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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Zeta: October Execution Stats For TIJ=217 Dead - YTD For TIJ =2,083 Dead - 11/04: Caravana Migrante Updates: In TIJ, Migrantes Forced To Dig Narco Tunel By San Ysidro POE Rescued - Reports From Oaxaca That Migrantes Have Been Approached By Organized Crime To Stay & Work For Them - Adding Washington Post Report On Texas Militia Vigilante Groups Coming Out Of the Woodwork

Bolsanoaro & Trump: Scarier than Train to Busan Happy Late Halloween !

 Mike just called to say he is coming home early, he thinks he is having a bad reaction to the flu shot - so I'm going to make this first part quick, need to make some chicken soup and will return later with the latest bullshit from Trump and the status of the Caravana Migrante.  Plus, we are sick over Pittsburgh, and yes we blame these murders on Trump's rhetoric - there is no doubt in our minds whatsoever. We always knew there was racism in the United States however because Trump has enabled and encouraged his nauseous far right agenda and these nazis, it is worse than ever.  Also of course Trump sent a happy congratulations to  his chum the fascist Bolsonaro. Neither one of us were going to vote, but we are now.

 No trick or treaters, Paris wore her shark costume (she was a dog shark), Mike wore a mask, Daca Bob wore a hat and we started to watch the South Korean "Train To Busan" .  Wow !

October Stats For Tijuana:

For a few days I thought Tijuana was hovering around 178 executions for the month of October, which would have been an indication of a slight decrease in the violence.  I was wrong, this morning Zeta reports 217 dead this last month of October giving Tijuana alone a YTD total of 2,083 dead.  Zeta also pointed out that yesterday - Halloween - eight people were executed in Tijuana, so it is scary.  Maybe living here under these eternal violent conditions has either hardened or numbed my emotions - but I think it's fair to say the "virus" in "Train To Busan" is full force here.

From Zeta:

Cierra Octubre Con 217 Ejecutados En Tijuana
Por, Patricia Tamayo


11/04 edit:Caravana Migrante Updates and Links:

Courtesy Frontera

 - Not part of the Caravana Migrante, but involving migrantes none the less here in Tijuana.  On last Friday huge delays caused by the discovery of a narco tunnel in progress by the San Ysidro POE:

From Frontera:

Genera Caos en Garitas Hallazgo de 'NarcoTunel'
Por, Gustavo Suarez y Ana Gomez - 11/03/18 


"The alleged discovery of a "narcotúnel" in the vicinity of the border crossing of El Chaparral generated the closure of the San Ysidro garita in the direction of Tijuana, creating long lines and chaos among motorists in the area.

According to the report of local authorities, at around 4:00 p.m. on Alfredo Bonilla Street in the "Empleados Federales" colona, ​​Municipal Police officers were approached by a man allegedly deprived of his liberty. (kidnapped)

The subject, who identified himself as Vladimir "N", told the officers that some armed men had him digging a tunnel and there were three other people inside.

Immediately a rescue unit was requested and at that moment an alleged second victim was identified, who would have identified himself as Julio César '"N".

Elements of the Municipal Police, Tijuana Firefighters and the Mexican Army were conducting a wide operation in the area.

According to firefighters who came to attend the report, the excavation was allegedly taking place using the sewerage network in the area.

Close EU crossing to Mexico
Meanwhile the crossing of San Diego to Tijuana by the San Ysidro gate was closed temporarily, which caused great traffic in the border area on the US side.

"At the request of Mexican authorities, CBP officers stopped the traffic to the south that was heading to Mexico from Interstate 5," confirmed the spokeswoman for the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP, for its acronym in English), Angelica of Cima.

The closure was at around 5:30 p.m. and lasted approximately 15 minutes.

However, due to this temporary closure, the long lines were maintained for hours at the junction of the United States to Mexico, mainly by San Ysidro, but also by Mesa de Otay, where the traffic flow of those trying to avoid San Ysidro increased. ".


 -  A bit later in the afternoon yesterday is this report that the men digging the tunnel & later rescued were migrantes who had been kidnapped:

Resguardian Alcantrilla Donde Fueron Rescatados Tres Migrantes en Tijuana
Por, Glenn Sanchez  - 11/03/18


" The site where three migrants were rescued yesterday is cordoned off and guarded by a municipal police patrol.

In Chapo Márquez street is the sewer where migrants worked in a forced way to make a "narcotúnel" to connect with the United States .

  FRONTERA made a tour of the place and detected that everything goes smoothly, despite the fact that yesterday it was heavily guarded by elements of the Municipal Police and the Mexican Army ."


 - Frontera also reports that members of the Caravana Migrante have been approached by members of organized crime to stay in Mexico and work for them.  Unless I have completely missed this report, I have not seen it on the other National news sources.  These reports came from Oaxaca, since then the Caravana has left Oaxaca and reached the most dangerous area of Veracruz where they were expecting 150 buses to transfer them to Mexico City provided by the Governor of Veracruz.  As you may already know Mexico City is without water, so the buses were cancelled. The Caravana split in two parts and are going it on their own:

Crimen Organizado Habrio Ofrecido "Empleo" a Integrantes De La Caravana Migrante
Por: redaccion/GH - 11/03/18 


" Members of the migrant caravan have reported that people from organized crime have approached them to offer them "employment" .

According to information from agencies, Central Americans explained that they have offered them around 20 thousand pesos for staying in the country and working for groups that are dedicated to committing illicit acts .

Fearing groups of drug traffickers operating in the area, migrants arrived in the community of Donají, in Oaxaca, at noon on Friday but decided, for safety, to reach Acayucan, Veracruz.

  They have also expressed fear of falling into the hands of organized crime.

On the other hand, non-governmental organizations that accompany them have denounced that members of the caravan suffer from malnutrition, severe stomach ailments and some injuries in people due to the long walks they must undertake."


 - From Frontera, where we stand on the movement of the caravana:

Tres Caravanas Avanzan En Territorio Mexicano y Se Acercan 3 Mas
Por, Agencia Reforma - 11/03/18


"In the country there are three migrant caravans; one is moving towards Veracruz, another is in Oaxaca and one more crosses the Suchiate River in Chiapas, and three more caravans are coming out of El Salvador and Honduras.

Most of the migrants from the first caravan going to Donají, Oaxaca, passed by to Acayucan, Veracruz.

This is because the place they lent for their camp was a field without a roof, just like yesterday in Matías Romero, where the rain forced them to seek a shelter at midnight.

With scarce humanitarian aid, members of the Second Caravan of the Migrant arrived in Mapastepec, but behind them there are two other groups stranded in Tapachula and Tecún Uman, Guatemala, with the purpose of touring the Mexican territory.

Upon arriving at the Rodolfo Robles International Bridge with the intention of crossing into Mexico, the third caravan of migrants, with a Salvadoran majority, rejected the regularization proposal.

Before, they were stopped by Guatemalan police, but they opened the way to the Mexican side after several minutes of discussion. However, in the Mexican door dozens of federal prevented them from continuing."


 Frontera's Complete Coverage:

Toda La Informacion Relacionada Con Caravana Migrante 


  - Report From Veracruz:

From La Jornada - 11/03/2018

Veracruz: Criminalizan La Asistencia Humanitaria al Exodo Migrante 


" Córdoba, Ver. Activists denounced that Immigration and Federal Police agents threatened to initiate legal proceedings against the priest Julián Verónica, of the parish of Paraje, Amatlán de los Reyes and the mayor of Córdoba, Leticia López Landero, for supporting the assistance of the exodus of Central American migrants as they pass through the center of this entity.
They added that the attempt to criminalize the actions of support in this emergency represents a drastic change in the policy of attention to the situation of Central Americans in transit to the United States, who until Friday received the attention and the free passage by the corporations police in Oaxacan and Veracruz territory.
In spite of the public declarations of the governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, who assured through social networks that the government would give humanitarian assistance, the members of the Mission of Observation of Human Rights in Veracruz, were qualified like "polleros" - traffickers of people, inhibiting thus, the actions themselves complicated by the dispersion of the caravan in the riskiest section for migrants and non-migrants of the entity.
Etching by Alfredo López Casanova
The mayor of Córdoba had hired 10 trucks to give certainty of transit to Puebla to women, children and families, after a long day of transfer from the south of Veracruz, but were canceled after receiving alleged threats from the state police to stop this action , which inhibits the ability of local authorities to help.
The activists reported that in this regard, the Office in Mexico of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN-DH) said it was "deeply shocked" by the lack of protection in which the Migrant Caravan has been left in Veracruz.
The previous, after the offer of humanitarian transfer of the state government to Mexico City was canceled, and that has resulted in its fragmentation, whose unity, the agency said, was its main source of protection, so "a large part of the people in the Caravan are not located. "
In a statement, he said that according to information collected on the ground, migrants are currently boarding in private vans, "which is not known if they belong to organized crime groups, in a state in which there is no need for extreme situations, such as  kidnappings and disappearances of migrants are reported on a regular basis, often for human trafficking. "
The UN-DH pointed out that it is necessary to guarantee compliance with the precautionary measures issued by the National Commission of Human Rights, the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights and the Committee of Migrant Workers in relation to the protection of migrants of the caravans that currently cross the national territory.
Etching by Alfredo López Casanova
The Observation Mission in Human Rights of Exodus Migrant-Veracruz, condemned the defenselessness to which they expelled the exodus members and the threats and intimidation of state and federal police, as well as of migratory agents to drivers, citizens, groups, defenders of human rights, citizenship, pastors, priests and people who in solidarity have responded to the need to assist migrants who have been harmed.
This condemnation was signed and disseminated by the Human Rights Center "Bety Cariño", South of Veracruz; Toaltepeyolo Human Rights Center, Orizaba; Center for the Rights of Victims of Violence Minerva Bello; the United Network for Human Rights; Paraje social pastoral; the Vive Migrante Collective of Amatlán and the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion of Xalapa."



 - Aristegui Noticias Full Coverage 


 - From The Intercept:

The War On Immigrants


 - Adding this report from Aristegui Noticias with a link enclosed to the original article from the Washington Post's  "US Militia Groups Head To Border, Stirred By Trump's Call To Arms" by Nancy Lee Grant and Nick Miroft.  Truly disturbing:

Ciudadanos de EU Forman Sus Propias "Caravanas" Para Detener Migrantes: 'Washington Post'


end edit.