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Friday, September 9, 2016

National Guard on Stand-By : North Dakota - Where TF are Obama, The Ice Queen Hillary and Dumb Shit Trump ? - teleSur's Mexico Coverage

Best and complete coverage of the Dakota pipeline, now with the National Guard on stand-by plus all the most important U.S. and World headlines: (CBS and NY Times have also had good coverage)

Democracy Now !

Dakota Access Pipeline 

From the Natives:

Indian Country Today Media Network

Dakota Pipeline


telesur's Mexico coverage: (in English)



Second day of water shut down here affecting roughly 600,000 folks and still no water stations provided for the most poor people, nothing.  Someone said to me when I was in town, " would think the Army could provide water stations, if only for an exercise purpose for a real emergency."  That is what some of the Mexican people are thinking. And still no visible Marinos in the streets that I could see. Will return with the homicide totals from the drug war, locally they are falling like flies here.