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Sunday, October 21, 2018

UPDATE: Caravana Migrante ! Aristegui Reports 5K On the March - NO TrumpYou Idiot, MEXICO DOES NOT RESPECT YOU ! - 2K + Dead In Drug War TIJ YTD - Reuban & Carmen's House Hit Last Night SADM

Neville Chamberlain & Adolph Hitler 1938

 Was Mexico's reaction in sending the Federal Police to hold back the migrantes on the Guatemalan-Mexico border an act of appeasement?  Appeasement as ya'll know is, "...diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an aggressive power in order to avoid conflict." All that I can say because as a foreigner living here, I am not allowed to comment on Mexican politics (oh shit, I could be deported and end up homeless, worse yet confined to a holding tank at San Ysidro POE.)
But you have to acknowledge the similarity between Trump and Hitler and the fact that the USA has always been an aggressive power worldwide specifically in both Latin and South America.

Back in 2016 I blogged this article by the great writer Charles Pierce who went on to my dismay of actually voting for Hillary instead of throwing in for Jill Stein.  None the less, worth another read - more material on USA's sordid past which have you noticed the USMSM is NOT talking about at all?
This isn't "fake" news - this is factual history:

From Esquire:

Why Is Hillary Clinton Bragging About This Endorsement ?
By, Charles P. Pierce - 08/10/2016

Proceso added this headline yesterday, and the general feeling I am observing is that yes, people (at least my Mexican neighbors) are thinking the USA snaps it's fingers and Mexico jumps:

From Proceso:

Trump Twitea Y Mexico Obedece
Por, Mathieu Tourliere - 10/20/18


Notes From Today: & If You Go to The Links, you can scoot around and check out more reports.

 - From Aristegui Noticias:  Aristegui is reporting there are more than five thousand Central Americans advancing along the Pan-American Hey with  the line of people stretching back more than six clicks.  This is within Mexican Territory, these people are without any humanitarian assistance at this point, however Mexican citizens are distributing water and some food:

From Aristegui Noticias - which certainly annuls the Jimmy Moreles account - does anyone actually believe Jimmy Moreles these days ?

Sin Asistencia Jumanitarian Gubernamental, Caravan Migrante Avanza Rumbo a Tapachula

Pasted for you:

Without governmental humanitarian assistance, migrant caravan moves towards Tapachula

More than 5 thousand Central Americans advance along the Pan-American Highway. The long line occupies more than 6 kilometers. CNDH urges governments to support them.

Photo: Isaac Esquivel / Cuartoscuro
By Ángeles Mariscal
This Sunday from an early hour began the mass exodus of some 5 thousand members of the Migrant Caravan in Mexican territory to Tapachula, Chiapas. No level of government is assisting thousands of migrants with humanitarian assistance, security, health, or food support. They are citizens who have given themselves to the task of distributing bags with water and some food.
The long line occupies about 6 kilometers of the Pan-American Highway . Those who bring their young children with them, stop for a while at the edge of the road to rest and regain strength to continue their long walk.

The delegate of the National Institute of Migration in Chiapas, Francisco Echavarría, warned that those who are under the process of immigration, should remain in the state of Chiapas and the refuge to which they were confined until their legal situation is resolved, however rejected that are "detained."

For his part, the Fifth Visitor of the National Human Rights Commission, Édgar Corzo, declared that what has been seen "is a lack of humanitarian assistance, we have seen it on the bridge, lack of medicines, people were fading (... ) I believe that they concentrated a lot on restraint and left aside what we consider to be primary that is humanitarian assistance "and reiterated that in this situation, consideration is being given to the extension of precautionary measures requested from Saturday to attend humanitarianly to the migrants, now, in the shelters.

Faced with the weariness and wear to which the Mexican government bet when trying to contain and drop the members of the caravan of migrants coming mainly from Honduras, since the evening of Saturday night people threw themselves massively from the border bridge to the Suchiate River, others spent swimming from shore to shore or on rafts and with children in their arms in the same way.

Many of them had spent more than 24 hours without food and there was no water to distribute between them, the temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius. The desperation made them take the desperate decision to pass even though the formal entrance of the border was closed and passing little by little to the migrants to lead them to process their visas or to start their refugee process.

The fear of falling from nine meters high was less than the fear of being deported to their countries of origin, to face the violence of the gangs, poverty and in general, the lack of a dignified future. Crossing the river involved swimming half a kilometer, and by raft, having five quetzales - Guatemalan currency equivalent to about 12 Mexican pesos - for the rafters. The rafts are actually tractor rim cameras on which planks are laid.

By late afternoon this Saturday, more than 80 percent of those who make up the migrant caravan that left on October 13 of Honduras -and to which migrants from El Salvador and Guatemala were adding- already spent the night in the park of Ciudad Hidalgo Chiapas
For 24 hours the Mexican authorities succeeded . In that period, counted since closing the doors, the migrants remained on the Rodolfo Robles international bridge. There they slept, there they got up and there they began to write their personal data on some sheets of paper, so that "in an orderly manner and in groups of 40", they would pass before the personnel of the National Institute of Migration (INM).

The Mexican government offered them that, after completing the process, they would take them to shelters, where they would wait for the immigration ruling. By 12 on Saturday, only 500 people had passed , according to figures reported by the Ambassador of Mexico in Honduras, Luis Manuel López Moreno.

"First women and children, first women and children," shouted some spontaneous organizers who emerged among the migrants.

The national security commissioner of Mexico, Renato Sales Heredia, and the commissioner general of the Federal Police, Manelich Castillas Craviotto, came to where the migrants , bars and dozens of police officers were. They spoke with some while their subordinates took photographs where they appeared with friendly faces. They sent water jugs and, for a moment, immigration agents and the police, behind bars, served water to the migrants.

The arrival of Sales Heredia and Castillas Craviotto, explained his subordinates, was to "monitor that everything was developing with attachment to the rights of migrants, and Mexican laws."
For its part, the government of Guatemala installed in the central park of the border city Tecún Umán, a center of attention with a big legend that says: "Do you want to return to your country? Here we support you. Immigration Information. Institutional Information". Some migrants did choose this option.

According to official figures, only 381 migrants - almost all women and children - made their registration with the INM, after which they were transferred to the shelter located in the facilities of the Mesoamerican Fair of Tapachula, about 30 kilometers from Ciudad Hidalgo. But if your visa or refuge requests are rejected, they will be deported to their country of origin."

 - La Jornada is reporting 300 Marinos Have Been Deployed To The Guatemalan Border:

Despliegan a 300 Marinos en Frontera Con Guatemala
Por, Dennis A Garcia 10/21/18 - 1:39pm

Pasted for you :

Deploy 300 marines bordering Guatemala

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Mexico City. The Secretariat of Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar) deployed around 300 sailors to the border with Guatemala to provide humanitarian aid to the thousands of migrants, mostly Hondurans, who seek to cross into Mexican territory.

Dependency officials reported that the sailors perform work in shifts of 30 elements who provide food, water and medical attention to those who remain waiting to continue moving forward.
For them, they installed a mobile kitchen to have the capacity to provide food to the migrants who are in the border point of Suchiate, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas.

According to the commanders consulted, food aid and water supply are several tons to have the ability to provide migrants who hope to continue their way to the United States or stay in Mexico as refugees.


 - BTW, in case you missed  it, here is the band greeting the migrantes in Chiapas:

 #Caravana Migrante


 - And  Telesur is reporting this morning that there are more Migrant Caravans on their way from Honduras, El Salvador:

More Migrant Caravans To Leave Honduras, El Salvador: source 


Locally All Is Not Well....

Trump is a laughing stock down here, no one respects him, what a joke.  I'll be back with those links...meanwhile, the drug war continues non stop here. 

 - Yesterday early Frontera reported 126 executed this month in Tijuana, giving the YTD total just in TIJ at over 2,000 people killed. Within the report are the month totals for TIJ since January, so they did a lot of work on this, adding that now TIJ is ranked the number one city in Mexico for violence.  Of course since that early morning report, there have been more killed, more in Rosarito and Ensenada.  Will return at some point with those figures - nothing really noticible in Rosarito other than people seem to be laying low.  Also, when you are at Frontera, check out Portada and Editorials - also they have a special segment going on the Migrantes. I have to give Paris  bath.

From Frontera:

Suma Tijuana Mas de 2 Mil Homicidios Durante 2018
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez, Fausto Ovalle y Esther Hernandez 

 - SADM:  Reuban and Carmen's house (two houses to our north) was broken into yesterday early evening while they were at a birthday party in Rosarito. They returned home around 8:30pm to find Luther, their special baby doggie drugged (poor Luther he is 13 yrs old and suffering from arthritis) , the house slightly ransacked, all credit cards stolen and jewelry stolen and their brand new car stolen out the brand new garage Reuban built, the front door of the house was kicked in.  Obviously, someone knew exactly when they left.

We saw lights below us around 9:00pm and thought the Cubans were having a party, but no it was a police unit. About 20 minutes after the police left, I heard whistling below us.  We thought it strange that their brand new car was simply driven out the through the guarded gates.

Also, Pete's garden area that he created was torn up and destroyed.  Oh, and when the Tijuana water finally came back on here I watered my little geraniums and now they are all dead . What a disaster. Jeez, no wonder the migrantes do not want to stay in Mexico.

So just a heads up, SADM is really a weird place.  Paris wants to leave...but I don't have the paperwork for Daca Bob & Susie Q.