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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Mexico Recognizes Palestine As An Independent State With Updated Revision - May Stats: 164 Executed in Tijuana, YTD in the city: 764 Dead

Courtesy Informed Comment

 I was hoping Pulse Mexico or Zeta had reported this or even that we might be lucky enough to read something very current on the state of affairs of anti-semitism in Mexico and Latin America by the notable Historian, Enrique Krauze.

Anti-Semitism just doesn't fade away although it seems we have not heard much about it since the exile of Jewish peoples from Venezuela. We have had warnings in the United States that it still lingers just below the surface, particularly with the far right groups throughout the country and like a ghoul and with the correct conditions, it can easily rise again from the underworld.

Whose heart didn't sink when Netanyahu ("the godfather of modern fascism") took back power and thumped horrifying extremisms against the Palestinians ? We have close Jewish friends who every year went to Israel to work with the peace groups whose numbers still remain in the thousands, battling the odds to form pathways to Independence for Palestine. The last two years, they didn't go.

So, I am torn over this new announcement from the AMLO gang. Naturally I thought immediately, oh AMLO is diverting to take the focus off of himself.. After all, he has been receiving nothing but bad press from all directions for good reasons on being an incompetent blubbering fool. Mexico is a mess. My second thought was -oh, of course, he wants to make life miserable for Joe Biden.

Especially in the Human Rights Department. What Human Rights? The fox has taken over the henhouse here.

If it were me, I would be hesitant on wearing this endorsement as a badge of honor on my sleeve, I would be embarrassed. For a country that has allowed 40 percent of its area to be controlled by the drug cartels to be talking about human rights is ironic and outrageous. If Palestine has any cojones they should reject this endorsement as being a farce.

Just remember darlings, AMLO loved Donald Trump and he adores the war criminal Putin.


 ~  From Informed Comment:

Mexico Fully Recognizes Palestine as as Independent State, Welcomes Formal Palestinian Embassy

By, Juan Cole   06/04/23

"Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – The Spanish-language Twitter account for Palestine, “Palestino Hoy,” announced on Thursday that the Palestinian delegation in Mexico City will now be upgraded from a “Special Delegation” to a full embassy, after Mexico fully recognized the state of Palestine.

 The statement announced, “This measure is undertaken in the spirit of cooperation and friendship between the two countries, which is evidenced in the continuous development of bilateral relations in the bilateral and multilateral sphere, since its establishment in 1975.” 

 The document continued, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates expresses its firm conviction that this measure will significantly contribute to the continued development and strengthening of relations between the United Mexican States and the State of Palestine, on the basis of mutual respect and recognition and for the benefit of the two peoples, as well as contributing to international security and development.” 

 The Mexican Senate passed a resolution recognizing Palestine as an independent state last November, on the anniversary of the Palestinians’ own declaration of independence on November 15, 1985. They said that they hoped it would contribute to a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Mideast. The chairman of the Commission on Exterior Relations, Senator Héctor Vasconcelos, said at that time, “I express my desire to see a free, independent Palestine in full exercise of its rights, because the Palestinian-Israeli conflict affects how we conceive of the human rights of peoples, how we conceive of freedom and of being recognized as free persons and not subjects of other nations.”

 Vasconcelos, who is an important intellectual, put his finger on something here– that if Palestinians can be rendered stateless and without any real human rights, that situation detracts from our very notion of human rights. It clearly wouldn’t be universal anymore and would be subject to many important exceptions that might render it meaningless. That is, the situation of the Palestinians affects our very conception of what human rights are, and that is why it is so important.

 President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who is center-left, has often been critical of the Israeli government and joined in calls at the UN for investigations of Israel’s bombing of Gaza in 2021. Many Mexicans sympathize with the colonized Palestinians since they feel the force of US hegemony themselves. Mexico will have gotten enormous pressure from the US State Department not to recognize Palestine, but then Mexicans are used to such pressure and it often backfires.

 Mexican thinkers see recognizing Palestine as a path to achieving a two-state solution. The state of Palestine has over 80 embassies around the world and 12 in Latin America, including in Brazil and Argentina, so Mexico is joining a consensus here. Western Europe, which mostly has Palestinian missions rather than embassies, is an outlier in global terms. Even then, Sweden has a Palestinian embassy and so do many former East Bloc countries, including both Russia and Ukraine."


Update/edit 06/06/23:

Juan Cole's report has been revised. Did someone jump the gun? I guess we'll find out, well if they did it would not have been Juan who we love to pieces, it might have been his source - check it out:

By, Juan Cole


Footnote: Senator Hector Vasconcelos is from an old guard elite intellectual family. Recently:

"On September 8, 2022, he voted in favor of the controversial law that authorizes the National Guard to become part of the Ministry of National Defense, operating administratively and operationally through it, but retaining command and a civilian character."

The National Guard since then has been involved in stealing drugs from the cartels for their own profit.
They are mentioned in this robbery report from Mexicali: (The San Vicente Massacre)

" The Flaquito Cell is the main suspect in an alleged drug robbery in Mexicali, in which they would have had the support of elements of the National Guard, which was videotaped on security cameras."


Meanwhile, Zeta reports we have had 164 executions in Tijuana the last month of May, bringing the yearly total in TIJ to 764 executions.

Take care.