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Monday, April 5, 2021

Something a Little Bit Different: "Alma's Not Normal"


Speaking of the Royal Dysfunctional Family and the fact that we are all stuck in the ongoing pandemic and dysfunctional societies more or less, Mike is constantly finding interesting films and shorts for us to watch so we don't completely lose our little minds. What a better way to take away the stress (other than gardening) ?

Last year he downloaded the first episode of "Alma's Not Normal" and we never got around to watching it until this evening. We love British  shows, all of them. "Alma" imho is a winner. This year BBC2 will be airing the first six episodes - exactly when I don't know yet, so we are waiting on pins and needles for the official announcement date.

Meanwhile, here is the first episode which aired last year around the same time for y'all to enjoy.  It runs just short of 30 minutes:



Alma's Not Normal - episode 1 from Daniella Pearman on Vimeo.




stay safe out there !