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Saturday, October 8, 2016

You Don't Have To Live Like a Refugee....Night of the Brown Shirts Knives by U.S. Immigration....ICE says to expect 40,000 more according to CBS

There have been so many numbers thrown around of exactly how many African and Haitian migrantes are holed up on the border waiting for amnesty from the United States and what exactly is going to become of them it is confusing.

 As far as their care while in Mexico, for the first time Uniradio reported on 10/07/16 that finally after almost five months time the State of Baja California  has committed to providing  shelter and food for the refugees.  Regarding their amnesty standing, the current thought is how is it possible to send these people back to their homeland which has been completely devastated by Hurricane Matthew? According to the CBS report ICE says to expect 40,000 more, despite getting the timeline and numbers wrong or even chastising the government of Mexico for not acting to care for these people from the get go.

A historical background of Haiti; the second link provides a Haitian view of Hillary Clinton:


Haiti Solidarity

Haitians Mobilize Against Renewal of UN Mission

Regarding the U.S. Immigration Policy concerning Haitians - keeping in mind this was reported on 09/24/16, the question remains will this policy change in light of Hurricane Matthew.  Also, at this point the United States State Department knew full well that thousands of Haitians were sleeping in the streets of Tijuana and they also knew that thousands more were on the way. Despite this knowledge they changed the rules - it was like the night of the Brown Shirts er...Long Knives, quick and deadly:

US to Begin "Expedited' Deportations of Haitians 


Locally from Sintesis, you can follow the developments  in Tijuana and Mexicali over the past few months, plus on many of the articles there are comments by the Mexican people which you may find interesting:


Pollo haitiano en Tijuana, la sensacion gastronomica

Here in the comments section after the article you can find references to UniRadio's unending coverage with the numbers from government authorities in Mexico and yesterday's announcement that the State government will finally intercede to provide housing and food for the African and Haitian refugees:


 Transborder Immigrant Tool Series: Beware of 'Assassin Bees'


I'll be back with those end of September drug war stats, all this happening in Tijuana during the most violent month in six years in the drug war, and you will not hear that from the corporate U.S. press.