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Friday, August 21, 2020

Joe Biden's Acceptance Speech @ the DNC - A Knock Out ! - UPDATE 08/21: From Democracy Now !: Ben Jealous & Dr. Cornel West On Joe Biden

From all sides there has been nothing but praise for Joe Biden's acceptance speech - which actually blew a lot of folks away, especially the ones who had thought of him previously as just "ole sleepy joe" - the mantra insult began months ago by Trump himself. Every time I heard  Trump's line I would think of  "Ol Man River" - not in a negative sense, because water, in this case the river is deeply a mystical metaphor which carries us to another place, a better place.

I was cooking in the kitchen listening to Joe, and I started crying - I felt this wasn't a political speech, it was more like a chat.  And later, critics acclaimed that Biden's speech was most like an FDR fireside chat.  For just a second, I slightly understood what people were feeling in the 1930's as they listened to FDR in the evening on their radios in the darkness of the Great Depression.  When a person starts talking about light as in light versus darkness (or good vs. evil) and Irish poets, there is an aspect of them which opens you into trusting them and knowing they have soul. Well, at least that is how it works for me.

I read and watch the progressives, and I feel like a progressive somewhat, I have supported Bernie from the beginning...some of these solid progressives are sad - it shows in their writing, the sense that well we are going to get screwed again. After all, we've always gotten screwed. 

After tonight - and you can call me a sucker...I don't think so. 


So, roll ''s some vids, enjoy ....

 ~ From PBS:

Joe Biden's Full Speech At the 2020 Democratic National Convention :


 ~  From Last Night's Late Show, waiting on tonight's.


Courtesy Democracy Now!

Updater/edit 08/21/20: Seriously darlings, this is a must listen to - or read and I agree with both Ben Jealous and Dr.Cornel West (in fact, I love that guy).  It is still so hot here, just read about the Big Basin fire up in Santa Cruz (where I would rather be), Mike is still having pain hopefully half days will kick in next week and Paris has to have the A/C and a fan on her constantly. Making Basque chicken over the weekend, let me know if you want the recipe.

 ~ From Democracy Now! 

Cornel West & Ben Jealous On the DNC and Whether Progressives Can Push Joe Biden Leftward 

Stay safe guys.