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Sunday, August 14, 2022

OK Let's Take a Break From the Drug Wars - A Brief Interlude (Intermezzo) With Earl Scruggs ! - 08/14: Rosarito & Mexicali Updates

 Of course, you can go to Zeta to read the latest - I noted they said little evidence of troops or people  in Rosarito...that might change by the morning:


Zeta Tijuana 


Also, this just in,videos on the link from Zeta:

Courtesy Zeta


Balacean y Queman Otro Auto En La Ahumadita, de Mexicali 


 Destacados   -  sábado, 13 agosto, 2022 11:49 PM


"For the second consecutive day, armed criminals generate attacks on the Cívico population and detonate a car that they later set on fire.

The events occurred in the branch of an Oxxo store located on the highway to Tijuana, at the intersection with the Ahumadita neighborhood, west of the city.

Listen: Los Cabos and el Max, against police: Podcast.

The preliminary narrative of the authorities indicates that around 10 at night the presence of the authorities was requested in the aforementioned self-service store, since an armed attack had been perpetrated.

Municipal agents went to the scene and interviewed the victim and owner of the car, who commented that she was carrying out common tasks in the store when, during the closing process, she heard a series of firearm detonations and later observed her vehicle on fire.

It is a gray Mazda car, model 2002, with California license plates, which suffered severe damage due to the projectiles and the fire itself.

A witness to the event provided general information about those involved, who were secured after an operation carried out by the Municipal Police of Mexicali.

According to preliminary information from the authorities, those charged today bear the names of Brayan Elías García, 22 years old, and Jorge Fabián Torrez Martinez, both originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, who in addition were carrying a handgun.

Those accused today are innocent until a sentence issued by a judge is determined, according to article 13 of the National Code of Criminal Procedure.

The terrorist attack occurs one day after the violent day that occurred throughout the entity, where several cars, trucks and taxis were set on fire."

Update/edit 08/14:

I know we were supposed to take a break, sorry .


10:15 am: Mike reports fewer people in town than the usual Sunday rush. One Unit of Marinos guarding the parking lot at the big Calimax. No obvious police or Army patrols/activity on the streets. So far, all clear on the Scenic Highway from TIJ to Rosarito.


More burned vehicles in Mexicali: 

 Incendiaren Otros 5 Autos en Mexicali; Ahora en Santa Barbara, Carbajal y Hacienda del Bosque

  Destacados domingo, 14 agosto, 2022 12:01 PM

"In Mexicali, Baja California, the burnings and blockades continued in the early hours of this Sunday, August 14, followed by attacks on properties and crimes against the civilian population.

Criminals caused the fire of five vehicles at random, in the Santa Bárbara neighborhood, Hacienda del Bosque and Carbajal.

The first report was documented around 3 in the morning, outside a house located on Avenida 20 de Noviembre, almost at the intersection with Calle Cabildo, where unknown individuals threw a Molotov cocktail at a blue 2012 Nissan Sentra. Neighbors observed the fire and alerted the family that was sleeping inside the house; between them they managed to mitigate the flames.

 The second attack caused damage to three cars, a 1994 Toyota Corolla, a Town Country and a Chrysler, which were parked on Bosque Oyamel Street and Laguna Viezca Avenue, in Hacienda del Bosque. It was around 3:30 in the morning when the authorities received the emergency calls. Although the evident intention was to burn the units, the damage was superficial.

The clock marked 04:56 in the morning, when the third emergency call for the fires was issued, they were informed that on the outskirts of a property marked with the number 2816, located on Soberanía Avenue, almost on the corner with Nacionalismo, another car had been set on fire. Municipal policemen went to the area and confirmed the attack against a black Toyota pick-up, model 1985 with Baja California license plates BP-64-195.

Firefighters mitigated the flames and police interviewed the offended, who reported that the criminals fled aboard a gray 2-door Honda vehicle.

In these three events, no authority managed to arrest those responsible, unlike the criminals who were captured by the municipal police when they set fire to a passenger truck on Friday afternoon, in front of the IMSS clinic 28 facilities; and those who set fire to a car on Saturday night in front of the Oxxo in the Ahumadita neighborhood.

Those arrested on August 12 turned out to be criminals identified in Tijuana, while the latter, arrested on Saturday, said they were from Guadalajara, Jalisco."

 end edit.


Someone sent this over and had to share with y'all since it appears we are Byrd Lovers. Enjoy and boy tomorrow I'm a gonna try to watch all the clips, I subscribed yeah ! (BTW, Earl Scruggs was very much anti-Vietnam War) And, whoever sent this over, wow and thank you so much !


The Byrds Meet Earl Scruggs & Band - Circa 1971

" Oct 3, 2019I am very proud of the feature length documentary I made with Earl Scruggs, his family, and fellow musicians including Doc Watson, Bill Monroe, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and others who love to roll and wanted to participate in the making of this movie. I also appreciate my subscribers for encouraging me to tell the behind the scenes stories as I have done with this clip. Search the words "Earl Scruggs" on my YouTube channel to find more clips."  ~ David Hoffman


And, one of my favorites songs: "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" by, Bob Dylan💗



see you later hopefully....