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Friday, March 11, 2016

Will Mexican Environmentalist Gustavo Castro Soto Make it Back Alive ? And, Will Hillary Clinton And the US State Department Be Held Accountable for the Berta Caceres Murder ? 03/14: Info on Jornalero March this Week & Shoot Out at San Ysidro-POE - 03/16: Nelson Noe Garcia Another Activist Shot Dead In Honduras

Gustavo Castro Soto

I just now was able to put the Muffin to bed, she had a bad night last night; one of the things Dr. Slusser told us to watch for was if she started to have an inability to sleep.  So, unsure exactly if we are on a downward spiral; she has an appointment for another scan/MRI next week.

By now of course you are probably well aware of the assassination of environmental activist Berta Caceres; Democracy Now has had full coverage with video and interviews since the beginning of the month (excellent coverage also from The Guardian):

Democracy Now

Honduran Indegenous Leader Berta Caceres Assassinated 

Everyone is waiting and hoping Gustavo Castro Soto will be released and make it back alive to Mexico, and he just might since the State Department wants to keep their gal Hillary squeaky clean and presidential.  Despite the lack of US MSM coverage of the whole story of United States once again intervening and supporting death squads in Central and Latin America, several reporters have been spilling the beans, going back to the Honduran Coup of 2009.  Here are just some examples: - With links within the article to The Intercept and more:

US Contribution to Death of Honduran Activist Goes Unmentioned in US Coverage

Dissident - many important links within the article:

Death In Honduras: The Coup, Hillary Clinton And the Killing Of Berta Caceres 

The Guardian  - this is just one article, links to many others under report.

Murder Of Activist Berta Caceres Sparks Violent Clashes In Honduras

The Nation - this one you need to google in the title:

"The Clinton-Backed Honduran Regime Is Picking Off Indigenous Leaders"
by, Greg Grandin

Will Hillary be held accountable?  I doubt it. Another question is, why didn't Bernie bring this up at the latest "debate" before the Florida vote?

Cuando los angeles lloran......

Update/edit 03/12:

There are so many well written articles on this subject, here are more, these are just a few: (google in titles if URL doesn't come up)

 - From Common Dreams last September:

The Hillary Clinton Emails and the Honduras Coup
 by, Alexander Main

 - From The Intercept

Drugs, Dams, and Power: the Murder of Honduran Activist Berta Caceras
by, Danielle Marie Mackey

 - From Democracy Now

Before Her Assassination, Berta Caceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Backing Honduran coup

So who's afraid of the big bad wolf ?

There has not been a flurry of  coverage from Mexico which some of us naively expected, particularly since one of their own citizens, Gustavo Castro Soto is being held in Honduras (which some activists say is illegal) nor has there been a reprimand sent to address Hillary's and the US State Departments modus  operandi in Central and Latin American affairs with only  (so far that is) the report from La Jornada ("Berta Caceres, Victima de la Politica Exterior de Hillary Clinton") which basically reprinted information from The Nation.  There has been so far no mention in the Mexican press of the Mexican officials who worked with Hillary and the United States government either prior to or after the coup to insure the coup was a "success."

end edit.


Meanwhile, the executions continue here and throughout Baja California, nothing has changed.  The Jornaleros of Ensenada will be marching on St. Patricks Day and several more marches planned in the days following St. Pat's. I'll be back with their schedule, have my hands full with the baby.

UPDATE/edit 03/16 @ 3:52pm: Prensa Latina as far as I could see reported this about 20 hours ago, here is the report in english from The Guardian re Nelson Garcia, part of the Berta Caceres team: The Guardian Fellow Honduran Activist Nelson Garcia Murdered Days After Berta Caceres by, Nina Laknani

 - I mentioned a few days back not a flurry of reporting from Mexico on the entire situation, that has changed. If you do a search for Gustavo Castro Soto, you will see many reports from the mainland of "smaller" Mexican publications and websites - here in Baja nothing so far (not a huge surprise) but we are hoping Zeta will have a report soon. It is La Jornada who seems to be taking the lead on the current reports involving the Berta Caceres and Nelson Noe Garcia murders and the fate of Gustavo Castro Soto.  Still, I have not seen a Mexican report on then acting Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa who worked with Hillary to seal the deal on the 2009 Honduras coup, that is making sure the coup was a success.  If you've been reading the links, that portion described in  Hillary's book ("Hard Choices") was removed from the paperback edition, but plenty of people noted it.

 - You can find the full text of Gustavo Castro Soto's "Coca-Cola: La Historia Negra De Las Aquas Negras" by doing a title search (pdf's don't translate but has it, however I cannot seem to link it here).

 - Mike: " Hillary will never answer for this because it will never be brought up. This is the level that America has been dumbed down to - Hillary and Trump." Well, maybe. If the subject comes up, she will just lie bout it.

 end edit.


UPDATE/edit 03/14:

On St. Patrick's Day, the Alianza of the Jornaleros de Ensenada will march in commemoration of their year ago strike where they demanded better working conditions and also to celebrate their newly formed union, the Democratic National Independent Union of Agricultural Workers.  I checked the weather, and no rain has been fore casted, looks like breezy and clear skies for the four day event.

Of importance the Alianza wants to draw attention to the urgency of DRISCOLLS to recognize their newly formed union and to sign a collaborative agreement with the Democratic National Independent Union of Agricultural Workers.  I also need to mention that since last year, Driscoll's packed berries have been featured in all  Vons markets and Walmart Superstores and even at Sprouts in San Diego with no demonstrations at these sites (at least in the South Bay) to boycott Driscoll's for unfair labor practices.  San Diego is famous for always being an anti-union town.

Here is the march schedule:

 - March 17th:

March in morning to Maneadero. No exact time given.

 - March 18th:

March from la Plaza de las Tres Cabezas (three heads) in Ensenada to Parque Revolucion en Ensenada.

 - March 19th:

Rosarito.  No details here.

 - March 20th:

Playas de Tijuana. No details here, assuming they will be at the main Plaza by the wall.


Jornaleros Realizaran Marcha a Un Ano de la Huelga


Gunfire is exchanged late this morning between an individual and USBP/CBP at the San Ysidro POE. Apparently the gunman had stolen a vehicle, there was a chase south on I5 and he fired on Agents from the El Chaparral entrance lanes. US Agents attempted to follow him into Mexico, but were turned back; so far no injuries to report and the guy escaped on foot, abandoning the vehicle.  I am mentioning this because you might have some longer wait times at El Chaparral, it is crawling with TIJ Municipal Police.  Just need to mention the zillion dollar security system where the red light comes on to tell you to pull over for inspection at El Chaparral is not working, it has not been working for months. AFN has the pics:


Blinda Tijuana San Ysidro Por Disparos


If I can't get back here for awhile, have a Happy St. Patrick's Day !