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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

If This Becomes Out Of Control It Will Benefit Trump and Please AMLO - Update 05/02: Biden Sending 1,500 Troops To the Border - 164 Executions in TIJ During April - BC YTD Total = 606 - Long Tall Sally !

 Already Trump is rubbing his tiny little hands together over Francisco Oropeza Perez-Torres  smugly bantering to himself, 'I told you they were all murderers, see ?'

We are in for a rough ride - a small preface to the John Oliver show:

(Update/edit: I like John Oliver, or have in the past...but thinking about it I felt he was a bit rough on Biden. Of course, WOLA won't agree with me, too bad. Biden has had his hands full and overflowing with Trump crap since day uno. He was halted by the courts to end this outrageous move (# 42) and installed other programs within the native countries to help the migrants apply for amnesty - yet Oliver does not even mention that. BTW, anytime you have phones or computers with newly established programs involved you are freakin bound to have problems, big fucking deal Oliver, what's new? Just too critical, period. Hey Oliver, this is coming from a Bernie Sanders supporter. Maybe you need to go back home and cover the Coronation. end edit. Maggie) (BTW watch your screens, television set up outside CBP's Pogo Row today...they have been working their asses off building this gigantic facility to house and feed the migrantes whilst they are being processed, it is fantabulous, hell I could stay there with Paris. Why don't you cover that one Oliver ?)  

More: To argue and claim that allowing refugees from the Ukraine into the United States immediately before others who have been waiting in line is " racist " is probably the most ridiculous allegation I have ever heard in my life. Perhaps those who complain endlessly about this situation need to immigrate to Kherson and all cities in the Ukraine being destroyed by the butcher and criminal Putin to get a grasp on reality. Then, check back with me and let me hear your sad story. Shame on y'all and especially you Oliver you dork for espousing the position that one needs to be white to immigrate into the USA. Fuck You ! 

Further: Here's a story you could work on - maybe Oliver - last year in the spring of '22 we gave the Mexican government Three Hundred and Fifty Million dollars to help fix their problem of contaminated raw sewage they allow to flow into the ocean which not only contaminates their beaches, but also the beaches in the USA. Last year, Oliver - read it and weep. The problem has grown so bad in the United States and has worsened to the point where the USA beaches including those in Coronado have been shut down countless times.

Yet, nothing has been done by the Mexicans. NOTHING. Here's the scoop Oliver - where's the money? I ask not only because nothing has been done to improve the border situation of Tijuana's sewage problem, but now the Mayor of Tijuana is complaining they just do not have the facilities to house and feed  the migrantes. My suggestion would be to take some of that money from the $350 million (since it is obviously not being used) and fucking build a few facilities instead of whining and crying wolf waiting for more handouts from Uncle Sam. The problem is, where is the money ? No one knows. Is it gone? Where the fuck is it ? Good story, but I don't think you could handle it you prick. But Padre Murphy can, check it out Oliver.

end edit.)




As we speak, neighbors are reporting at least a hundred migrantes camped in between the fences at San Ysidro POE, last Friday almost that many made a run for the border through the river valley -  here is a report and video of the situation:

 ~ From the Border Report:

By, Zara Barker


Still, not making excuses...but we are paralyzed unless congress actually does something:

 ~ From Homeland Security: 01/05/2023


Update/edit 05/02:

Biden is sending 1,500 troops to the Border;  I thought this was a fair analysis:

 ~ From AP:

By, Collen Long, Aamer Mahani and Tara Cupp

Zeta's Carlos Alvarez is also reporting this deployment and today's edition includes an update on April's executions; last month April in TIJ there were 164 executions bringing the YTD Baja California total to 606 - I guess you could also call this next report, "Well, they finally got him." Sad...but true...

Don't miss all of the reports: 


All the latest aqui:


end edit.

Take care.

P.S. Adding this with the message, " Dear Mexico, don't go duckin down the alley - you have $350 Million Free Dollars given to you by the USA not being used to improve the environmental slop mess you have created at the Border. Why don't you take some of that and use it to build a couple of shelters for the migrantes? Or is it just fucking gone...just like Long Tall Sally ? I imagine you really could have some fun tonight with $350 MILLION dollars in your back pockets, right ? "