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Friday, April 14, 2023

Jack Teixeira

 Sorry I haven't been here, two more water leaks under the house causing mass confusion. I think we have finally replaced all of the water lines under the house, and I haven't been over to USGS to see if there were any shakers around here yet. Mike, distraught over events both here and in the United States said, "I think we should move to Kailua." Well I don't know, one might be able to bump into the O'Bamas which would be really neat, but man, the problems with tiger sharks, bugs, hurricanes and tsunamis are daunting. I knew deep down he really did not like the Eichler houses but I still do.  We'll see.

This is going to be quick, I need a nap. Until I see it in print and it has been proven, I simply do not believe that Jack Teixeira was a lone wolf.   To say that the United States has serious National Security problems is an understatement. Last night I read that when he was online, one of his compadres mentioned that he too was going to join the Military. Apparently old Jack ( our innocent, just tryin to make amigos guy) replied, " Well, if you do, I'll kick your ass. The Military is run by the Elite Politicians."

Coming from a guy like Jack who we are supposed to believe adored everything about the Military since birth this statement is a diametric contradiction.  Who would use such a loaded term as "Elite Politician" ? I imagine you would if you are heavily into certain dogmas, right?  Oh right perhaps Marjorie Taylor Green and her best buddies. More examples of the right buttering up to our poor little thin and lonely Jack - a must read of course.  But from just a low level airman?

How many more Jack Teixeiras are there out there? Was our Jack a savy insider attempting to make converts ? I don't think that is being alarmist.

Maybe Kailua isn't such a bad idea after all.

I'll be back, more on the two Justin's (allright they are back !), still mid month almost a relatively low execution rate here (a bit over 50)...and everything else here:

Pulse News Mexico

1960's Eichler Houses (Mike calls them Frank Sinatra houses) from Marin County, California; these have been pretty much restored & fixed up, many on the market are just beat up ( and not super expensive) and you have your work cut out to bring them back. In San Rafael, Eichler included swimming pools with many of the houses.

  On Sugarman Drive in La Jolla (above the shores) there are several Eichler-Style houses from the 60's - not really and truly original Eichlers, but more or less the same style. The price for one going right now is outrageous and man it needs some serious work plus of course you are living like a sardine in La Jolla. They want 2.3 million (!) and like I said, it needs serious work, it is a mess. In San Rafael, Marin County you are surrounded by beautiful open space.

 Versus: -Click c/c bottom of screen for translation.