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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Discussion Of The Southern Black Vote For Biden From Democracy Now! - A Closer Look At Joe Biden - Coronel West !

BTW, the transcripts of these interviews are available in Spanish - just click the "Espanol" button on the top right of the page. (For our Mexican amigos)

Biden swept the old south and swept up the black vote yesterday on Super Tuesday, which shocked many of us and we were left wondering, why ?  Does Bernie scare them?  I don't think so, I think it was a massive vote in support of Barrack Obama, the icon of the black people who has been insulted and ridiculed and every piece of good legislation which was enabled during his terms has been either wiped out completely, obliterated or is in the process of being terminated by Donald Trump. The overall Black Communities across the USA deeply loved Barrack and Michelle, and they still do and always will, forever. (Don't say nuthin bad about my baby !...or That's How Strong My Love Is !)) To them,  Biden represents an extension of Barrack, even though it is an emotional nostalgic extension and unfortunately for the Black Communities represented in the Southern block, it is misguided and  misplaced  support:

***On edit :  another must read /listen:

 ~ From Democracy Now !:

Part One:

The Case Against Joe Biden: Former VP's Long Career Shows a Recurring Theme of "Appeasing the Right" 

Part Two:

Joe Biden's History of Selling the Iraq Invasion, Expanding Prisons & Pulling Democrats to the Right 

 As far as being scared, hell yes, Trump scares the shit out of them (as he does all the rest of us) and they are weary from being beaten down.  Having every powerful Democratic political figurehead endorsing Biden after South Carolina was no help; that was well planned and a pressure cooker ready to blow, which it did. There is a complete and rampant mis understanding of Democratic Socialism not only in the Black Communities, but also in White Communities.  Here's a look at some very important interviews addressing this issue of the Black mindset, and I promise to find more. And, goodbye and good riddance to Bloomberg.

From Democracy Now !

After Biden's Super Tuesday Surge, Sanders Campaign Faces Questions About African-American Spport - Transcript


This is from yesterday, with my fave, Coronel West who states, "...we have to reinvigorate Democracy in the U.S., or it is over."  And he is correct. 

Great Debate: Sanders surrogate Cornel West vs. Bloomberg co-chair Bobby Rush, Former Black Panther  - Transcript


Completely behind here, will be back with the stats.  It's not too late...get on board with Bernie !