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Friday, November 20, 2020

Raise the Woof !!!

Okay I'm sort of back. Paris took my eye patch and I cannot find it. All went well (except for the motel in San Ysidro), have to put eye drops in 4X a day and a follow up appointment next week.  So my eye is resting, I'll try to get back here in a few days. We arranged the motel due to the fact that they allowed pets and the pictures looked like it was really nice.  By the time we arrived, it was too late to try to find another motel so we wore gloves the whole time, it was scary & we were glad to check out. Not recommended. At least I had a veggie burger at Carls. Kitties coming home tomorrow, Saul says they are being really good.


So I saw this and thought you might like to share it with your pup, Paris loves it.


"Raise the Woof" is billed as the first Christmas single written specifically for our four-legged friends. It was made using scientific research into how dogs interact with sound. And early footage of dogs listening -- shows they love it! (Video: CNN) "






Thrilled over Georgia and of course the over 30 (thirty) Trump Lawsuits thrown out of court due to lack of evidence.  Aghast that last night on PBS it was reported from a Yale study that 70% of Trump followers believe and are convinced there was voter fraud.  Are these morons brainwashed or what ? Not picking up the sordid details of the pest Trump's recent actions at least locally, wow.


Stay Safe Ya'll.