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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Trump Goes Full On Berserk, Madman On the Loose, He's Lost His Freakin Marbles!!! The Covid-19 Stats For Baja California & Mexico - Governor Bonilla Backs Eugenio Derbez !!! - Escobedo Carignan: Help & Supplies Are On The Way

Despite the problems here, at least the Mexican people do not have Donald Trump as their President. Today's outrageous press conference had to take the cake. Not only did it take the cake, it baked it and iced it. There is no doubt the man is a drooling maniac and I think we should all be just afraid of him as we are of the deadly virus, he is a threat, period.

Okay there has been so much coverage of the lunatic just itching to  regenerate the economy at the expense of human life  insisting on how great he is here's a sampling before we get into the situation down here:

 ~  From MSN/ The Washington Post:

Trump's Propaganda -Laden, Off-The- Rails Coronavirus Breifing
By, Aaron Blake 

 ~ From CNN:

Fact Check: A List of False Claims From Trump's Bitter Coronavirus Breifing
By, Daniel Dale, em Stecks, Meagan Vazquez, Tara Subramaniam, & David Wright

 ~ From MSN/ The New York Times:

Trump Leaps To Call Shots On Combating Coronavirus, Setting Up Standoff With Governors
By, Peter Baker & Maggie Haberman

We are waiting for the big guns to weigh in - hopefully our faves at Democracy Now, Truth Out, The Intercept et al will have plenty to add to this tomorrow morning.


Here are latest from yesterday COVID-19 stats For Baja California:

All Reports From Zeta - 04/13/20

414 Casos Confirmados y 3 Muertes Mas Por COVID-19 en BC
Por, Lourdes Loza Romero

"The number of confirmed cases with COVID-19 in Baja California rose to 414. Deaths also registered three more, adding a total of 33 deaths from this new disease.
The Secretary of Health, Dr. Alonso Pérez Rico, detailed this Monday, April 13, that of the confirmed cases 240 are from Tijuana, 150 from Mexicali, 14 in Tecate, 4 in Ensenada, 4 in Rosarito and two more in San Quintín.
Of these positive cases, the youngest is two months old and the oldest is 86 years old. 237 are male patients and 177 female. 94 are hospitalized.
There are 360 ​​suspected cases, 190 are from Tijuana, 119 from Mexicali, 27 from Ensenada, 12 from Rosarito, 8 from Tecate and four more from San Quintín. Of these, 243 are outpatient cases (remain in isolation in their homes) and 117 are hospitalized.
On the 33 deaths, he highlighted that 10 are concentrated in the age group of people over 65 years of age. To date, 1 death has been recorded within the group between 25 and 29 years, 2 in those between 40 and 44 years, 4 in those between 45 and 49 years, 4 in those between 50 and 54 years, 8 in those between 55 and 59 years, and four more in the group of 60 to 64 years. 7 were female and 26 male patients. Of the total deaths, 21 were registered in Tijuana, 11 in Mexicali and one more in Ensenada."


 National stats:

Suman 332 Muertes Por COVID-19 y 5,017 Contagiados en Mexico
Por, Carlos Alvarez 

"As reported by José Luis Alomía Zegarra, General Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (SSa) of the Federal Government, Until this Monday, April 13, the situation of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) cases in Mexico is :
Confirmed cases: 5,014
Suspicious cases: 9,431
Negative Cases: 23,040
Deaths: 332
Recovered: 1,964
Total people studied: 37,395
Nationally, the incidence rate of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 3.92 per 100,000 inhabitants. The entity with the highest incidence rate has been Baja California Sur, and the one with the least is Chiapas.
Confirmed deaths according to comorbidity is as follows:
Hypertension: 41.57%
Diabetes: 37.65%
Obesity: 35.54%
Smoking: 11.14%
COPD: 10.54%
Chronic Kidney Failure: 7.23%
Cardiovascular disease: 6.33%
Asthma: 4.22%
The mortality rate of COVID-19 in Mexico per 100,000 inhabitants is 0.26. The state entity with the highest mortality rate is Quintana Roo (1.28), while the entity with the lowest rate is Veracruz (0.04).
The General Director of Epidemiology reported that in addition to the 332 confirmed deaths, there are another 84 people who died and are in the category of a suspect, that is, there is not yet a confirmatory result of death from coronavirus.
The federal official explained that although the group of people over the age of 60 does not have the highest number of deaths, it does have a higher case fatality line, compared to those between 25 and 59 years of age. Deaths have been reported in 70 percent of men and 30 percent of women, Alomia Zegarra added."


Eugenio Derbez vs. Desiree Sagurnaga Durante :

Ya'll remember from this past weekend (last blog) the Mexican Actor Eugenio Derbez's viral statement on conditions at IMSS Hospital Numero 20.  Here is the blowback from the  Delgada who denies wretched conditions exist:

Delegada del IMSS senala a Eugenio Derbez de Difundir Noticias Falsas, Personal Medico Reitera Que Es Verdad
 Por, Isabel Mercado 

"Desirée Sagarnaga Durante, head of the Decentralized Administrative Operation Body of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Baja California and San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, accused Eugenio Derbez of spreading false information, in reference to the letter of help from retired doctor Faustino Ruvalcaba, which the actor read on social networks.
The official denied the lack of protective equipment for the Institute's staff, particularly the Regional General Hospital Number 20, located in Tijuana, as well as the fact that Dr. Ruvalcaba is currently working in said hospital.
According to the Master in Health Systems, in the face of the health contingency “we have had problems, like everyone else, and we have not stopped to solve it as quickly as possible, but having the COVID-19 pandemic becomes much more difficult when the other pandemic spreads, the fake news.
He also told the producer, "I want to ask you a favor, do not spread false news, understand that our time is dedicated to saving lives and making this message is taking time that I should be using for patients who need us."
Secondly, she added, “tell you that all the Institute's units have the necessary personal protection supplies to deal with this contingency.
"Thirdly, I must invite you, if you don't believe me, to visit us whenever you like, and in truth, with great pleasure, we show you the protective equipment with which the staff works and we present to you the governing body of the hospital at present at the forefront of the care of our patients; 90 percent of the government body is there, "she concluded.

Medical personnel contacted by ZETA corroborated the indications listed in the letter read by Eugenio Derbez, reiterating that the protective equipment is insufficient.
Regarding the doctor who draws up this letter, they explained, "Dr. Ruvalcaba is retired, but he knows the situation in our hospital because he worked here for many years, what he said is true, but ask us directly, the staff."
The same Eugenio Derbez, on the morning of this Monday, April 13, released another video in which he indicated “that they say that I am lying or that they are lying when all they want is to help and that they help them, it seems very vile to me, how sad to spend more time and energy trying to hide something than trying to save a life. "
And he stressed, "all I want is to help the community."


And the Governor Believes.....Or... Well Eugenio, looks like you've got friends in high places ... (;

Courtesy Zeta: Governor Bonilla

 Truna Gobernador Bonilla contra IMSS, Confirma Denuncia de Eugenio Derbez

" Jaime Bonilla Valdez, Governor of Baja California, the entity in the third place with the most Covid19 infections in Mexico, and the second with the highest number of deaths due to contagion, in his live participation in social networks on April 13, 2020, thundered against the authorities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Baja California, whose delegate said he had not seen in any clinic of the national parastatal.
Indeed, the governor reported that Desirée Sagarnaga Durante, who joined the Baja California delegation in January this year, only visited him on one occasion when he went to appear with him months after arriving.
The governor, in turn, confirmed the serious situation inside the Social Security Clinic 20 in Tijuana, which had been denounced on social networks by the actor Eugenio Derbez the night before, "he did not tell lies," he said of the call to support Social Security doctors who either had supplies to protect themselves and care for patients without the risk of being infected.
Bonilla interrupted the participation of his Secretary of Health, Alfonso Pérez Rico, to report on what happens in Social Security:
"I felt that our Achilles heel was going to be Social Security, because I saw a lot of detachment, there was no concern, I did not honestly see the Social Security delegation concerned about the issues, then, and obviously  I was more concerned and still more concerned now than ever, is that the same doctors that the General Hospital has are held by Social Security, and now we are seeing that they are falling like flies because the doctors were not given protection, from it was useless for us to give them to them in the General Hospital if they were not given them in Social Security, and now we have a tremendous need, I think they have just approved a good number of doctors to join, but I am not sure they are for Social security as a consequence, therefore, the Social Security problem affected the health of the State, because I feel that they have not been applied, and that is the reality. ”
Later, the governor referred to the video that Eugenio Derbez shared on his Twitter on Sunday, April 12, talking about what was happening at the Social Security Clinic 20, through a letter from Dr. Faustino Ruvalcaba. In it, he asked for help when he saw the situation exceeded, that the doctors were buying protective equipment with their salary, that they were about to enter phase 3 of the pandemic and the authorities did not respond, in addition that the hospital superiors, all, were disabled, “from the floor managers to the unit director, they have left us alone, they have gotten off the boat too early, the public has no idea what is happening in the hospital. The third floor was prepared for the exclusive use of patients with coronavirus, but it is already full. Pediatric emergencies disappeared to put more patients there but it was also overwhelmed. They requested the support of the citizenry, because "without supplies we cannot work, without material we cannot help those people who need us ... we cannot enter without protection", the actor then shared a list of basic supplies for doctors such as gowns, hats, N95 masks, and others.
In this regard Jaime Bonilla said:
"And I come to a video that was transmitted yesterday of a well-known personality where he makes a series of remarks, and we have to admit that of those remarks, many of them are true, there are some that are not accurate ... he read what they told him I think he said some impressions, but the background is true. If there has been an oversight on the part of Social Security, at least here in Baja California, Social Security has not put its batteries, it is a federal agency, it has its own delegation, they do not report to the State, however we have been constantly with the Social Security people saying, apply, apply… Social Security in Baja California did not apply, and now we have the problem and it is affecting us in everything else. ”
The health secretary, Pérez Rico, confirmed the affectation to the IMSS Doctors, "it did affect its leaders, its governing body, specifically the clinic 20", to which the governor responded by saying that the actor "No he really told lies ... It is true, there are no mouthguards, doctors, "And he stated:
"Since when are we making these reports ourselves?" Since January, Pérez Rico responds and Bonilla continued, "I have not seen Social Security make these reports in Baja California, in fact I know the delegate, I have to say it, because after two months of being in office, she came to introduce  herself to me, but I have not seen her again. And I ask you -the Secretary of Health- that you are in the clinics. Have you seen the Social Security delegate ? ", Pérez responded:" I have had the opportunity to meet with her twice, "and Bonilla rebuked him again: “In offices, but in clinics? Do you know if the delegate has gone to clinic 20, which is the one on the subject? ” The Secretary hesitated and managed to say, "I do not know if she has gone or has not gone."

 In Baja California there are nine Social Security Hospitals, and to date it is Clinic 20, in which more problems have been evidenced by the lack of supplies, medications, and the presence of medical authorities. It was exposed that several doctors were infected due to the lack of protective equipment, which ended in a considerable absence of doctors to attend to the dozens of Covid19 patients who have saturated hospital beds.
Governor Jaime Bonilla, called on the National Director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo: “The general director of social security at the national level must give a conference, admit what is wrong, because if we do not admit what is wrong, and we are seeing the problem, we are going to try to cover nothing else and people are falling like flies ”.
As of April 13, there has been no information from Social Security, neither national nor in the Baja California delegation, beyond a bulletin issued on April 12 where they said that "the authorities of the Institute in the State promptly attended and controlled a external contagion in several workers of the General Regional Hospital number 20, not attributable to personal protection equipment, nor to the care of suspected or confirmed patients. ”
In addition, the delegate, Desirée Sagarnaga, recorded a video that she also shared on Twitter, to deny the alarm situation reported by actor Eugenio Derbez, in which he said, “Your information is false, do not spread false news… I thank you for the interest in my colleagues, but you should know that in hospital 20 and throughout the institute no doctor with the name you refer to is working, and that in all hospitals there are the personal protection supplies necessary for the care of this contingency ” , a situation that is now denied by the governed Jaime Bonilla, by confirming the problems within the IMSS, and by assuring that Derbez "is not lying".


Okay so that was finally some good news, also must include this regarding ventilators and supplies:

Accede Smiths Medical a Vender Su Produccion a Gobierno de BC
Por, Julieta Aragon

"The Secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism, Mario Escobedo Carignan reported that the Smiths Medical company agreed to sell its production of endotrancheal tubes to the Baja California government, thereby restarting operations, after the current administration suspended its operations on September 7. April.
Smiths Medical is an essential company to face the coronavirus epidemic "from the instruments it is manufacturing" it will sell to the Baja California government, said the official, who explained that the company makes endotracheal tubes that connect to the respirator. and they function as the lungs of people with respiratory problems.
Escobedo Carignan explained that said medical instruments are sent abroad to be sterilized and then return to the country. So, the agreement between the Baja California government and the company is that "they sell them here locally, through their distributor, because (this one) has the authorization of Cofepris to carry out the sale."
In addition, the company will support the Jaime Bonilla Valdez administration with its counterparts in the United States to buy the ventilators. "I understand that out there we had a commitment with them to get 100 ventilators, I think we are going in 20, 25 ventilators," said the state official.
Many companies are changing their production, especially in the textile sector, to make thousands of gowns, face masks, shoe covers, hats, etc. While other companies are helping with in-kind donations like food and full pantries, he added.
During a press conference broadcast this April 13 via Facebook to elaborate on the Economic Plan presented this morning, the head of the SEST indicated that the Mexicali company headed by Ángel Zaizar already has a fan and announced that "we are two weeks away from manufacturing fans that could be being used locally. "
This, as part of the Baja California Crea Challenge program, which will finance projects geared towards scientific, technological, and innovation development that will enable the health emergency to be faced, with a 95 million peso fund lost fund, which is being managed with the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt).
On the other hand, he accused that some companies are looking for how they do to be considered essential, to continue working with their hand work is done “now that it is 33 percent cheaper for importers, and really the position is how I do to be able to send people to the house, it is the only way to face the pandemic. "
"We do not want job sources to be lost, we know that many companies have orders, sending people home means not supplying the next order perhaps, but that decision is going to save lives than any number of fans we could have and it is important that we are conscious ”.
While those companies that are "effectively essential" will receive all the support from the government so that they can continue operating, said the official, who called on companies that would even want to be among the essential companies if they could send their people, without having a serious impact on your company, I wish they did and I wish most of us stayed at home.
Regarding the more than 11 thousand jobs that have been lost in the entity, Escobedo Carignan pointed out that some of them are temporary losses, only some companies have considered that it is better to lay off than to continue paying and will do what is established in the law.
"We are convinced that we will be from the regions of the country and the world that we will have a faster recovery," the official concluded."


So we can end this tonight er...this morning with some gosh darn good reports for a change. Hang in there everyone and keep safe.