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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Bathroom Apologists For Donald Trump Are Coming Out Of the Woodwork ! Don't Miss Opinion Piece By David Zurawik


This is going to be quick, and will return with go get em Jill Biden's comments, everyone's hero Daniel Dale's infamous fact checks, and a rundown on events of Trumps' arrest manana.

But, ah, the bathroom.

 ~ From Salon:

Republican Mocked Over Ridiculous Trump Defense: "There are 33 bathrooms at Mar-a-Lago"

by, Gabriella Perrigine 06/13/23


Watch these knuckleheads melt down:

From The Washington Post: 06/13/23

Republicans Insist Trump's Bathroom Is Secure


 ~   From Truthout:

GOP Claims Docs Safe at Mar-a-Lago Because Bathroom Door Had a Lock

By, Chris Walker  06/13/23


Noted on some of the comments that the bathroom also had a copy machine although I didn't see it...oh whoopsie, and never forget, not ever also had a freakin window ! 😄  With no lock !

Turn that volume up high.....


Update/edit: Adding this:

 ~ From CNN:  06/14/23

Opinion by David Zurawik - 06/14/23

"Former President Donald Trump is no slouch when it comes to the media. Even his harshest critics would have to admit that he is effective at commanding attention — so effective that he might be in a league with Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy as masters of their presidential campaign images.

 But he lost one very large and important battle this week in the war of images that has been taking place since his 37-count indictment from the Justice Department and Special Counsel Jack Smith was unsealed Friday. And he lost it to static photos of a bathroom and ballroom stage. Trump has been working overtime since the indictment trying to project images of strength, power, defiance and control. There he was over the weekend at the GOP conventions in North Carolina and Georgia strutting onstage and preening at the podium. Monday and Tuesday, our screens were filled with images of Trump coming off his plane and riding in a motorcade of big, black SUVs like he was still president of the United States.

 After his arraignment Tuesday in a Miami courtroom where no cameras were allowed — and thus no perp walks shown — Trump was seen waving through the tinted window of one of those SUVs as it left the federal courthouse. More I’m-your-beloved-leader optics followed as Trump stopped at a packed Versailles restaurant in Miami where he posed for cameras and was surrounded by supporters.

 “Food for everyone,” Trump called out.

 And then, the night-time rally on the brightly lit, American flag-festooned portico of his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he showed more defiance of what he again labeled the department of “injustice,” and Smith, whom he called a “thug.”

 All in all, it was a pretty impressive display of image-managing for someone who was charged with 37 felonies for the alleged mishandling of classified documents, obstruction of justice and making false statements. 

Given the lack of any Trump-in-chains imagery, you could almost call the visual battle a triumph for Trump, except for one thing: those frontstage-backstage, behind-closed-doors, down-and-dirty photographs of boxes and boxes of documents piled in a bathroom, a shower and a ballroom stage at Mar-a-Lago.

 For all the Trump imagery I have absorbed since Friday, those are the images that stick in my mind and continue to resonate.

 I am not the only one. Geraldine DeRuiter took a tasty bite of this apple in a column titled, “We Need to Talk About Trump’s Bathroom Chandelier” in the Washington Post. As the headline suggests, DeRuiter focused on the chandelier in the bathroom and humorously deconstructed it in terms of taste, décor and even hygiene.

 I see the bathroom image as a symbol of the sloppiness, lack of social responsibility, messy, make-it-up-as you-go-along and utter chaos of the man and his presidency. The boxes stacked behind and almost hidden by a cheap-looking shower curtain suggest the mind of a hoarder who has no sense of priorities or value, who can no longer (if he ever could) determine what matters and what doesn’t.

 Coupled with the chandelier and the sconce in the bathroom, we have an image that suggests a world of glitz and glitter out front intended to hide the secrets, decay and darkness behind closed doors.

 Visuals are more powerful than words — whether it is a TV, computer, tablet or smartphone screen on which they are seen. We are primarily a visual culture. We have been, at least, since the arrival of television in our living rooms in the 1950s.

 We connect with words intellectually. But we connect with images viscerally and emotionally. We feel the meaning we make of them in our hearts, guts and bones. 

 These images of boxes — some of which allegedly include classified documents, piled up in a bathroom and shower seemingly ripe for mildew and mold — are what matter. They are the visual takeaway from the last five days, not all the I-am-in-control strongman postures that Trump constructed of himself to fill our screens." 

end edit.