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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Black Monday, and They Are Saying Today Will Be Worse - The "Ejecutometro"

Before we left the house yesterday morning I was able to catch the headlines of the slaughter of the Palestinians at Gaza, yet no one was talking about this at the places we stopped at in the States.  I noticed yesterday evening after we came home that there so far have been no editorials in the local Mexican press reporting the audacity of Trump's big opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem (or the collapse of the Iran nuclear Deal); well, at least Mexico did not participate in the event or send representatives to participate in the event.

So, Stormy is taking a backseat for time being - we are not laughing now, we are basically in shock. Here is one of the best reports I've seen so far:

 - From open Democracy: (More good ones on their sidebar)

In Palestine: self-dehumanisation against the disreguard of human value
by, Omar Talab and Bertie Wnek - 05/14/2018

(And BTW, they had a great piece on Trump and populist politics a few days back if you're interested:

Populism, Trump, and the future of democracy
By, Michael J. Sandel -  05/09/2018 )

Adding this:

Democracy Now !

Israel  - Related Topics on the sidebar

Update/edit:  Correction on local Mexican coverage and editorials:

Zeta with video -  05/14/18 9:55am

Ivanka Trump y Jared Kushner Inauguran Embajada de EU en Jerusalen; Ejercito Israeli Mata a 41 Palestinos

Por, Carlos Alvarez


Short and sweet and to the point: "Instead of seeking peace, Trump provokes violence.  He has dementia.  He is a madman, to be for the others."

end edit.


After the 207 executions in Tijuana last month, I finally burned out and needed to take some time out.  I kept wondering, how do the reporters down here do it ?  Day after day, killing after killing, grinding away at the unspeakable which truly is not spoken about and never really addressed in the United States these days at all...which is just fine with the Tourist Industry, Speculators and the Real Estate Industry - who cares, right ?

So we started the third season of  "The Durrells" and their lives on Corfu from 1935-1939 in all of its innocence, which reminds me so much of innocent times in Mexico when I was growing up.  I'm not sure how this season will end, but the truth is I don't think it will end good for the Durrells, their little paradise eventually was ended by Hitler and the great Word War II - much the same as Mexico has been brought to her knees by the Great Failed Drug War completely supported by the US government.

A note on the Ejectometro:  it will be down until after the debate.

Meanwhile in case you had not noticed, Frontera's front page has been running the latest execution stats for Tijuana with their "Ejectometro" - at this hour this month of May, we are up to 82 executions. (Zeta has a higher number) Check it out:

I'll be back with more stats and details and some great articles from Zeta, also still painting the walls here.