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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Tres Mas Gringas(?) o Mexicanas (?) Desaparecidas En Mexico ? - Mexico Releases Background Information On Three Of The Four Gringos Kidnapped/Murdered In Matamoros - AMLO Says Fentynyl Is Not His Problem

 I'm not supposed to be here - it's time for my 4:00 o'clock tylenol pain reliever nap, but couldn't let this one go. Plus, Carlos Alvarez has had some very interesting reports up for a few days regarding the Matamoros kidnappings/murder disaster which I shared with my primary care Doctor in San Diego yesterday (which left both of us scratching our cabezas), who officially released and cleared me for the surgery. 

Most likely you have read the headlines:

From CNN: the Missing Penitas, Texas Women

 ~ From CNN:

Missing In Mexico


Some things according to Mike just do not make sense about this case:

1. Why in the world would you travel over three hours to sell items at a Segundo ? Unless you were providing items to others to sell. I used to go to Secondarias (more accurately "Segundos") a lot, and they were loads of fun, especially the huge one down in Ensenada.  However, I never knew of gringos actually selling items. Segundos are like massive GARAGE SALES with anything and everything available. Some Mexican people purchase items for cheap in the US then take them back to Mexico and sale them for a tiny profit.

2. No reporting of any car accidents included in the US reports from Mexican sources, or Hospital reports of the potentially injured gringas.

3. No reports of potential relatives of any of the gringas living in or abouts Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon where they could have possibly been travelling to . 

According to this ABC video, the Mexican authorities have listed the nationalities of all three women not as gringas, but as Mexican citizens:

 ~ From ABC: video on the link:

More Missing In Mexico

So, we'll see how this goes.


Unless I completely missed it, I never saw in the US press any indication that any members of the group of four kidnapped in Matamoros where two were murdered were at any way involved in drugs or drug dealing. We were led to believe they were all squeaky clean.

This aspect of that case was covered numerous times by Carlos Alvarez of Zeta: That," ... according to El Universal and based on a Reuter's review of South Carolina State records, three of the four US citizens have criminal records related to drug trafficking, sale and consumption, as well as possession of firearms...Eric James Williams who was shot during the kidnapping is the only one of the four Americans who has no criminal record."

  ~  From Zeta:

Disculpa del Cartel del Golfo No Aliva Su dolor, Dicen Familiares de Estdounidenses Agredidas en Matamoros

Por, Carlos Alvarez

March 10, 2023


"  ..according to Mexican authorities there have been convictions for drug-related crimes against Brown and Woodard. Woodard was convicted five times between 2007 and 2016 for drug offenses Almost all were misdemeanors, but included one of manufacturing prohibited narcotics with the intent to distribute them. Brown was convicted twice in 2015 for possession of small amounts of marijuana or concentrated cannabis, records show.

The data also showed that Williams was convicted in 2017 for the manufacture and distribution of cocaine.It is not clear if the Mexican authorities have other evidence that could point to a drug-related motive for the kidnappings, which occurred in broad daylight. According to El Universal, Zindell Zazille McKinley Brown and Shaeed-Hakim Woodard have histories related to manufacturing and dealing in drugs, robbery with violence and possession of a weapon.

Lastly, El Universal has reported that according to South Carolina Court Records, Lefaria Lateefa Washington has a history of drug manufacturing and trafficking, theft of property and threatening an official in the performance of his duties."


Does any of this matter? Yes. Maybe the group in truth was on an innocent outing  with no intention of buying drugs when they were attacked, I don't think we will ever know. You would think that if in fact they went to Matamoros to buy drugs, they would have been armed and they were not. However, despite leaving a sour taste in our mouths over their sordid past and reexamining their motivations - no one deserves to be kidnapped and shot down like dogs in the street, left to bleed to death then thrown into the back of a truck. I noticed the information gathered by Reuters from the South Carolina State records dates back to 2017. That is over five years ago - since that time,there have been no recorded arrests and they might have gone clean with the help of family and professionals.  We don't know - I would like to think that due to no current arrest recordings, there was some type of redemption along the way.

Just sayin y'all.


Yes, we have no bananas !

OMGosh...AMLO says Mexico does not produce or consume Fentanyl !

 ~ From AP:  

Mexican President to US: Fentanyl Is Your Problem

By, Mark Stevenson



Ok, LOL..going to go drink Blueberry Juice from Peru and take a nap....sing it Louie....