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Follow Up On Trump's Reactions To Dr. Fauci's Statements (Or, Who Is Willing To Sacrifice Their Children To The Mad King? ) - Report On Recent Findings Of Danger To Children From COVID-19 - Excellent Day Ahead : Dr. Rick Bright Will Testify !!

I had not heard or read this until I overheard it on PBS last night: Trump's reaction to Dr. Fauci and his statements in front of the Senate. Here it is from the New York Times:

 ~ From The New York Times: 

Trump Pointedly Criticizes Fauci For His Testimony to Congress 
by, Katie Rogers 

“He wants to play all sides of the equation,” the president said of the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

"WASHINGTON — President Trump on Wednesday criticized congressional testimony delivered a day earlier by Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, who had warned against reopening the country too quickly and stressed the unknown effects the coronavirus could have on children returning to school.

“I was surprised by his answer,” Mr. Trump told reporters who had gathered in the Cabinet Room for the president’s meeting with the governors of Colorado and North Dakota. “To me it’s not an acceptable answer, especially when it comes to schools.”

The president’s desire to reopen schools and businesses in order to bring back the economy has often led to public clashes over the guidance provided by Dr. Fauci, who has warned that taking a cavalier attitude toward reopening the country could invite unnecessary suffering caused by a virus scientists are still struggling to understand. He reiterated that position on Tuesday in testimony before a Senate committee.

“He wants to play all sides of the equation,” Mr. Trump said on Wednesday, before bragging that the economy next year would be “phenomenal.”

Dr. Fauci also told the Senate panel that a vaccine for the coronavirus would almost certainly not be ready in time for the new school year, and warned of the dangers of the virus to children.

“I think we better be careful, if we are not cavalier, in thinking that children are completely immune to the deleterious effects,” Dr. Fauci said. “You’re right in the numbers that children in general do much, much better than adults and the elderly and particularly those with underlying conditions. But I am very careful, and hopefully humble in knowing that I don’t know everything about this disease. And that’s why I’m very reserved in making broad predictions.”

Dr. Fauci has increasingly become a target of critics who see him as undermining the president’s efforts to open up the country and restore the economy and as exaggerating the effects of the pandemic.

 A month ago, Mr. Trump made headlines for sharing a tweet with the hashtag “#FireFauci” after a series of reports detailed the president’s slow response to the threat of the virus.

The president’s comments on Wednesday were an even more direct show of disapproval. And they came as health officials in New York were investigating more than 100 cases of a rare and dangerous inflammatory syndrome that afflicts children and appears to be connected to the virus.

“Now when you have an incident, one out of a million, one out of 500,000, will something happen? Perhaps,” Mr. Trump said, minimizing the risk to children of returning to school. “But you can be driving to school and some bad things can happen, too.”

Mr. Trump added: “This is a disease that attacks age and it attacks health and if you have a heart problem, if you have diabetes, if you’re a certain age, it’s certainly much more dangerous. But with the young children, I mean, and students, it is really just take a look at the statistics, it is pretty amazing.”

Medical experts who are beginning to learn more about how the virus affects children have said it is an oversimplification to consider them immune."


Here is the report from two days ago on COVID-19 and children:

 ~ From The New York Times: 

By, Perri Klass, M.D. 

There is new evidence that some children may become very sick, and we are beginning to learn more about who may be most at risk and what parents need to watch for.

"As we learn more about children and Covid-19, new research is reshaping some of our thinking. It continues to be true that children, as a group, have been relatively spared, but there is evidence that some may become very sick, and we are beginning to learn more about who may be most at risk, and what parents need to watch for.

This past week there were reports of children hospitalized in different locations, including New York City, with a multisystem inflammatory disease that has killed three children. In addition, new research continues to be published describing the ways that the virus can behave in children, which is not always how it behaves in adults.

A clinical report published Tuesday in Frontiers in Pediatrics describes five children in China who were admitted to the hospital with nonrespiratory symptoms but who turned out to have Covid, including the characteristic lung abnormalities. Dr. Wenbin Li, chief pediatrician of Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, who was the first author of the study, said in an email, “In our report, four of the five patients had fever and cough during the course of the disease; four of the five cases had digestive tract symptoms as the first manifestation.”

“The indisputable fact is that, during the outbreak of Covid-19, the pediatric emergency departments are having a huge reduction of visits,” Dr. Li wrote. Because parents are afraid of coming to the hospital, they may delay bringing sick children in, which can lead to serious complications, he said. And we’re seeing in the United States that they may also delay bringing well children in, which can lead to missed immunizations and vulnerability to other scary diseases.

“The idea that children either don’t get Covid-19 or have really mild disease is an oversimplification,” said Dr. Adam Ratner, the director of pediatric infectious diseases at New York University School of Medicine and Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at N.Y.U. Langone Health. It’s true — and comforting — that there have been fewer cases detected in children, and that the case fatality rate is much lower in children than in adults, especially older adults, he said, but “we have had some extremely sick children.”

A study just published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics looked at 48 children in the United States who have required intensive care with Covid-19. Among other findings, 40 of them had significant medical issues, so-called comorbidities; half of these were categorized as “medically complex,” meaning they were dependent on technological support to begin with, as would be true of a child with a tracheostomy, for example. Other comorbidities included immunosuppression, usually connected to cancer treatment, obesity or diabetes.

There have also been some cases of newborns becoming sick, and at least one reported stillbirth, and a research letter published at the end of April in JAMA reported the isolation of the virus from the placenta of a woman who suffered a second-trimester miscarriage.

Dr. David Baud, the head of the obstetrics service at Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland, who was the lead author of the letter, said that the most likely way for the virus to reach the placenta is through the bloodstream. He noted that in the outbreaks of SARS and MERS, which were also coronaviruses, infected mothers were more likely to have low birth weight babies.

And although it feels as if the current pandemic has been going on for a long time, we are in fact not far enough in yet to see what the effect on the fetus might be of infection during the first trimester of pregnancy. But Dr. Baud was one of the doctors who described the establishment of an international registry for pregnancies affected by Covid-19 in an article published this month in the Lancet.

Even when mothers test positive for Covid-19 at delivery, their infants have tended to be negative, Dr. Ratner said, as long as the mothers and babies are kept separate (or well protected by personal protective equipment) after the birth, suggesting that the virus is not being transmitted in utero or at delivery — which was also found to be the case in China.

Dr. Ratner said he had taken care of a number of children with the virus, and “most of them have very mild disease.” But some “have required intensive care and ventilatory support, so there is a wide range, even if most of the cases are OK.”

Some infants become critically ill, but in preschool and school-age children, we have been saying that Covid-19 tends to be very mild. Children with immunodeficiencies or children who have had chemotherapy are at higher risk for serious illness, but, Dr. Ratner said, “we have seen kids without prior medical problems at all who’ve needed admission, who’ve needed intensive care.” This is also the age group where the new multisystem disease is being noted, possibly sometimes as a post-infectious hyperinflammatory process.

Many of the symptoms of this recently described syndrome resemble those of a rare childhood illness called Kawasaki disease. Dr. Jane Newburger, the director of the Kawasaki program at Boston Children’s Hospital, said, “We’re seeing a wave of a syndrome that can include shock or extreme inflammation.” Shock is what happens when the body’s organs don’t get sufficient blood supply, and some of these children have poor heart function.

Kawasaki disease itself is a clinical diagnosis; there is no single lab test that can detect it, and the cause is not known. Dr. Newburger described it as “an acute illness of children that strikes generally children who were previously healthy — high fever for at least four days with red eyes, redness of lips, tongue, throat, a rash, swollen hands and feet, sometimes red palms and soles.” It’s treated with IVIG, intravenous immunoglobulin, a blood product prepared from the serum of many donors with the intent of preventing the rare but serious enlargement of the coronary arteries, which is the most dangerous complication.

Dr. Newburger said that the Covid-19-related cases are a multisystem severe inflammatory syndrome modulated by the immune system, which many people think may appear a few weeks after the initial encounter with the coronavirus. The children come in with high fevers, with dysfunction in one or more body organs, and with lab tests suggesting inflammation.

Dr. Moshe Arditi, the chief of pediatric infectious diseases and immunology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, has been working on Kawasaki disease for over 30 years. He said that some of the cases that have been reported in different cities — especially London and New York — may just represent Kawasaki disease in children who have also been exposed to Covid-19, without being able to say whether there is any causal link, while others involve children who are much sicker, with what he described as “a toxic shock kind of syndrome,” needing intensive care — which defines this new clinical entity.

Dr. Philip Kahn, a pediatric rheumatologist at N.Y.U., said he was currently caring for several pediatric patients hospitalized with what looks like Kawasaki disease.

“In Kawasaki disease, the vast majority of children do extremely well, with no long-term bad outcomes,” Dr. Kahn said. “For the vast majority, this is an acute one-time illness of childhood.” And he has seen children with Covid-19 and this Kawasaki-like syndrome who have looked sick but done well, he said, responding to treatment with immunoglobulin. He had just gotten off the phone, he said, with a patient who had been discharged. “The kid is laughing, the mom is laughing, a week and a half later,” he said. “Treated with one dose of immunoglobulin, laughing, looks like a million bucks — that’s the kid I live for.”

And even with the cases of multisystem disease that emerged last week, “compared to adults, children are much less likely to be severely affected, and mortality is very very rare,” Dr. Newburger said. “Parents should still feel it would be very unusual for a child to be so seriously affected — but if their child suddenly becomes very febrile, seems unwell, and a parent’s sixth sense tells them their child is much sicker, seek medical attention, call the pediatrician, go to the hospital.”

“The important takeaway is that this is still a new disease for us,” Dr. Ratner said. “We are still seeing things for the first time, even though over the last few weeks we’ve seen a lot of adults and children.”


 But not our Trump...he knows everything, been there and done that, wow...and he wants your kids to go flying back to school without an available vaccine?

And, here it is from CNN with video if you can even stand to watch the idiot:

 ~ From MSN/CNN:

by, Kevin Liptak & Allie Malloy

"President Donald Trump voiced frustration Wednesday at the nation's top infectious disease specialist after he warned a day earlier against reopening schools and businesses too quickly.

"I was surprised by his answer, actually," Trump said when asked about Dr. Anthony Fauci's warnings during televised congressional testimony that reopening states too quickly could have dire consequences.

"It's just -- to me it's not an acceptable answer, especially when it comes to schools," Trump said.

During an appearance before lawmakers on Tuesday, Fauci warned that students looking to return to campuses in the fall would likely not have a coronavirus vaccine available to them.

Fauci suggested instead that schools open cautiously, and said in some places schools should remain closed in the fall. He said if states reopen before meeting the criteria set out by the Trump administration, they risk reprisals of the outbreak.

"He wants to play all sides of the equation," Trump said of Fauci on Wednesday during a meeting with the governors of Colorado and North Dakota.

Trump has insisted in recent weeks that schools will reopen in the fall, despite schools and universities saying otherwise.

"We're opening our country. People want it open. The schools are going to be open," Trump said Wednesday in the Cabinet Room.

Trump's relationship with Fauci has been closely scrutinized during the coronavirus outbreak because he sometimes appears to contradict or correct the President during public appearances.

Fauci said during his testimony that his relationship with Trump is not contentious, but the President has bristled at instances when he appears at odds with the leading infectious diseases expert.

Last month, Trump retweeted a message calling for Fauci's firing, but said later he wasn't looking to dismiss him.

Still, many of Trump's allies have taken to publicly criticizing Fauci, casting him as an unelected bureaucrat with undue influence on how and when the nation will return to normal.

Fauci sought to dispel that notion during his appearance on Tuesday, saying he only offers the President public health advice and doesn't weigh in on the economy.

While the President has griped in private about some of Fauci's public comments -- including his caution about an untested treatment for coronavirus -- his complaints were largely kept out of public view until Wednesday.

But even his comments during the meeting with governors stopped short of outright anger. Instead, Trump said he believed colleges should be aggressive in reopening because young people haven't displayed the serious symptoms of the disease at the same rates as older people.

"These are young students. They're in great shape," he said, going on to suggest the benefits outweigh the risks for higher education institutions.

"Will something happen? Perhaps," Trump said. "You can be driving to school and some bad things can happen too."


 I'm not sure why I printed both reports of Trump's statements, I guess I am dumbfounded and cannot believe the words that come out of this clown's mouth.  Meanwhile, Paris wants to go to bed, it's late and tomorrow - actually today we'll have a great treat with Dr. Rick Bright testifying before the Senate.

Here's a Masterpiece of Understatement..... 

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief
Business men, they drink my wine
Plowman dig my earth
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Hey, hey
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There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But, uh, but you and I, we've been through that
And this is not our fate
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Barefoot servants, too
Outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl
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And the wind began to howl

Songwriter: Bob Dylan

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Latest Local & National COVID-19 & Drug War Stats For May 13, 2020: All Numbers Are On The Rise

Just a bit before noon today, Zeta reported the latest local COVID-19 stats - and believe me, it becomes grueling doing the numbers daily, it just weighs heavy on your heart - so send Zeta a thank you note:

  ~ All reports From Zeta:

BC Rompe Record de Nuevos Casos Positivos en 24 Horas, Fueron 238 
Por, Lourdes Loza Romero 

"In the last twenty-four hours, 238 new cases were confirmed by COVID-19 in Baja California, said the head of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Alonso Pérez Rico, on May 13.

The state official justified the high number at which the Secretariat Laboratory is processing the tests taken at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), so that in the following days high numbers of confirmed cases will continue to appear.

To date in Baja California there are 2 thousand 762 confirmed cases, of which thousand 359 are from Tijuana, thousand 93 from Mexicali, 127 Ensenada, 124 Tecate, 41 Rosarito and 18 the region of San Quintín-Vicente Guerrero. 

 Of the total, 264 cases are active and of these 12 percent are hospitalized.
There are 669 suspected cases, 337 in Tijuana, 264 in Mexicali, 42 in Tecate, 16 Ensenada, 8 in Rosarito and one more in the San Quintín - Vicente Guerrero region.

As of this Wednesday, 459 deaths have been registered from this new virus, 311 in Tijuana, 107 in Mexicali, 18 Ensenada, 18 Tecate, 4 Rosarito, and one more in the San Quintín - Vicente Guerrero region.

Regarding the "New Normality", Pérez Rico reported that, like the rest of the country, in Baja California the reopening "will be gradual, orderly and cautious", divided into three phases.

The first phase, next May 18, will be for the municipalities of "Esperanza" where no coronavirus cases were registered. The second phase, which is the preparation phase, will be from May 18 to 31. The third phase will be from June 1.

Phase 2, which will be the preparation phase, is in which non-essential companies will have to apply four actions in order to resume their work: 

1.- Preparation of health protocols.
2.- Staff training.
3.- Readjustment of spaces.
4.- Installation of intake and sanitation filters.

He commented that these actions should be permanent, since until there is a vaccine against the new virus, you should not let your guard down.

Pérez Rico also explained that a traffic light will be applied to resume activities, and until this is placed in the green, school activities in person cannot be resumed."


Confirma Secretario de Salud Deceso de Medico Jubilado Diagnosticado con COVID-19
Por, Isabel Mercado 

"In Baja California, the death of the first doctor due to coronavirus was confirmed, but it is a retired doctor, informed the entity's secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, who specified that more than 160 health workers in the state have tested positive to COVID-19.

"There is a person of medical profession registered as a deceased, we are trying to identify from which institution, he is a retired doctor," he added without specifying the place where the doctor died.
He explained that in Tijuana there was a record of the death of a doctor, a death that "is not related to COVID," he said.

Regarding the number of coronavirus infections registered in health workers, he said that the latest reports show that they have been affected by the pathogen “over 80 nurses and a similar number of doctors, some of them already recovered and others entering In this same premise, where they were asked to take shelter at home due to the policies of the Mexican Social Security Institute, and right now we are going to do the laboratory studies and give them the results. ”

Regarding the disapproval that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) gave to the decree approved by the previous legislature of the State Congress, to extend the term of government of Jaime Bonilla Valdez from 2 to 5 years, Pérez Rico maintained that " the reduction of the government does not affect the health system ”.

However, he admitted that there were five-year projections, so "in the sense that the project was for five years, the long-term plans will continue like this", waiting for the next state government to follow up on them .

And he added, "...the good programs that were before we entered continued, in a specific case is the rickettsiosis program, those that were not correct, or were not giving results, were replaced by something new and that is the health issue, they value results ”.


 ~ From Yesterday 05/12/20: Ensenada Conditions:

 Brote de seis Empleados Positivos por COVID-19 en Centro de Salud de Ensenada

Por, Marcos A. Angulo Alvarez 

Health personnel with respiratory symptoms were sent home for isolation at home to prevent the spread of this condition. There is none hospitalized

ENSENADA - An outbreak of six positive cases by COVID-19 was detected among employees of the Advanced Center for Primary Health Care (CAAPS) Ruiz and 14 of Ensenada, confirmed this afternoon of Tuesday, May 12, the head of the Health Services Jurisdiction in Ensenada, Ángel Iván Alvarado López.
He explained that on May 8, an outbreak of COVID-19 by SARS COV-2 was identified in six health employees who work in CAAPS Ruiz and 14, who were characterized by presenting headaches, coughs and fever, among other symptoms.
For this reason, he explained, it was necessary to carry out an intentional search for suspicious cases, with the following results:
100% of the health personnel were considered, with acute respiratory symptoms that had the contact history of confirmed cases and respiratory symptoms, taking a total of 48 samples.
Alvarado López indicated that containment actions were carried out immediately, all areas of the unit were sanitized, and health personnel with respiratory symptoms were sent home for isolation at home and thus prevent the spread of this condition.
He mentioned that according to the classification issued by the “Standardized Guidelines for Epidemiological and Laboratory Surveillance of COVID 19”, the clinical picture of the health personnel who manifested any symptoms is slight. Of these, 44.1% of these workers stated that they were asymptomatic, with 13% of them being sampled.
The state official reported that the staff who tested positive, there are none hospitalized, are at home and monitored by the jurisdictional epidemiology area.
He indicated that CAAPS Ruiz and 14, CAAPS Maneadero, General Hospital and the Fever Clinics (Centro de Salud Obrera and Centro de Salud Pórticos del Mar), as well as, the jurisdictional offices, are constantly sanitized by Vector Program personnel, safeguarding the patient and staff health."

The Nation Wide Levels....(Reported at 5:32 this afternoon)

Suman 4 Mil 220 Defunciones de COVID-19 en Mexico
Por, Carlos Alvarez

"Since last February 28 when the first outbreak occurred, until this Wednesday, May 13 (day 52 of the National Day of Healthy Distance), in Mexico there are 40 thousand 186 accumulated confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID- 19), as well as 24 thousand 856 suspects; 83 thousand 455 negatives; 9,378 confirmed assets; and 4,220 deaths, out of a total of 148,497 people studied.

As for the confirmed cases accumulated by federal state of residence, first there is Mexico City, with 10 thousand 946; followed by the State of Mexico, with 6,813; Baja California, with 2,764; Tabasco, with 1,976; and Sinaloa, with a thousand 620.

Of the confirmed cases active by federal state of residence, in the first place is Mexico City, with 2,240; followed by the State of Mexico, 1,244; Tabasco, with 557; Veracruz, with 514; Baja California, with 430; Yucatan, 278; Morelos, with 276; Puebla, with 266; Nuevo León, with 262; and, Sinaloa, with 256.

As reported by José Luis Alomía Zegarra, general director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (SSa) of the Federal Government, 31.5 is the national incidence rate of accumulated confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while 7.33 is the national incidence rate of active cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

As for deaths, there are 318 “suspects”. In addition to there are 1,862 new cases confirmed in 24 hours, which represents a 4.9 percent increase from the previous day, according to the federal official, during the daily follow-up conference regarding the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico.

Regarding hospital occupation in Phase 3 of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) in Mexico, it is at 34 percent of its capacity nationwide. The federal official presented the IRAC (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection) network, which has defined, so far, 723 hospitals.

Since the entry of Phase 3, the 32 state governments have to report to said national platform the local information, which the Federal Government integrates, analyzes and exposes it daily. However, as detailed by Alomía Zegarra, so far, there are only 699 registered health units (97 percent) with their daily situation.

On the other hand, he noted that there are 15,086 COVID beds available nationwide, of which 7,924 (34 percent) are occupied. Among the beds are the intensive care beds, where people with mechanical respiration are cared for.

By federal entity, Baja California has 55 percent of occupied beds and 45 percent available, while in Sinaloa it has 40 percent occupied and 60 percent available, according to the director general of Epidemiology of the Federal Ministry of Health.

On the other hand there are the beds that have a ventilator, to serve critically ill people. Of these, in Baja California there are 38 percent occupied and 62 percent occupied available, while in Sinaloa there are 60 percent occupied beds and 40 percent available."


Local Drug War Stats: TIJ This Month Alone = 75 Deaths

Parece que se Levanton Los Animos a Los Delincuentes y estan Dandose Vuelo": Bonilla, Tras Reportan 12 Homicidios en BC

"For the second consecutive day, Baja California experienced a violent day. In the last 48 hours in the entity there have been 25 murders, for which Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez declared in his morning videoconference on May 13: “We continue with the fight to lower the homicide rate, but with all this contingency (COVID19), it seems that the spirits of criminals have risen and they have been flying. ”

Between the morning of Tuesday, May 12 and the first minutes of this day, 12 executions were dated in the state, 10 of them in Tijuana and two in Playas de Rosarito.

The number of intentional homicides in Baja California, according to statistics from the State Security and Investigation Guard, amounts to 997 victims so far in 2020.

The GESI reported that, among the latest events recorded in Tijuana, the following stand out:

First, at 08:25 a.m. on Monday, in a vacant lot located on Calle 1, corner with Calle Las Fuentes, in front of the Guillermo González Camarena Primary School, in the Cañadas del Florido neighborhood, a body was found that was covered in rubble.

In the afternoon, around 1:40 p.m. in the area of ​​the hill on Calle San Ignacio and Germán Warner, Colonia Santa Cruz, the body of a male was found with a head injury.

A corpse of the male sex, so far unidentified, was found in Camino Arroyo de Las Palmas, in front of a sandbank in the Valle de las Palmas neighborhood.

Two charred bodies and human remains were reported in a neighborhood stream, Calle Prolongación 18 de Marzo, Colonia Rancho las Flores I section. At the intervention site, various fragments of wire and two pieces of tape were located in a charred area.

With firearm injuries to the chest and face, the body of a woman identified as Rocío Hernández, 37, was found. When she was assaulted, the victim was aboard a gray Honda Accord vehicle with California license plates. Two 9mm caliber bushings were found at the site.

A male, was killed when he was on the Defensores de Baja California road in front of # 840A, Colonia Burócrata Ruiz Cortines

The charred and handcuffed body of a woman was located in Calle Suárez # 1215 Colonia Las Torres, lower part.

At the Red Cross facilities, the young Alfredo Ayón Chávez, 22, died, who was shot at the chest, abdomen and back in the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood.

At 20 minutes from this Wednesday, May 13, on Constitución Avenue in front of number 378, Colonia Zona Centro, the lifeless body of a male was found inside a blue tambo.

In Tijuana, so far in May, there have been 75 homicides, and during the year there were 736 victims."


Okay, AMLO has sent the Army/National Guard back on the streets, I'll be back with that one.

Take care everyone.


Fauci Report: No Es Bueno, Pero Es La Verdad - Local COVID-19 & Drug War Stats

Paris finally fell asleep, tomorrow will be her last day on the pain medication which has jolted her system and personality into reverse (well, it is an opioid).  The good news is that she did not have to wear the comfy collar and she has not scratched or bitten at her stitches. Still, nothing is normal as ya'll well know.
I'm going to link and paste the New York Times report on Dr. Fauci's testimony today, the link includes video of his remarks, then move forward to some of our stats - but not the complete histories on the crime or the virus locally - hopefully will return to that a bit later because there are terrific reports from Zeta on the front line medical responders and investigative exposes of the violent crime in our region.

Meanwhile, gosh you know what, I like the New York Times and I feel they are entirely ethical unlike
some down here  who do not:"El New York Times es un Periodico Famoso, Pero Con Poca Etica", Afirma AMLO".

Didn't Trump say basically the same thing more or less?   Still, this is the guy who would not allow reporters from Zeta access to AMLO events...two events actually:

 ~ From La Silla Rota :

Niegan Acceso a Periodistas del Semanario Zeta En Evento de AMLO
Por, Eduardo Rubio 

As far as Azam Ahmed and his ethics, you can read all of his material here:

Azam Ahmed

Never forget The Pentagon Papers !  (;


 ~ From MSN/The New York Times  - click title link for videos

At Senate Hearing, Government Experts Paint Bleak Picture Of the Pandemic
by, Sheryl Gay Stolberg

"WASHINGTON — Two of the federal government’s top health officials painted a grim picture of the months ahead on Tuesday, warning a Senate panel that the coronavirus pandemic was far from contained, just a day after President Trump declared that “we have met the moment and we have prevailed.”

The officials — Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, and Dr. Robert R. Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — predicted dire consequences if the nation reopened its economy too soon, noting that the United States still lacked critical testing capacity and the ability to trace the contacts of those infected.

“If we do not respond in an adequate way when the fall comes, given that it is without a doubt that there will be infections that will be in the community, then we run the risk of having a resurgence,” said Dr. Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who is at the forefront of efforts to find a coronavirus vaccine.

If states reopen their economies too soon, he warned, “there is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak that you may not be able to control,” which could result not only in “some suffering and death that could be avoided, but could even set you back on the road to trying to get economic recovery.”

Dr. Fauci’s remarks, during a high-profile — and partly virtual — hearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, along with those of Dr. Redfield, made clear that the nation had not yet prevailed.

They appeared to rattle the markets, driving the S&P 500 down as investors weighed the potential of a second wave of infections against Mr. Trump’s promises that the economy would bounce back once stay-at-home restrictions were lifted. Worrisome reports of spikes in infections in countries like China, South Korea and Germany, where lockdowns had been lifted, seemed to confirm the American officials’ fears.

Here in Washington, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield, who have been barred by the White House from appearing before the Democratic-controlled House, drew a very different picture of the state of the pandemic than the president, who has cheered for a swift reopening, championed protesters demanding an end to the quarantine and predicted the beginning of a “transition to greatness.”

Dr. Fauci told senators that coronavirus therapeutics and a vaccine would almost certainly not be ready in time for the new school year, that outbreaks in other parts of the world would surely reach the United States and that humility in the face of an unpredictable killer meant erring on the side of caution, even with children, who have fared well but have recently shown new vulnerabilities.

Dr. Redfield pleaded with senators to build up the nation’s public health infrastructure, even as he acknowledged that the C.D.C. had not filled 30 jobs authorized by Congress last year to expand its capacity to track outbreaks, and had yet to put in place a “comprehensive surveillance” system to monitor outbreaks in nursing homes, which have been hard hit by the pandemic.

“We are not out of the woods yet,” he said, “but we are more prepared.”

The two were among four government doctors — the others were Dr. Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of food and drugs, and Adm. Brett P. Giroir, an assistant secretary for health — who testified remotely during the hearing. Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, who like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield and Dr. Hahn is in quarantine after being exposed to the coronavirus, presided as the committee’s chairman from his home in Maryville, Tenn.

The doctors’ downbeat assessments came as the death toll in the United States surpassed 81,000 — a figure that Senator Tim Kaine, Democrat of Virginia, noted was “45 times the rate of South Korea.” The hearing, titled “Covid-19: Safely Getting Back to Work and Back to School,” offered little concrete advice on how that would happen. It was the first chance lawmakers have had to publicly question the officials in Congress since Mr. Trump declared a national emergency two months ago — and to do so without Mr. Trump standing nearby.

Despite the gloomy predictions for the months ahead, the experts drew a somewhat more upbeat picture over the long term. Asked by Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, if the scientists would ultimately develop a vaccine, Dr. Fauci said: “It’s definitely not a long shot, Senator Romney. I would think that it’s more likely than not that we will.”

And Admiral Giroir assured Senator Bernie Sanders, independent of Vermont, that his office was determined to see to it that a vaccine “reaches all segments of society regardless of their ability to pay.”

Some Republicans sounded their own upbeat note. Mr. Alexander proclaimed testing in the United States “impressive” and “enough to begin going back to work.” Senator Mike Braun, Republican of Indiana, agreed, saying in an interview, “I have great optimism that we won’t backslide.”

But the sentiment was not universal. Mr. Romney drew an unfavorable comparison between South Korea, which conducted 140,000 tests by March 6 and has had 258 deaths from Covid-19, and the United States, which had conducted about 2,000 tests by March 6.

“I find our testing record is nothing to celebrate,” Mr. Romney said.

For Dr. Redfield, who has largely been sidelined by Mr. Trump — at least in the administration’s public response — the hearing was a rare opportunity to speak directly to Americans, though he often seemed at pains not to showcase any disagreements with the president. Dr. Fauci, one of the most visible federal health officials and voices in the pandemic, has had less frequent appearances at the podium the past two weeks, since Mr. Trump abandoned his daily coronavirus task force briefings. Often the subject of speculation that the president will fire him, Dr. Fauci reassured senators that their relationship was intact.

“There is certainly not a confrontational relationship between me and the president,” he said, adding that when he gives Mr. Trump advice, “he hears that, he respects it, he gets opinions from a variety of other people.”

The hearing scene was extraordinary. The wood-paneled hearing room, in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, was set up with tables along all four walls, so senators — some of whom were wearing masks that they removed while speaking — could sit a reasonable distance apart.

 Those who participated virtually gave viewers a peek into their private lives. Senator Patty Murray of Washington, the top Democrat on the panel, appeared beside a pine cabinet in her home office. Mr. Alexander’s dog, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Rufus, slept in the background as he spoke.

The mood was at times tense. Mr. Alexander put Democrats on notice not to engage in “finger pointing” and insisted that “even the experts underestimated Covid-19.” Ms. Murray followed that by calling Mr. Trump’s response “a disaster,” adding: “The president isn’t telling the truth. We must, and our witnesses must.”

Across the Capitol, House Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a $3 trillion economic stimulus measure to respond to the pandemic, including $1 trillion in aid to state, local and tribal governments, another round of $1,200 direct payments to American families, and more money for jobless aid and food assistance.

Ms. Murray used her time to make a pitch for the package, saying Republicans — who have already joined with Democrats in approving nearly $3 trillion in government aid — had not done enough.

“What good is a bridge that only gets you to the middle of the river?” she asked.

There were flash points between the witnesses and the senators, as well. In one sharp exchange, Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, pressed his belief that children needed to return to school and told Dr. Fauci that his voice was not the only one senators would listen to.

“I think we ought to have a little bit of humility in our belief that we know what’s best for the economy,” Mr. Paul said. “And as much as I respect you, Dr. Fauci, I don’t think you’re the end-all. I don’t think you’re the one person who gets to make a decision.”

Dr. Fauci replied, “We should be humble about what we don’t know.” But, he continued, “we really better be very careful, particularly when it comes to children,” because new research is showing that they may not be “completely immune to the deleterious effects” of Covid-19.

The White House has put out guidelines for states to follow, called “Opening Up America Again,” in planning how to reopen businesses and get people back to work and school. The plan recommends, among other things, that before reopening, states should have a “downward trajectory of positive tests” or a “downward trajectory of documented cases” of the coronavirus over two weeks, while conducting robust contact tracing and “sentinel surveillance” testing of asymptomatic people in vulnerable populations, like nursing homes.

But the guidelines are not mandatory, and many states are reopening without adhering to them, seeking to ease the pain as millions of working people and small-business owners are facing economic ruin while sheltering at home.

Senator Christopher S. Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, complained on Tuesday that Dr. Fauci and the other witnesses were “trying to have it both ways” by saying that states should not reopen too early while giving governors guidance that was “criminally vague.”

 The C.D.C. has been working on a more specific plan that has been held up by the White House. Mr. Murphy demanded to know when it would be released — especially given that states were reopening.

“Is it this week? Is it next week?” the senator asked. Dr. Redfield replied that the guidance would be on the C.D.C.’s website “soon,” after being reviewed by Mr. Trump’s coronavirus task force.

“Soon isn’t terribly helpful,” Mr. Murphy shot back."

 Then there is this report from AP:

 ~ From MSN/AP:

As Trump Urges Reopening, Thousands Getting Sick On the Job 
by, David Crary


Down this aways, remember what Presidente AMLO said back on May the 4th:

 ~ From El Politologo:

El 17 de Mayo Vamos a Regreso a la Normalidad: AMLO 

"This morning, during the Executive's press conference with the representatives of the media, the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador , explained that in some places it will " return to normal " next Sunday, May 17, after the days of isolation derived from the Covid 19 pandemic.

I tell you: there is little left.

The president pointed out that the indications of the experts, "the scientists," who have helped the Federal Government to contain the pandemic, must continue.
"Almost there. The light is already visible at the end of the tunnel. I think it will be nothing more this month . That is my forecast.
Even in some places, we will return to normal, little by little, carefully, with sanitary measures, from the 17th .
And, on June 1st, we want to do it nationwide. Carefully. So there is certainty."

May 17th is four days away.


~ Local Covid-19 stats:

A note that in Baja California 70 Maquiladoras reopen..." 40,000 workers restarted work this week and 30% more companies are expected to re-open. From Luis Manuel Hernandez, Presidente de Index Zona Costa, " we have seen high pressure from the United States Manufacturing Association sending letters to the [Mexican] Federal Government." 

***Note:  Inotherwords, United States Big Business Pressured Mexico To Re-Open The Maqs. Well, you guys remember what JFK called U.S. Big Business?  C'mon I know you remember...he called them "S.O.B's."

Baja California: 2,524 Infections and 433 Deaths :

 Por COVID-19 se Preve Dificil Regresa a Clases Presenciales en BC; Hay Mas de 2 Mil 500 Contagios
Por, Uriel Saucedo 


Nation wide:  38,324 Infections and 3,926 Deaths :

Suman 3 Mil 926 Defunciones de COVID-19 en Mexico 


Local Drug War stats:

YTD Tijuana = 726 Dead

YTD Baja California = 985 Dead

Tres cadaveres Calcinados en Tijuana
Por, Gerado Andrade 

"According to information obtained by ZETA, around 16:05 hours on Tuesday, May 12, residents of the Rancho Las Flores neighborhood, in Tijuana, reported to the emergency number 911, that in an unpopulated area, attached to a hill, They had found three people lifeless, handcuffed and charred.

The first agents to arrive at the crime scene confirmed that there were charred human beings, so elements of the Fire Department attended, although the fire had already been extinguished by consuming the bodies.

After the fire was completely put down, the authorities were able to see three totally burned corpses and the case was taken by the State Investigation Agency, which on Tuesday night, was still looking for clues to determine if there were more victims among the ashes found in the place.

Neighbors who were near the macabre scene, informed ZETA that in that area of ​​the city located in the Playas delegation, there is a lot of drug sales, and homicides are unfortunately common.

However, they pointed out that they had never witnessed something so "gloomy", the bodies were completely charred and the smell could be perceived from several kilometers away.
"I had never seen anything like this, because poor people, who know who they were, were there, there, (he pointed to the direction where the bodies were found) I find it very sad because this (homicides) is getting worse," said one neighbor of the Rancho Las Flores neighborhood.

24 hours before the discovery of the burned bodies, eleven people had been killed in different parts of the city of Tijuana, one of those executions was in the same delegation of Playas, in the courtyard of a house located on Morelia street in the neighborhood. Artesanal, a man identified by the name of Sergio was shot, the experts located 10 scene casings in the scene.

Tijuana has a total of 726 victims of intentional homicides so far in 2020, according to the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), a high percentage of the 985 murders committed in the same period, in Baja California."


Take care everyone.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Instant Karma: Concern Over COVID-19 In The White House !!

Paris had five Lipomas removed yesterday and has 38 stitches, is taking an antibiotic and tramadol for pain, and she does not feel well - so that's what I've been doing, nursing her back to life. She has a comfy collar to wear, but she hates it.  Mike is going to make her a New York steak tonight with sweet potato on the side. Poor baby.

Meanwhile, of course I am completely behind here - however I was down here with Paris and heard  Mike just laughing upstairs and I yelled, "what's so funny?"  He had CNN on and the news was, he said: "... they are concerned that the virus is spreading through the White House !" (After that, more laughter).

So check it out : 

 ~ From The New York Times: 

LIVE UPDATES - (click title for link)

Coronavirus Live Updates: Top Health Officials to Quarantine After Being Exposed


"Right Now:

Three members of the coronavirus task force are beginning to quarantine after two White House staff members tested positive.

In the latest sign of worry that the coronavirus could be spreading through the senior ranks of the Trump administration, three top public health officials have begun partial or full self-quarantine for two weeks after coming into contact with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Representatives for Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, confirmed the precautions on Saturday. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, confirmed a CNN report that he had begun a “modified quarantine” given what he called a “low risk” contact.

The actions come after the disclosure on Friday that Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary, Katie Miller, tested positive for the virus. Ms. Miller has attended numerous meetings of the White House’s coronavirus task force, which also includes Dr. Redfield, Dr. Hahn and Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci will telework from home and wear a mask for 14 days, he told CNN, possibly visiting his office at the National Institutes of Health when he will be the only person present. He tested negative for the virus on Friday and plans to be tested daily from now on.

Dr. Redfield also had a “low-risk exposure” with a person at the White House, on May 6, and will be teleworking for the next two weeks, Benjamin Haynes, a C.D.C. spokesman, said in a statement. Dr. Redfield “is feeling fine, and has no symptoms,” he said, adding that if Dr. Redfield needed to visit the White House for official business he would follow C.D.C. safety guidelines for essential workers who may have been exposed to the virus. Those guidelines call for temperature checks, screening for symptoms, masks as well as social distancing.

A spokeswoman for the F.D.A. said that Dr. Hahn had sent a note to his staff on Friday disclosing his contact with a person who had tested positive for Covid-19 and that, in accordance with C.D.C. guidelines, “is now in self-quarantine for the next two weeks.” 

“Dr. Hahn immediately took a diagnostic test and tested negative for the virus,” added the spokeswoman, Stephanie Caccomo.

She and Mr. Haynes did not identify the person or people to whom Dr. Redfield and Dr. Hahn had been exposed, although the C.D.C. statement indicated that it was a person “at the White House.” The CNN report confirmed by Dr. Fauci said that his contact of concern was with a White House staff member.

The White House said this week that a military valet to President Trump had also tested positive for the virus.

Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, who oversees the Senate’s health committee, said in a statement Saturday that the White House had agreed to give Dr. Hahn and Dr. Redfield a “one-time exception” and allow them to testify by videoconference at a scheduled hearing on Tuesday about how to return safely to work and school."


I just hope Dr Fauci will be okay, along with the CDC guy.

I'll try to get back here someday. 

You have to admit though...looks like Trump is receiving a good dose of..... 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Here Are Some COVID-19 Action Items For Y'all - Report On Baja Ca & Mexico From Johnny Hazard : " COVID-19 Comes To Nezahualcoyotl: A Mexican City Confronts a Pandemic"

I'm sneaking in here late to pass along some COVID-19 action items which you may be interested in.  

 ~ From  Public Citizen:

" Humanity has endured pandemics before — even without the vast medical knowledge and economic resources at our disposal today.

Yet here in America, we remain hostage to a corporate health insurance regime that further reveals its sheer immorality and unsustainability with every passing day.

The Trump administration’s own projections — leaked earlier this week — predict 200,000 infections and almost 3,000 deaths A DAY by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, millions upon millions of Americans are losing their jobs along with whatever health coverage those jobs provided.

We CAN do something about this.

Public Citizen is working with key members of Congress — including Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Pramila Jayapal (co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus) — on the Medicare Crisis Program Act and the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act.

These two complementary bills would expand both Medicare and Medicaid so that every American has access to and can afford the health care they need right now.

Tell Congress:

Expand Medicare and Medicaid so that every American has access to and can afford health care throughout the coronavirus emergency.

Add your name.

Thanks for taking action.

Stay safe.

- Robert Weissman, President of Public Citizen "

(Plus it wouldn't hurt to send them a dollar - their funds are matched.)


 ~ From Bernie Sanders:

"Marjorie -

The human suffering being experienced in our country today is more widespread and intense than at any time in modern history.

Seventy-three thousand Americans have already died from the COVID-19 virus, 33.5 million have lost their jobs, there has been a significant increase in childhood hunger and people from coast to coast are worried about being evicted from their apartments or losing their homes. This crisis is especially severe for the working class of our country, especially in Black and Brown communities.

Over the past several weeks we have asked our supporters to describe, in human terms, how the pandemic and economic meltdown has impacted them and their loved ones. We received thousands of responses, many of them almost too painful to read. 

But, if Congress is going to respond to this unprecedented crisis in a meaningful way, it needs to do something it too rarely does. Face the truth. Congress must understand the reality and pain that is being experienced in our country today.

Now, more than ever, it is important to remember that none of us are alone in this crisis. We are in this together.

"No job, no money, and on the verge of being homeless. Stimulus check paid the rent. I am 79 years old and must work full time. This is terribly scary. Another stimulus check is desperately needed."
- Iris from Florida

"My husband is an undocumented immigrant, he lost all three of his jobs and although I still have mine, we cannot afford to live with just my salary. We couldn't pay April's rent and will not be able to pay May's because my husband and I file our taxes together, his ITIN disqualifies us from receiving any type of government financial assistance/stimulus payments. We live in an inhumane system."
- Jimena from California

"My entire community has been impacted. Most of the factories that supply the majority of jobs here are shut down due to Covid-19. My fiance was temporarily laid off of work for three weeks (so far) from SEP Cummins Engine Plant due to their part supplier shutting down over Covid-19. My fiance has filed for unemployment, but has yet to receive any money. He has not yet received his stimulus check. We are pretty tight on money."
- Kelly from Indiana

"We've been struggling here – no sign of a stimulus check, trying to keep food on the table, unable to pay my bills because I cannot reach anyone at my debtors, I am in big trouble here. I have lost my income – because I am disabled and cannot drive, I lost my job three years ago when I became disabled, I have since tried to open my own business, and it was going great until this occured, I have a ton of product, and no sales or income coming in since the end of February. I do not receive disability from the government, because I was denied. I really need help."
- Cindi from North Carolina

"I am a primary care doctor in Minnesota. Right now I am scared for my patients. We know that millions of people in this country have lost their jobs, and because of our employer-based health insurance system, millions have lost their health insurance at a time that they need it most. I am scared for the patients who I am no longer seeing. I am devastated for my patient with diabetes who can not only no longer afford a visit, but will soon be out of his medications with no way of affording more. The absence of patients seeking care is both devastating and difficult to quantify. We can and we need to do better. We need universal access to quality health care for every person living in this country. And we need it more than ever."
- Hannah from Minnesota

"I’m a mail carrier with the USPS. Yes it’s very hard work, harder than most people think. Delivering mail, checks from the IRS, medications, packages are all things we do and that are vital to the community. If the USPS shuts down, America shuts down. There are people in rural areas who will no longer get mail. People count on us. Save the USPS, save America."
- Robin from Colorado

As Congress prepares for the next package of emergency relief legislation, it is imperative that it acts boldly to address the unprecedented crisis we are now facing. Here is a list of priorities that must be included in the bill. You can read more about them below, but first I would like to ask for your support:

Here is some of what I believe must be in the next relief bill:

1. Guarantee workers can continue to receive their income through the Paycheck Security Act

It is imperative that we protect workers during this crisis, and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure they can continue to have income and health care.
I recently put forth a proposal, together with Senators Warner, Jones, Warren, Klobuchar and Blumenthal, to ensure all workers whose jobs have been negatively impacted by the pandemic can keep receiving their pay and benefits during this crisis.
This is not a radical idea. Countries including Germany, France, Norway, Denmark and the U.K. have all successfully adopted similar programs. Now it is time for the U.S. to join them.

2. Provide universal health coverage with the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act

Representative Pramila Jayapal and I introduced a proposal that would cover health care costs for everyone through Medicare for the duration of the pandemic.
If you are uninsured, underinsured, if you have high copayments, high deductibles, or out of pocket expenses, Medicare will cover those expenses so that everybody — regardless of their health care needs, and not just for coronavirus — will get the health care they need.

We understand that health care is a human right — it is not simply an employee benefit. And we must ensure, now more than ever, that people can access the health care, testing, and treatment they need.

3. Send $2,000 monthly payments to everyone as long as the crisis lasts

We are facing an economic meltdown the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression. In the last 7 weeks, more than 33.5 million people have filed for unemployment — and the actual number of people who are out of work is even higher than that.

Workers have lost income, whether they've been laid off or had their hours cut, and their bills are piling up. Congress must act immediately to get money out to workers and families as soon as possible, and those payments must be universal to avoid bureaucratic delays.

That is why we must begin issuing cash payments of $2,000 a month for every person in America to provide households with the assistance they need to pay their bills and take care of their families.

4. Adequately fund the United States Postal Service to protect it from risk of collapse and to enable everyone to vote by mail

As we experience this pandemic, it is important to remember a fundamental American institution that is on the verge of collapse and under attack by the Trump administration. And that is the United States Postal Service.

While more than 600,000 postal workers are working on the frontlines, the USPS is at serious risk of going under and is expected to lose 50% of its revenue due to the crisis.
With such a large drop in revenue, it will be unable to carry out its work.

If we do not act quickly to save the United States Postal Service, hundreds of thousands of workers will be out of a job and millions of people will struggle to get crucial deliveries such as their medication. And as we face an unprecedented challenge of getting people out to vote in this year's elections, we need the Postal Service to ensure everyone across the country can vote by mail.

5. Ensure relief is accessible to immigrants and undocumented people

One group of people who we have not focused on enough is the undocumented.
Despite the fact that they pay taxes, undocumented people and mixed-status families have been left out of the recent coronavirus relief policies passed by Congress. And if an undocumented person loses their job, they are not eligible to file for unemployment benefits.

Many undocumented people are working in jobs on the frontlines of this crisis and are putting themselves at risk everyday. And yet because of their immigration status, many are worried about going to a doctor to get tested or treated if they are experiencing symptoms.

No one — regardless of immigration status — should be worrying about how they will get food, or support their family, or get the care they need. That is why we must work to ensure the next coronavirus relief legislation will include benefits for the undocumented.

There is much we still need to do to support those who are struggling financially or struggling to get the health care they need during this crisis, which is why I am asking:

What we are experiencing right now is something that we have not experienced in the modern history of this country: a pandemic and an economic crisis, threatening the lives and well-being of millions of people.

Many people are hurting right now. But I am confident if we stand together as one people — if we do not turn to fear or panic — we will be able to address this crisis and help minimize the pain.

Let us go forward together.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders"


Conditions in Mexico:

(click title for link)

COVID-19 Comes to Nezahualcóyotl: a Mexican City Confronts a Pandemic

Johnny Hazard is somewhere where the banks won’t find him, but he can often be reached at 


Well, stay safe Johnny Hazard - and I really think it was tongue in cheek referring to Diane as "the always progressive" and AMLO as a "socialist", of course it was, doh.  We used to know a fellow, an old surfer named "Johnny Reckless", any relation ?

Meanwhile, Paris is going in for her surgery tomorrow, and the virus & catastrophic news is just wiping me out but I'll be back with the stats. P.S. If you click the Public Citizen link,more petitions to sign, do sign the one  telling Trump to resign - oh hell, sign 'em all !

Take care everyone.

Oh P. P.S. I am really ashamed of ordering anything from Amazon .