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Monday, July 2, 2018

AMLO Takes The Mexican Presidential Election By Storm ! Update: At 4:02 pm AMLO has taken 54.43 % of the vote ! Say A Little Prayer For AMLO Y Juntos Haremos Historia ! - UPDATE 07/03: Democracy Now ! Interviews John Ackerman & Irma Sandoval

Landslide !

We all knew he was going to win, but the results from earlier yesterday evening clearly show AMLO
will be the most voted for candidate in the history of Mexico.  Thirty two million people  - and possibly more - voted for him; the results from the rapid count of the INE are showing he took a whooping 53.8% of the vote.  You have to admit, that is impressive to say the least.

Still, despite the frenzied, tearful and joyful reactions of the crowds who lifted him to the top of the mountain, there will not be be an overnight change to the black clouds of violence which are choking Mexico.  It will be a battle, but it is always the precipice which awakens change.

UPDATE/edit: Frontera is reporting new numbers which are just blowing everyone away; at 4:02pm with 78.29 % of the vote counted, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has taken 54.43% of the vote with 23,321,604 votes counted (a smaller number than Vanguardia's) - look:

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Javier Sicilia has noted in several interviews that a coalition between all politicos needs to formulated to deal with the issues of the violence and lack of security which plagues Mexico and predicts that, "...we will continue to live in very terrible and cruel times."  Already, indigenous communities have banded together to boycott this election due to their frustrations over being minimized and some towns have suspended the vote due to armed attacks. 

Although Sicilia did not vote and for years held AMLO's past affiliation with the PRI against him, he supports him on an almost spiritual-philosophical level without allowing the realities and darkness of Mexico to be confused with grand expectations that one man alone can possibly change such black anomalies. Yet he adds in this interview we are always either disappointed or surprised by political leaders, in this case we may be surprised.


UPDATE/edit:  Political experts have argued that one of the reasons why Presidente Fox was hampered early on and during his term was because of a lack of a unified coalition and the basic resentment of the PRI party, shortly followed by a cave in to PRI demands.  What Javier is talking about is a unified coalition of all the parties standing together behind the ideals of AMLO, which may or may not happen.

 AMLO it seems likely, will not have (and he made sure of this) these same headaches that Fox had.  Note the (so far) 63% voter turnout - this is completely over the top and a clear indication of how strongly the Mexican people feel, how absolutely fed up they are with the drug war, the repressive tactics of both the government and the cartels (if you care to separate them), the violence, the insecurity, the corruption and impunity.  So, all the phoney PR coming from the MSM for at least the past eleven years did not affect them one little bit, and no one has dared to portray any of them who participated in this historic event as crazy people wearing tin hats.

From teleSUR:

The Numbers Projected: AMLO's Coalition Could Gain Majority 

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courtesy Reuters

Yet, the most hopeful aspect surrounding the AMLO Presidency which should appeal to the Zapatistas and others is that it is conceivable that neo-liberalism will be eschewed :

 - From teleSur:

AMLO: Window of Opportunity Against 40 Years of Neoliberalism In Mexico ? 

Is it too hopeful to think that Trump's Zero Tolerance policies might get a kick in the rear end from the newly elected Mexican Presidente ?  Well, that would be something.

From: Insight Crime

 Trump's Border Policies Strengthen Organized Crime.  Here's How.
By, Steven Dudley

courtesy Zeta

Speaking of which, locally there was no coverage of the hundreds of thousands of marchers and demonstrators in the USA on Saturday against Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy and the separation of families; we were thinking this was due to jitters and excitement over the upcoming election.  However, there was a smaller march on at El Chaparral:

 - From Zeta: with video

Protestan en El Chaparral contra Separacion de Familias en EU 
Por, Karla Castillo Medina

Will return with the stats, I know I keep saying that.

UPDATE/edit 07/03/18:

Amy Goodman interviews Irma Sandoval and John Ackerman on the election results, don't miss, es importante !

Democracy Now!

Mexico's Leftist President-Elect AMLO Promises Sweeping changes On Corruption, Poverty, Drug War

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Good Luck Presidente ! (P.S., Yo Soy 123 were always right...remember when they were minimized and persecuted ?)

********** P.P.S. Ya'll say a litle prayer for AMLO and the Juntos Haremos Historia !