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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Really Good Recipe For You !

Not the original painting I was talking about, but still the Virgin Mary IS wearing some groovy flip flops.  Way to go Mary !

After the terrorist attacks in Paris and then in San Bernardino, the Aussie surfers, the insane absurdity of the popularity of Donald Trump the asshole in the United States (and other basically worthless candidates ahem ahem), and the general continual drug war related violence here plus a friend of ours in town  (who happens to be Mexican) who told us that Mexico would always remain a narco-state no matter what, I was so bummed out I just did not feel like blogging.

Meanwhile a series of small disasters hit here including I broke my glasses, the dryer stopped working, the computer fan took a dump, Freida aka "The Muffin" who was doing great on her new meds developed a really bad urinary infection and we had to take her back up to Dr. Beths yesterday (so now she won't get her Christmas bath), something went wrong with the poppy seed Christmas cake and it came out of the oven flat as a pancake, I had found an old painting of the Virgin Mary wearing these boss flip flops and thought I had made a copy, but something went wrong and no copy and I couldn't find the painting again, and the cold I was coming down with turned into some weird virus and I was down for twelve days, finally I gave in to nyquil which made me sicker.  So, Christmas preparations were late but we did manage to get lights, a tree and a few things up. The weird virus also affected several of our neighbors and people we know - both Reuban and Carmen had it, Pete's wife Phyllis had it; from work Tom's Theresa now has it and he is thinking about taking her to the hospital, Mike Herman had it and from Ramona - actually Warner Springs, Tammy's daughter had it and was down for over a week and a half. So whatever it is, it is going around and I hope you don't get it. Home made chicken soup helps, but that is about it.

The good news is that Sr. Munoz fixed the dryer and he told me he and his family always go down to Playa Burro in Mulege every year during the spring - but Sr. Munoz looks like a prize fighter, so I imagine the bad guys would avoid messing with him.  Also, we picked up the Christmas lamb from Iowa Meat Farms - Siesel's Meat on Mission Gorge, so looking forward to that and maybe Midnight Mass.

Here is the salad recipe - it is really good...I know you might be thinking well she ruined the poppy seed Christmas cake, how can I trust this? Because this recipe is from Scott's wife out in Campo and everyone went wild over it at the office Chistmas party.  I know it sounds a little bizarre, but honestly, this is really good...and when we made it, I added an extra bunch of cilantro and it goes with anything.

1 large or 2 small heads of cabbage shredded (like cole slaw)

1 very large bunch of cilantro washed and finely chopped

2-3 full bunches of chives include tops and bottoms washed and finely chopped

4-5 medium size firm tomatoes chopped (I use the roma)

1 bag of shredded jack cheese or Mexican mix shredded cheese (16 oz.) or shred your own jack.

1 bottle of  Olive Garden Italian dressing (12 oz.)  - or make your own.

Mix together all vegetables and cheese in large bowl, cover and chill.  You can just before serving, pour the Italian dressing over all and lightly toss or have the dressing on the side for folks to put on for themselves. I think this is better with the dressing on the side, otherwise it gets kind of slushy.  This is really good.


Have a nice Christmas, see you in the New Year !

P.S. As usual, Mike keeps putting the lamb and the exorcist baby in the manger, it is deranged. (c;

What the heck, it only happens once a year: