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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Trump's Volatile Exit: When Will He Admit Defeat ? Maybe Sooner Than We Think - Melania Wants To Go Home - Will Melania Go Back To Slovenia ?

Melania, first of all you deserve this one after your tacky elitist unveiling (true to character) of the tennis court pavillion at the White House a few days back while thousands and thousands of people in the U.S. are sick & dying from the out of control virus, hungry, losing their homes and broke. We already know you do not care, remember?  

 BTW, Mike said this morning: "Right, fuc*in home we pray will be Slovenia...what a tramp." Oh bad Mike.



Despite encouraging violence from his moonie followers, strong arming Governors and GOP leaders throughout the nation, being rejected by the US Supreme Court plus having at least forty lawsuits claiming election wrong doing thrown out of Federal Courts due to lack of evidence and having raised at least $450 million dollars for his "cause" (wow are people stupid or what?) Trump continues to hammer away at his fake claims.  But not so fast, the word is Melania is already packing and she wants to go home (to Mar D'Lago). Perhaps now and the safe harbor clause, we will finally see Trump's fat ass roll out of Washington D.C. Well, we can hope.

 I'm going to give you guys a few links mostly without reprints because I'm running behind here as usual. So do click the links:


 ~ From CNN: 

 Misinformation Watch 

By Donie O'Sullivan, Kaya Yurieff, Kelly Bourdet, the CNN Business team and contributors from across CNN

Updated 12:16 p.m. ET, December 9, 2020
 Updated 7:52 AM ET, Wed December 9, 2020


  ~ From Truthout:

Slovenia Melania, Slovenia !