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Friday, June 2, 2017

Some Problemas At SADM - What happened to the China Labor Watch Investigators , IVANKA ??

I will have to come back to the latest disgusting Trump death knell - pulling out of the Paris Accord -  which even though we expected it, made us sick to our stomachs (I am still sick I hate Trump) and the May execution totals.

 Problem # 1 :

This evening Reuban handed Mike a print-out (Mario & Peg knew about this too) which described some weird, strange, scary and questionable goings on as far as real estate in SADM, entitled  "Senalan Administrador de Fracc. San Antonio Del Mar de Fraude y Abuso de Confianza".

The print out was roughly translated into English. The neighbors were all really upset, the accusations were bad.  The gist of this report is to remove current Administrator (s ) of the HOA. When Mike & Paris brought this print out home, the first thing I noticed was that it was not signed. We are never surprised when we hear about fraud here at SADM, but this was beyond a doubt a ravaging account which quite frankly I'm afraid to re-type.  It involves misappropriation or embezzlement of HOA funds, police hit squads made up of both Municipal and PEPOS who are said to be on the current Administrator's payroll to threaten, strong arm, plant dope on and arrest anyone who questions the current Administrator(s) and million dollar homes at SADM.  Heck, we all know there aren't any million dollar homes at SADM, how lame is that ?

At the very top of the page in tiny print was:  Running quite a few checks over several hours, I could not find the article.

In fact, the article shows up as a "404" - or no longer exists.  Also at the very top of the print out is the date May 11, 2017.  However, this article was written and printed on January 31, 2017 according to searches and yet it does not show up on "Tijuana Censura." It does not show up at all. It is unknown who actually wrote this print-out-article, was it the notorious Mariano Soto ? Since I am not a member of Facebook (thank god) I couldn't check there....but why in print did it read, " " as the source ??

edit:  I'm adding this, forgot to add it last night: Here's a little exercise for ya'll:

1. Google in "Senalan Administrador de Fracc. San Antonio Del Mar de Fraude y Abuso de Confianza."

2. Right now, it is under the second ink .  But don't click the link.  Click the little arrow to the right of the link which is the cached version.

3.  Ok, go all the way to the bottom of the page (under related articles by the same author who is Mariano Soto) and there it is with a picture of the accused wrongdoer.  Click that link .

4.  The page has been removed, it no longer exists.

I went through at least sixty pages of articles by Mariano Soto  early this morning and there was no article on SADM dated either January 31, 2017 or May 11, 2017.

Course, we are not members of the HOA.  Those days ended when the over the limit decks went in.  BTW, speaking of decks would the real estate people who were renting out the one casa to the gringos with the deck kindly remove the tacky furniture on the deck?  The people moved out and you guys are shooting yourselves in your feet. There are so many houses for sale here we have lost countand yet IF buyers come around and see that mess...well you know, looks like a bunch of white trash hillbillies live here.  Plus, other neighbors - who happen to be Mexican - have complained about the furniture distraction. It looks like shit.

end edit.

Problem # 2:

The North Gate. According to Reuban, there is a process underway to privatize entry into SADM at the North Gate.  According to him and other neighbors, residents would have to have a card to open the gate.

 Worse, there will not be enough room for firetrucks, ambulances, propane trucks or trash disposal trucks to get through. How stupid is that ?  So people were asking, is problem # 2 related to problem # 1 ?  Is this a coup?  What happens to the guards?  No mas ? One person suggested that this was a devious way to get people to join the HOA (not  and never has been recognized as a legal entity with any legal authority at all, period).

Doesn't anyone remember when they tried to do this at Baja Malibu?  The opposition is lining up their ducks with attorney consultations.  The way I have always understood it you cannot limit access, that would be unlawful. This is not a private development, it is a Mexican neighborhood. My suggestion was to turn it over to Zeta and let them cover it, I'm pretty sure they covered the Baja Malibu problem years back.

Oh , I forgot....Tijuana Sin Censura and Sr. Soto don't like Zeta.

I'm rolling my eyes here. 


Meanwhile we are still waiting to hear what happened to the investigators from China Labor Watch (CBS coverage) investigating the factory in China for labor irregularities who were producing Ivanka Trump items.  Those guys just vanished, boing...disappeared.  I told Reuban no longer can Americans point the finger at Mexico and say "Oooo look how corrupt they are !"  Talk about a mafia, it's the Trump fu^k with them, and you just vanish.

More coverage from Democracy Now !

China: Activists "Disappear" Amid Ivanka Trump Factory Investigation

Headline Jun 01, 2017

 "In China, one labor activist was arrested and two others have gone missing—and are feared detained—as they investigated abuses at a factory that produces shoes for the Ivanka Trump brand. China Labor Watch said the activists uncovered evidence that factory workers were forced to work excessive overtime, were verbally abused and were paid wages below China’s legal minimum—with some workers receiving less than a dollar an hour. Amnesty International called on China to immediately release the three activists. The arrest and disappearances came just weeks after Ivanka Trump secured three new exclusive trademarks in China—the very same day she and her father, President Trump, had dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Trump’s private resort in Florida."


Who knows, maybe there will be protests at the North Gate, and I can hand out "Fuck Trump" buttons.

I'll be back, stay tuned. Paris is sleeping on my feet and I'm exhausted.

Fuck Trump !!