. Richard W. Behan sure hit the nail on the head yesterday.  Stretch it out Nancy, make 'em sweat.

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Some Advise For Nancy Pelosi - Bernie in San Diego the 20th !

Tomorrow is D-Day and I'm hoping these high winds will not blow out the electricity as they have been doing. As you already know, you can watch the proceedings of the big day here:

Democracy Now !

Democracy Now|Impeachment 

Adding this one....

~ From CNN:

The Trump Impeachment Vote - 10/18/19


Meanwhile, some good advise for Nancy Pelosi:

 ~ From Counterpunch:

Nancy Pelosi: Pull a Mitch McConnell, and President Trump is Toast 
by, Richard W. Behan 

"Speaker Pelosi: when the Impeachment Resolution is passed, do not send it immediately to the Senate. Withhold it instead until the court cases are settled, until Don McGahn and others are forced to respond to their subpoenas, until the President is forced to submit his tax returns, until all the evidence has come to the surface and makes an airtight case to remove him from office.

Take a page from Mitch McConnell’s playbook and game the system.  Remember what he did to Merrick Garland?  The hundreds of passed House bills he refuses to bring to the Senate floor? Use your power the way he does.

Sending the Resolution to the Senate right away hands the initiative to McConnell, and he will game the system, beyond doubt.  He’s already disclosed how he’ll do it, boasting he’ll align Senate procedure with the wishes of the White House. If he could, he’d refuse to act on the Resolution at all, but by law he can’t do that. So he’ll orchestrate a short trial with no witnesses and call for a quick up-or-down vote and he’ll win as he always does—with foul means or fouler. If you let McConnell proceed the President will not be removed from office in January, when the Senate is scheduled to undertake the trial.

So finesse the Majority Leader. Withhold the Resolution. The court cases should all be resolved by June, say (not incidentally when Bill Weld’s primary challenge will be blazing full tilt).

Then hold some more hearings. Answer the Republicans’ demand for “fact witnesses” by calling McGahn, Pompeo, Bolton, Pence, Giuliani, and Mulvaney to testify. Make the Trump tax returns public. The lurid truth of his misconduct will dominate the nightly news for weeks.

When all the bombshells have exploded, then hand off the Impeachment Resolution to Mitch McConnell. Now you have set the stage, not the Majority Leader—and what could be more politically damaging to Trump than standing trial during the heat of his reelection campaign?

The case against Trump is not at the moment open-and-shut. Committee chairs Schiff and Nadler may claim the evidence is “overwhelming,” but Republican Senators hotly deny that, and so do half of the American people. When the damning evidence now blocked by lawsuits is a matter of record, the case will be unassailable: it will be impossible for Republican Senators to deny, and McConnell’s capacity to game the system will vanish. The Senate will have no choice but to vote removal.

Speaker Pelosi, wait until you have an airtight case and then spring."


Received this email afew days back - sharing it with ya'll:

" We're just 81 days from the California primary, Marjorie:
Over the course of these next 81 days, Bernie supporters all across the country will be doing everything we can to help build our movement in California.
That's why we wanted you to be among the first to know that your next chance to do exactly that is coming up very soon. Bernie's headed to San Diego on Friday, December 20, and he's hoping you'll be able to join him.
Immigration Rally in San Ysidro with Bernie Sanders
Friday, December 20
Event starts at 6:00 p.m.
San Ysidro High School Athletic Quad
5353 Airway Rd.
San Diego, CA 92154
If we're going to win California in March, it's going to take an unprecedented grassroots effort that gets hundreds of thousands of people to come together and get involved. That's what this campaign has always been about, from the very beginning.
Not me. Us.
Bernie knows that he can't do it alone. That's why we hope you'll join us in San Diego — because if we build a mass movement across the state and all do our part, we are going to win.
Use this link to RSVP and join Bernie on Friday.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie"


 Hope you are all having a Happy Christmas Holiday ! Of course I wish we all could sneer at Trump after the vote tomorrow...but it looks as though the Republicans are bound and determined to follow their Master to the bowels of Hell. I hope Nancy follows Richard Behan's advise. Stats coming up shortly.

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Another Dead Body On Avenida International Just In Time For Christmas & Thank You Linda Ronstadt

Yesterday was supposed to be a fun day out and a special day for Paris...a trip to the Spa at PetCo  in Eastlake as a reward for putting up with the kittens.  It felt Christmassy.  We left here a little late - it was 10:35am. Mike put on an old Aaron Neville Christmas CD , the traffic was heavier than usual with some drizzle but this morning it didn't really bother us.

As we drove up the Avenida International hill moments later we were talking about the all of the landslides around us due to the storms. Then I saw it first out the front window then clearly out my passenger window, close enough to touch, a body of a man thrown to the side of the road, obviously dead. He was wearing a heavy sweater, lying on his side facing the cliff surrounded by rocks and wet debris.

Mike turned the CD off, silence. I guess we thought we could escape it, but we couldn't.  I mentioned that I haven't blogged the latest attack on Zeta for their coverage of corruption in the new Jaime Bonilla regime, Javier Sicilia's latest talk where he blasted AMLO at the Gudalajara Writer/Book Festival, AMLO's latest speeches and promises, Padre Solalinde's current stance on the migrantes (which blew most of us away) or even Anabel Hernandez's new book which throws  light on organized crime's position in present Mexican government at the highest level, or even the number of human rights activists across the nation since the beginning of the year who have been simply, killed. It's raining again right now and the wind is blowing, but it doesn't feel very Christmassy . 

When we came home the electricity was on and I checked the news: El Sol covered the body on Avenida International and I wondered how many hundreds of other people saw it and what their thoughts were. 


The greatest news I thought was this:

 ~ From CNN:

 Linda Ronstadt's Delicious Takedown of Mike Pence
By, Peggy Drexler

"(CNN)Saturday night, in one of the year's more deliciously awkward celebrity moments, singer Linda Ronstadt went head to head with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Pompeo's own turf. At a State Department event celebrating the year's Kennedy Center honorees, of which Ronstadt is one, she did away with niceties and politesse and instead told Pompeo, the evening's host and the country's most senior diplomat, exactly what she thought of him, which is not very much. 

Pompeo never saw it coming — although he set up the jab quite well. During his pre-dinner address, Pompeo referenced Ronstadt's 1975 hit "When Will I Be Loved." "Ms. Ronstadt," he said, "thank you and congratulations. And I will say my job, as I travel the world, I just want to know when I will be loved?"  

Later, when Ronstadt had the opportunity to take the microphone, she delivered her response. In front of more than 200 guests, Ronstadt, who has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration, stood up and looked straight at Pompeo's table and said, "I'd like to say to Mr. Pompeo, who wonders when he'll be loved, it's when he stops enabling Donald Trump." 

It was a risky move. The politicizing of Hollywood awards events is nothing new, of course, especially in recent years. But few celebrities have taken the opportunity to issue their criticisms so directly, and so boldly. And those who have spoken out have largely done so to far safer crowds of mostly liberal celebrities: Meryl Streep's anti-Trump Golden Globes speech in 2017, for example, or Robert DeNiro's Trump takedown at the 2018 Tony Awards.  

This, however, was a government event, held at the US State Department. The audience was politically split, the award itself politically-bestowed, even as it is non-partisan in tone and tradition. And unlike Ronstadt, few Trump administration critics have had the chance to issue criticism in person.  

Ronstadt's remarks were unexpected not because her views of Trump weren't known, but because they were not polite. They did not follow traditional rules of decorum expected — from women, especially — at such events. It was not ladylike or demure. It was not "so grateful to be here tonight accepting this award," as so many so often are.

Instead, it was honest. It was unapologetic. And it was about time.

At 73, Ronstadt, who is suffering from a condition similar to Parkinson's disease and retired in 2011, can no longer sing. But she has not lost her voice. That Pompeo told the crowd he was "a big fan of Linda Ronstadt ... an icon of folk and country music" did not matter to her. What did? Speaking her truth.
Her boldness may come with age, which for many can carry with it a "nothing to lose" mentality. Or it may come with the knowledge of her own power, which at this point in her life is no longer derived from pleasing others. She was not there for his, or anyone's, praise. Her career no longer depends on that. 
The fear of alienating audiences, or of being "unlikable" in any way, is perhaps why more female celebrities aren't similarly bold. Although a few of Ronstadt's younger, female contemporaries have spoken out against Trump — including Adele and Rihanna, who both refused to let Trump use their songs during campaigning and endorsed Hillary Clinton — famous women are, for the most part, still expected to be polite, pretty, grateful for what they are given, and always occasion-appropriate. That's one reason it took pop star Taylor Swift so long to voice her political opinion.
But while Ronstadt has always been known in the industry as being "difficult" simply because she did what she wanted and not what others expected, she has now earned the right to speak her mind wherever and whenever she wants — without fear of industry blowback and without concern for being a "likeable"  lady.
 Certainly, she benefited from the fact that the public is likely to be more open to hearing such remarks from a person who speaks from time, experience and perspective — one advantage older female celebrities may have over their younger counterparts. But one lesson anyone of any age, gender or level of fame can take from Ronstadt's bold statement is that the more women use their voices, and speak their minds, the more likely doing so will become the expectation, and not the exception."

  Thank You Linda...and you know what, she's still runnin'.

So many songs, I chose this one, the back up band on this album BTW was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers:

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Impeachment: It's A Go and Nancy Hits the Nail On the Head ! El Sol Reports 25+ Executed This Month of December in TIJ - YTD Total = 2,062 in TIJ

Edit: this is a re-write...somehow lost the initial blog hours ago, oh well....

It has been one disaster after the other here, mostly brought on by the six and a half inches of rain in two weeks.  The kind of pricey stove(a LG) we bought last year would not work to cook the turkey on Thanksgiving, we think this is due to the numerous electrical blow outs; the same is happening with the washer. 

Due to the rain here, we had to move the feral kittens inside which has been a complicated ordeal. So far, we've been able to get two of them into the cat carrier and to Dr. Silva's for their operations and shots - six more to go and it looks as if more rain is on the way for this upcoming weekend so they will be nesting in the computer room. All of this is driving Paris crazy, so I scheduled a spa day for her on Sunday. 

Daca Bob who now weighs in at 24 pounds, has been a great asset since the sudden disappearance of the mother, Susan. He is very possessive and protective of the kittens, he cuddles and sleeps with them, eats and plays with them.

The morning of the fires here, William overheard a neighbor showing a picture of a dead cat - seeing it, he thought it was Susan.  The neighbor while showing the picture said that a person who lives here let his dog out again and the dog killed another cat. What kind of an idiot lets their dog out unleashed?  Bob went into almost complete despair and depression over the loss of Susan, his little heart was broken. But now the kittens left behind gather around him and have soothed his hurt.  Three of them we are thinking of keeping (Lila, Rubio & Tomas) but I don't dare just release the others after their operations and shots knowing there is a serial cat killer out there.  I'll still feed them but they have to stay outside. Maybe Mike can devise a little shelter for them.

Next I missed my eye appointment because the car battery died, so with my HMO I'll have to wait another three months for another one, maybe four being partially blind.  We did watch "The Irishman" over four days, it was fabulous.


Some Impeachment Updates:

 ~ From CNN:

Nancy Pelosi Just Wrote Donald Trump's Name In the History Books

Sadly, memes are appearing comparing the Cowardly Lion to Trump, or vice versa.

And, yes Nancy, he, Trump, is a coward.  Noted on tonight's PBS report, they cut that part out of their coverage -  too bad:

Nancy Pelosi To Reporter: "Don't Mess with Me"

More Impeachment Information & Details:

 ~ From Democracy Now!  :

DemocracyNow|Impeachment ~~~


What I do object to are the numerous memes showing up comparing the Cowardly Lion to Trump.  There is no comparison, the Cowardly Lion as we all know had a myriad of redeemable qualities, none of which Donald Trump possesses.  Hopefully someone out there will start a supportive 
#TheCowardlyLion to clear his reputation. 

Speaking of "The Irishman", in the beginning I thought this might be Scorsese's last film and hoped that it would not be at the same time. What I would like to see is him make one of the current organized criminality, the current mob bosses, the current mafiosos who have not only infiltrated elections and government in the United States, but who have taken complete power of the government in the United States to the degree that should the GOP Senate not convict Trump of high crimes and impeach him, it will only be the final nails in the coffin of "Democracy" as we know it.

 The Local Numbers.....

Locally, tons of dope confiscated up and down the coast, which seems to be a pattern here along with a lower number of executions in some of the Municipalities.  No one is saying if some type of a deal has gone down. 

Zeta Tijuana

As for this month of December, El Sol reports there have been 25 so far the first few days of December:

 ~ From El Sol de Tijuana:

Rebasa Diciembre Las 25 Muertes Violento en Tijuana
Por, Juan Miguel Hernandez

"Tijuana.- In just 5 days in December, the number of murders has already reached 25, official figures revealed.

 The last homicide of the count occurred in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood, where a 44-year-old man was injured with two firearm shells, which caused him an injury in the abdominal region.
The male was transferred to the General Hospital, where he lost his life shortly after 12:55 a.m.
In 2019, the number of murders has already reached 2,062, slightly less than 2,507 last year."


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Impeachment Inquiry: Don't Give Up The Ship ! Aha ! Finally Local Drug War Stats, Can You Believe It ? As of 11/25 /19 10:39 am YTD Baja California Statewide Executions = 2,615: Tijuana @ 2K Executions YTD

Take a hint Republicans

I'm done with vacuuming the walls and ceilings until after Thanksgiving.  I give up. However, the entire inside of the house needs to be re-painted, not to mention the outside of the house which was never finished.  So, providing my knees hold out, those are the next projects.  Tomorrow, I'm cooking all day: pies, cranberries, Waldorf Salad, chopping celery, onion & mushrooms for the dressing, and sliced crunchy raw veggies.  I'm not making the dressing from scratch - cheating using seasoned Mrs. Cubisons.  I've found that if you add about one & 1/2 tablespoon of thyme to the dressing when you are mixing it together plus for liquid one cup of organic milk, it really improves the taste.  I learned that one from Feida Kahlo's cookbook - you might want to try it. And for a little bit extra pizzazz, add one cup chopped walnuts. I use a lot of walnuts; people nowadays joke about Waldorf Salad and say that it is just a hillbillie side dish, but it didn't used to be.  It is true that it has gained popularity in the Deep South and the Carolina's and lost favor in New York City where it was created, but it is so quick and easy ! Make sure you use organic apples & organic grapes and organic celery.  I haven't found any organic walnuts or organic mayonnaise. I didn't have time to bake hippie bread.


What About The Impeachment ?  

I admit, a couple of weeks ago (and even before) I completely had lost my faith that the Republican Senate would vote to Impeach & Remove Trump.  But it wasn't just me, it seemed every person I ran into was feeling the same frustration.  So, I'm changing...and if they don't kick the bum out, I'll cry. Ha ! Let's start thinking positive, and let him be the one left cryin ! It took me awhile but the old karma thinking came back as if in a dream - that you cannot go around torturing and hurting people, or the environment, constantly lying and get away with it, sooner or later it will catch up with you, one way or another. Everyone say OM.  Cry Donald you creep !

Plus there are going to be wild new developments, and I hope they throw the damn book at him for lying to Mueller: 

Recent Impeachment Inquiry Updates:

Update/edit 11/27/19:

 ~ 11/27/19:  Wow, check these out, taking a break - doing the pies, I'm behind:

Trump Contradicts Testimony

Caught In More Lies, Trump and Guiliani Are Digging Their Own Fucking Graves:

end edit.

 ~ From CNN: (11/26/19) And don't miss the sidebar.

The Latest On the Trump Impeachment Inquiry

From 11.25/19 

From 11/24/19 

From 11/23/19 

From 11/22/19 

From 11/21/18 - Outasight Dr. Fiona Hill & Mr. Holmes ! 

From The Guardian -  Fiona Knocks em Dead !


More coverage everywhere, especially here:

Democracy Now ! Watch Dan Ellsberg !

Democracy Now|Impeachment


Finally, thanks to Zeta the most current drug war stats in our region.  You can see there has been a significant drop the last two months, with November clocking in (so far) at 136 executions in Tijuana.  Still, when this report went to press, the overall state of Baja California has reached a YTD level of 2,615 exections/homicidios dolosos. Zeta notes Tijuana's monthly totals:

From Zeta -  lunes, 25 noviembre, 2019 10:39 AM

Liega Tijuana a las 2 Mil Ejecuciones en 2019

"At the state level the figure reached 2 thousand 615 murders

According to statistics from the Attorney General of the State of Baja California, until the early hours of this Monday, November 25, 2 thousand executions have been recorded in Tijuana so far this year. The majority of the victims are due to conflicts between narcomenudistas.
The latest events recorded in different parts of the city are:
At 05:35 hours on Sunday, November 24, a young man, between 20 and 25 years old, hitherto unidentified, was found dead with a shot in the head on the Cancer street corner with Scorpio in the Ejido Matamoros Horoscope colony. State Investigation Agents located a .45 caliber cap at the scene of the crime.

Then, a man identified as José Refugio Pirul González, 40, died yesterday morning at the General Hospital after being the victim of an assault by unknown persons.

Finally, at approximately 2:20 p.m. on Monday 25, a double homicide was registered in the Mesita street of the Cañón de la Raza neighborhood. The victims are a man, between 50 years old, and a woman, apparently 30 years old; they had gunshot head injuries. Until now, the deceased remain unidentified. The expert agents packed 2 9mm caliber caps.

In none of the crimes are detained people reported.

So far in November, 136 malicious killings have been recorded.

Homicides in 2019
Victims Month
January 220
February 145
March 152
April 184
May 193
June 217
July 231
August 198
September 185
October 156"

You can follow the developments here: 

Zeta Tijuana||Noticias Del Dia

More reports on the way, running behind here.


Meanwhile, don't give up the ship... and if you have any good Impeachment memes, send em over !

Happy Thanksgiving To Ya'll !

Monday, November 18, 2019

Looks Like The Senate Republicans Are Madly Practicing the Limbo Rock !! How LOW Can You Go?

I'm still trying to remove the soot & dust from the walls, everything is a disaster! Meanwhile, some updates on the Impeachment Inquiry:

Roger Stone:  The Senate Republicans idea of "Moral Integrity"

 I like David Brooks a lot, even though he is a Republican.  Of course, I love Mark Shields.  Here is last Friday's roundup of the last week's Impeachment Inquiry, and  I agree with David Brooks (and many others including Dan Rather)) that the GOP Senate  will not vote to impeach Trump.  I asked Mike what gives with them?  Why are they sticking to Trump like glue?  He said, "Because they don't have any balls."  Oh, you meant they have no moral integrity?  Eyes Rolling.



From Counterpunch: - 11/18/19

Stefanik Stands By Her Man and Roger Stone Gets Convicted On All Counts: Impeachment Day Two
by, Ron Jacobs 

"The myth that the United States is a nation of laws provides the context for Friday’s hearings, if not for the entire process. The most obvious irony is that this occurs while lawless acts by the president of this nation of laws are being discussed. It is the trumpist belief that Trump either did nothing illegal or that even if he did, it doesn’t matter because he is president, As this process moves forward, it becomes clearer that many trumpists have little understanding of what is illegal. This is more than apparent just in their demands to name the whistleblower, which would be a blatant violation of the law should someone do so. Never mind their obfuscation of the particulars in Trump and Giuliani’s actions. Or, as far as the US government goes, the criminality of its foreign policy. The question in the Capitol is not, nor will it likely ever be, a question of who the nation’s laws serve. However, how those laws are enforced will become clearer as the process continues. If Trump and his co-conspirators get away with this, then it will certainly be clear who the nation’s laws do not apply to.

 Trump, still unable to keep his fingers off his phone, begins the day with a threat to Ambassador Yovanovitch, opening up the possibility of a witness intimidation charge being added to the list the Judiciary committee will ultimately present to the full House. Watching the hearings, Trump’s distaste if not hatred of women who are not only smarter than him, but also willing to oppose him becomes more than just apparent over the course of the day.

The Ambassador herself looks like a twenty-first century Western diplomat. Short hair, conservative but not too conservative clothing. Her demeanor fits the archetype of the professional woman: intelligent, firm in negotiations and diplomatic in every public way. She has a bit of the air of a bureaucrat with essentially no flamboyancy, not even in the manner of George Kent’s bowtie at Wednesday’s hearing. Her approach assumes the correctness of the US involvement in overthrow of the Kiev government in 2014, the rightness of the Ukrainian military’s battle against separatists in the Donbass region of Ukraine, and the assumption that Russia is a greater imperialist nation than the US if only because Washington’s motives are like religious beliefs to her—freedom, justice and the American pursuit of markets. It’s not that those beliefs are unique, certainly not among those in that room in the Capitol Building. After all, it’s not US diplomacy, its motivations or its goals that are in question here. It’s the misuse of US diplomacy for personal gain by one Donald Trump and his co-conspirators that has these folks going at it.

The substance of today’s appearance by Ambassador Yovanovitch is about Trump’s attacks on her professionalism, her career, and her person. The understanding by those who called the hearings is that Trump fired her from her position in Kiev because she would not go along with his attempts to extort the Ukrainian president. In other words, she was blocking his conspiracy to get Kiev’s Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for military aid and a personal invitation to the White House. The trumpists on the congressional committee seem unable to wrap their brains around the connection between her dismissal and Trump’s conspiracy. Then again, there are several things they can’t seem to wrap their brains around. Consequently, their ranting revolves around the right of a US president to reassign diplomats at will. By completely ignoring Trump’s request to Zelensky to join the Trump campaign’s investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden and reframing the reassignment of Yovanovitch as part of Trump putting his own stamp on US foreign policy, Jim Jordan and the rest of the GOP trumpist chorus hope to convince their sycophantic, and uncomplicated-minded supporters that there’s nothing to see here. If that fails, the chorus’s constant demand to bring the “whistleblower” to the stand serves to convince those trumpists in the television audience that Trump is being persecuted like the poor little rich man that he thinks he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if that “whistleblower” does appear somewhere down the line either before this committee or the Judiciary Committee after the process moves there. It will be fun to see Jim Jordan and Representative Stefanik sputter, spit and lose the cool they never had on live television. Stefanik, a right-wing lady from upstate New York, ran for election to the right of Donald Trump. Her commercials were a combination of half-truths and pictures of white people going to church, among other such tropes. Her district is known for the Adirondack Forest and big prisons, including Dannemora, the site of an infamous escape that resulted in a television series and involved a female civilian working in the prison helping the two prisoners escape. Watching Stefanik outdo her fellow Republicans on the committee defending Trump, I can’t help thinking she’s doing something similar for Donald Trump as he tries to avoid being kicked out of office. There is a similar sociopathy found in billionaires and murderers.

Speaking of that criminality, Trump took time today to overturn the war crimes convictions of three US troops. Trump’s remarks at his rally in regards to his pardon were, “We train them to kill, then we convict them for killing.” The first part of his sentence is an accurate description of the process. Yet in this supposedly civilized world even the military has some rules when that killing crosses certain lines. Crossing those lines are what we call war crimes. In some parts of the world people get hung for such crimes. In a nation where Lt. Calley was a hero to millions for killing hundreds of Vietnamese civilians while most of his superiors got off scot-free, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump and millions of today’s Americans would have no problem with pardoning convicted war criminals, if only because of the uniform they wear.

Another headline in Friday’s daily crime report concerned a man named Roger Stone–the scumbag who thinks he’s the cleverest man in politics and that he’s in charge–just got convicted on all counts. What more deserving fate than prison can there be for a guy who’s got a Richard Nixon drawing inked between his shoulder blades? There’s that nation of laws thing again. Sometimes writing about these people is just too easy. There’s a truism that smart criminals don’t get caught. That says something about the trumpist gang. Between their arrogance and stupidity, it’s amazing they got this far, unless you consider the trumpist nation. You know, those voters who put him in power and excuse his every insult, abuse, and now his crimes, all because there’s nothing a nation of rubes (thanks Hunter S. Thompson) likes better than a con-man who cons them all. Stone thought he was the guy to do that. So does Trump. One hopes for an ending similar to Stone’s for Mr. Trump."

Ron Jacobs is the author of Daydream Sunset: Sixties Counterculture in the Seventies published by CounterPunch Books. His latest offering is a pamphlet titled Capitalism: Is the Problem.  He lives in Vermont. He can be reached at:


On to the here and near future:

 ~ From CNN:

 Upcoming Testimony - and watch for Sondland (on Wednesday) who has already changed his story twice.
  ~ From CNN:

Latest Impeachment Inquiry Updates 

 ~ Democracy Now|Impeachment 


We finished BBC's Doc Martin and now are starting The Crown  - both are stress reducers.  Locally, TIJ is inching its way up to almost 100 executions this month, Ensenada has surpassed last years figures, AMLO rejects Javier Sicilia, etc.  Back I promise later.  Oh no shit, imagine if you will Mitch the Turtleman doin the Limbo ! No balls, errrr....sorry, no moral integrity.

How Low Can You Go ???


Thursday, November 14, 2019

H2O Situation SADM - Impeachment Links - Proceso On Cartel Children Murder In Mexico - Our Stats Coming Up

I'm completely confused, we're not supposed to have H20, but I just checked a bit after 1:30 pm and I have water, which means I can rinse the clothes and the patio.  Here, maybe you can figure it out.....

 ~ From Zeta:

Aqui El Listado De Colonias De La seccion 3 en Donde CESPY Aplicara Tandeo De Aqua 


Hat tip to "sheislittlebutsheisfierce" of Instagram

 Yesterday on our way up to the states to get my double injection cortisone shots in the knees, we were able to listen to part of Day Numero Uno of the Impeachment Proceedings, and I was awed by 
Ambassador Taylor's statements, as was most of the world who is watching. Here then are the latest updates:

 ~  From CNN: 11/14/19 : with video

The Latest On the Trump Impeachment Inquiry


Brian Stelter points out the opposition's take, which was not to be unexpected  but also notes most western world countries are covering the proceedings - unfortunately, I have not noticed any coverage of these historic events locally, which is a shame - the emphasis here is on the coup against Evo Morales, inspired by the OAS (USA backed) findings on electoral fraud.  And a note that it seems to be mum's the word on Evo in the USA (so far) or USA's involvement in this coup:

 ~ From CNN:

Reliable Sources


Here are some links on where & how to watch/listen to the upcoming events:

 ~ From CNN:

Public Impeachment Hearings Schedule For This week: Here's What You Need to Know 

 ~ From Democracy Now !

WATCH: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearing 

 ~ From PBS: 

Impeachment Inquiries

Adding more from Counterpunch a bit later.....


 Because the Le Baron Massacre is or should be haunting most of us, here's a little reminder - this is only a clip of the report, you'll have to subscribe to read it in its entirety - but then just think, you'll have an edge on what is really happening down here: 

 ~  From Proceso:

Asesinato De Ninos, Nueva Tactica De Los Carteles Para Sembrar El Terror 
Por, Jose Raul Linares 

"Mexico has become one of the most dangerous countries for children, even above nations that have been experiencing declared war situations for years, such as Syria and Iraq. Only in the first 10 months of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has the murder of 796 children and adolescents been reported. According to experts consulted by Proceso , it is a behavior that organized crime began to use notoriously since 2017, to intimidate rival groups or the authority .
CITY OF MEXICO (Proceso) .- During the first 10 months of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador 796 children and adolescents were killed. The figure represents that every six or eight hours on average - according to various sources - the murder of a minor is committed.

Those numbers make Mexico the fifth most dangerous country for children, surpassing nations like Iraq or Syria that have suffered declared war conflicts for years.

According to specialists consulted by Proceso , as well as official statistical analyzes and non-governmental organizations, the recent killing of three women and six children of the LeBarón family in Sonora reflects a constant violent behavior, whose growing spiral of death and terror began in 2017.

 Only as far as the López Obrador administration has been reported between three and four murders and four daily disappearances.

“Homicides of children under 18 have been increasing,” laments the head of protection of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Mexico, Dora Giusti.

“Between 2015 and 2017, the trend was upward drastically and worryingly; It represents an increase of 29.43% that has been maintained since then, ”he says in an interview.

The executive director of the Network for the Defense of Children in Mexico (Redim), Juan Martín Pérez García, warns in an interview that what should be highlighted in the murder of minors is that “criminal groups have adopted this pattern to generate terror in their adversaries: other crime groups and security forces. ”
( Fragment of the special report published in Process 2245, already in circulation )


Locally it is true there was a decline in the overall numbers of executions in Tijuana during October, but Ensenada has increased their numbers.  I'll be back with those stats and recent November numbers ~ we're back to several killings over few hours a day or days, then a lull...same as before.

I'm making Hunter's Chicken, because "...Hunter's always seems to have mushrooms", it's really good and the evenings are chilly.

Wait...let me go check the water.....

At around 2:30 pm City Water is on full force.


Friday, November 8, 2019

I Am Concerned For His Safety

 ~ From Animal Politico:

Con AMLO el pais sufre el mismo dolor y la misma muerte que con Pena y Calderon: Sicilia 

"This government is the same story, repeated, but with euphemisms, of what we have lived with the Peña Nieto and Calderón regime," Sicilia accused.

One day after nine members of the LeBarón family were killed, including six minors, the poet and activist Javier Sicilia criticized that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador applies the same failed strategy against violence as previous administrations, now with the Army "Disguised as National Guard." 

In an interview with Elisa Alanís, of Milenio TV , Sicily lamented the murder of the relatives of Julián LeBarón, with whom he shared the struggle of the Peace Movement with Justice and Dignity, and accused that with events like that the country is “in the same place where we were standing in 2011 ", the most violent year of Felipe Calderón's six-year term. 

"This government is the same story, repeated, but with euphemisms, of what we have lived with the Peña Nieto and Calderón regime," Sicilia accused. 

"We are facing one more lie, of a new regime, which says that it will change things, which really only accumulates pain, suffering," he added. 

Sicilia insisted that the López Obrador government has tried to “make up” the same strategy, in the face of organized crime and violence, trying to make it look “prettier”, however in essence it remains the same “and the consequences there they are ”, it is “ the same pain, the same death ”. 

López Obrador, Sicilia said, promised to implement a comprehensive transitional justice project, very complex and with the support of the international community, to give a true response to the country, but "betrayed us" and returned to the same strategy. 

"They are reproducing what they hate, what they have hated the most," he said in the interview. 

"Calderón also said that they would respect human rights," he criticized López Obrador's insistence that his government would apply a different strategy, without emphasizing violence, although in his opinion the same results have been observed. 

At what level of horror and horror do we have to descend?

This government, accused Sicilia, has applied with the Peace Movement what Carlos Salinas said, “they neither see us nor hear us”, this is because they have not resumed their proposals to pacify the country.

“That they do not come to us that is the inheritance of the past, this is the inheritance they assumed and that is their responsibility now. Faced with the inheritance of the past and those responsible for the past, there is justice, call them to justice. But with respect to the problem that they have to face and that they inherited, that is what we have to demand from them ”. 

In a letter to Julián LeBarón, Sicily questioned whether after the “horrific massacre” it is not time for the people of Mexico to demand “a true policy of truth, justice and peace, for which you and so many others have fought tirelessly, a policy with which Andrés Manuel committed himself, which over a year of betrayal betrayed and is measured by hundreds of thousands of dead, missing, of which the women and children killed in your community are the new tip of the iceberg". 

“Or at what level of horror and horror do we have to descend so that this country, this town reacts again? Do you and the community of Le Barón have the word to summon the country's moral reserve, that word that 25 years ago had the Zapatismo and 9 years ago the MPJD? 

I do not know. In any case, while I hug you painfully, I keep asking myself, asking you and asking everyone if, after so much pain, after so many children, women, men and elderly people killed and disappeared; if after so much accumulated rage, after saying so much "Enough is enough!", of so much demanding "No more blood", of so much "Being up to the mothers", if it is not already time to put a real stop to so much pain, to so much death, to so much humiliation, to such a lie; if it is not already time that in suffering the heart beats again and the earth can flourish; Time for it to be time. ”


 ~ From Proceso:

Carta de Javier Sicilia a Julian Lebaron 
Por, Javier Sicilia

"Dear Julian, my brother, my friend, my partner:

 I don't know what to say in the face of the horror that ten years after the murder of your brother Benjamin and your brother-in-law Luis Widmar has fallen back on the LeBarón family. The dimension of crime - another that adds to the long chain of horrors that the country does not cease to suffer from - causes language to fail. In front of it I have no other word than my deep, painful hug.

In that hug I remember the month of March 2011 when you came to the Cuernavaca base to hug me, as I do now with my heart from this same state in which ineptitude and crime dominate day by day; I remember the beautiful letter you wrote to my son Juan Francisco, the dignity with which you took your place in the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) and carried the Mexican flag demanding peace and justice. I remember your direct, profound, human word, in each city visited, in each temple raised; I remember your way of facing criminal and political power and remind you of the latter, fundamental truths that you had forgotten and continue to forget.

At that time, dear Julian, we thought we could stop the horror. It was not like that: power, with other faces, with other names, with other ways, continues to lie, covering up reality, consenting to the barbarism that, as we said then, is encysted in the State as a disgusting mud. 

 The horrific massacre that the LeBarón community has just suffered, makes me wonder, if it is not time for the people of Mexico - of which the current President is talking so much now - to congregate to sit in power, not to demand him, but to force him to carry out a true policy of truth, justice and peace, for which you and so many others have fought tirelessly, a policy with which Andrés Manuel committed himself, that over a year of mandate betrayed and that measure with hundreds of thousands of dead, missing, of which the women and children killed in your community are the new tip of the iceberg? Or at what level of horror and horror do we have to descend so that this country, this town reacts again? Do you and the community of the LeBarón have the word to summon the country's moral reserve, that word that 25 years ago had the Zapatismo and 9 years ago the MPJD?

I do not know. In any case, while I hug you painfully, I keep asking myself, asking you and asking everyone if, after so much pain, after so many children, women, men and elderly people killed and disappeared; if after so much rage accumulated, after saying so much "Enough is enough!", of so much demanding "No more blood", of so much "Being until the mothers", if it is not already time to put a real stop to so much pain, to so much death, to so much humiliation, to such a lie; if it is not already time that in suffering the heart beats again and the earth can flourish; Time for it to be time.

 I do not know. What I do know is that in this hug and my questions, I tell you how much I love you, how much your women and children hurt, how much I take you with me, soul mate, partner.

For the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity,
Javier Sicilia"