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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Have You Seen the Stars Tonight ? The "New" 2023 Bi-Partisan Dignity Act

In between taking care of Paris I have not been able to find the text or PDF of the newly 2023 bi-partisan introduced Dignity Act. As soon as I can get my hands on it, I'll post it. The previous "Dignity Act"  was not my most favorite by a longshot, it was written by all GOP and insisted on renewal of contracts to continue building the Border Wall, which we all know is a joke and an insult.

Still, reading through the initial reports I thought...this could be it, this could be a winner. Unfortunately we have been socked in by the marine layer, so I really couldn't howl at the moon or pin any hopes on the hiding stars...and I really need to read it first.

Since I am unable (thanks Linton) to copy and paste, I'll list some of the initial reports, you will have to click the links to read 'em:

 ~ From the Washington Post:

Hispanic Women Introduce Bipartisan Immigration Bill In House

by, Marianna Sotomayer & Theodorie Meyer 05/23/23


 ~ From: Roll Call

Salazar, Escobar Unveil Comprehensive Immigration Bill

by, Suzanne Monyak   05/23/23


Okay, I found a streamlined version and it clearly notes that, "No funding for restarting construction of the Trump Border Wall or similar cross-border barrier projects." Can we hang that on a star? Still, I need to read the whole 500 pages where ever they are....


I just hope the GOP wrecking crew doesn't destroy the good parts.

Keep your fingers crossed.