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Thursday, October 29, 2015

2nd Update on Freida aka "The Muffin"

William Heise County Park, Julian where we were

Okay, first the bad news - Sprouts Marketplace (at least in Eastlake) is carrying Driscoll's berries. Unsure exactly how we are going to deal with this since that is where we buy the Muffin's carne asada and sirloin since it's supposed to be chemical free and grass fed from Harris Ranch.  Am thinking of quietly putting up a Boycott Driscolls sign by the berries next time I'm there.

I have not been around obviously for several days, made another trip up to Dr. Beth's  for more tests.  After three weeks Dr. Beth is taking the Muffin off the antibiotics, but keeping her on the hydroxyzine 50 mg. 2X a day and increasing her allergy shots to once a week which we can do at home. We are also starting her on prevocox. In another month it will be determined if she needs an MRI, but there has been no more bleeding from the nose at all, so we are moving in the direction that this was a severe allergic reaction.  There was another pup who had terrible allergic reactions to the heat wave, worse than the Muffin.

 As far as flea meds, we're doing the Revolution 1X a month then switching to the  regular flea meds the next month because the Revolution is not good against ticks - so back and forth on that (one month the Revolution, next month Advantage, next month Revolution, etc..)  Continuing with the Douxo-chlorhexidine pads to clean her feet and the special Ketoseb + PS shampoo and the TrizUltra + Keto Ear Flush for her ears (but no antibiotics). And, we found out that now there is an epidermal adequan you can inject at home instead of having to get the muscular injection - going to find out if that is available at Valley Vet.  Overall, the Muffin is doing much better but she was concerned because snacks were not served at Dr. Beth's.  We had to remind her she was truly at the Mayo Clinic for pups where snacks or light h'orderves are generally not on the agenda. However, I did bring her back a few chicken livers from Julian for the trip home to hold her over.

This last trip up there of course the traffic and crowds in San Diego just blew me away, but William Heise County Park made up for all of that, it was beautiful and empty except for a few RV campers. I completely forgot about the drug war except I was a little worried about mountain lions. Julian was as usual a tourist area but it was good to see the old buildings anyway.

I noticed many more executions here since last week, so nothing has changed - will be back to update that information in between helping to get things ready around here for the big rains.  Meanwhile, next stop Agua Caliente County Park for a couple of days before the big Thanksgiving rush, cabins there too and pets are allowed.