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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reactions to the Bernie Sanders Official Endorsement of Hillary Clinton - So Happy Together !

A note: Sorry, wasn't able to post this until the wee hours in the morning.....
Fracking....sorry I meant Happy Together

A Professional we know in Rosarito Beach is firmly convinced that the POTUS  (and Mexico) are simply  figureheads and nothing more controlled by the Corporations, Wall Street, the Elites, assorted Mafias and the Military (also known as ..."them").  He may very well have a good point.  Another Mexican businessperson we know in Rosarito Beach told us, "...just vote Democrat all the way."  Which confused me on at least one level;  the Democratic Party where I had always hung my hat proved themselves in the latest primary elections to be nothing but corrupt.

Still, despite the corruption and complete failures of the Democratic Party it was a relief  to hear him say that given the adulation paid to Ronald Reagan and the Republicans here in Mexico ($$$$$).  It will be interesting to see if the Republican Party's acceptance and endorsement of Trumps' wall along the U.S.- Mexico Border as part of their 2016 platform will change their opinion of the great slobbering dinosaur and his buffoons.

Jill Stein

Here is a look at some early reactions this evening to the Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton. From, a con and a pro: within the report is a link to Lana Adler's, "No, Bernie Sanders did Not Sell Out by endorsing Hillary Clinton - Just The Opposite."

Green Party's Jill Stein Slams Bernie Sanders for Endorsing Hillary Clinton
by, Drew Gerber

From Truth Dig - and check out the poll after this article:

Truth Dig

Reactions to Bernie Sanders' Endorsement Range From Anger to Optimism 

Truth Dig

Et tu, Bernie?
by, Robert Scheer


More as I find them...

Either Americans really are oblivious to or simply brain dead with absolutely no knowledge or recall of our country's very recent shameful historical past, or they just do not give a shit.  Seems as though it is all of the above.

Oh, and there were rumors that Hillary hosted a posh victory cocktail party this evening with her best friends including her mentor, Henry Kissinger.  She was heard whispering into his ear, "Oh Henry my darling, we won, we won ! Now we can really fuck the world!"