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Sunday, October 9, 2022

The Kerch Strait Bridge KaBOOM - Or, "The Bridge Over the Strait of Kerch" KaBOOM


You have to admit: the Ukrainians have the best memes ever !

    I was cooking all morning and then we went to our neighbors for a BBQ where the main topic was the Kerch Strait Bridge and why the Ukrainians didn't blow the whole thing up in one fell swoop ? Already Putin has re-opened it somewhat and is on another killing streak with several missile attacks on Zaporizhzhia targeting and murdering at least 17 citizens and striking apprehension into the hearts and minds of the nuclear watchdogs.

I said and thought it was to give Putin a taste and to let him know some of the capabilities of the Ukraine forces, particularly since Putin's "forces" are in almost complete dysfunction.

My neighbor thought it was because Zelensky wants Putin to focus on attempting to fix the damage, give him a little time to do that, then blast it again, the whole enchilada.

What do you think?

We'll be watching the reactions around the globe, here's a couple for starters: 

 ~ From the Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov:(click the link)


Sunday 9 October 2022 05:04, UK


 Spoiler alert: she doesn't think this will end well.


 ~ From The Daily Kos: So many opinions:


The Daily Kos: Ukraine




"We’ll all be making jokes at Russia’s and Putin’s expense, but people will die in the inevitable temper tantrum. Hitting civilian targets is the only answer Russia has for anything. But no matter what they do, this now shows the Russian people, inescapably, that Putin can’t protect Russian territory. Not Kherson, Kharkiv, or the Donbas, and not even Crimea. Ukraine is marching, they’re moving, and nothing will stop them. 

Not even nuclear threats. At this point, even Putin has to be wondering whether his nukes even work. Certainly nothing else has worked as advertised. The last thing he needs is a robust NATO response. He’s lost the war. He has to know he lost the war. The endgame is near. 

This is quite the limb to walk out on, and odds are good I’ll be wrong. But my gut says this war will be over by the end of the year, all Ukrainian lands liberated. "


I hope so Mr. Kos.  Zelensky says, "...this is just the beginning."



Take care guys, my knee is throbbing 😧 .