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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas ! Latest Stats ! Trump Destroys the Planet ! Honduran Election Fraud ! The Song That Paris Loves The Best At Christmas Time !

Angels Paddling Out For A Set Somewhere Where It Is Not Polluted

 Despite the grim news that at 8:54 am this morning of Christmas Eve Frontera reported that in Tijuana alone this month of December there have been 103 executions which brings the YTD total up to 1,698:

Frontera - Frontera Policiaca Streaming

Suman 103 asesinatos en Diciembre 
por, Luis Gerardo Andrade y Angel Gonzalez

And the fact that Trump and his evil minions has been and is causing severe and extensive damage to the USA and the entire world (or is destroying the planet)

Democracy Now !

Truth Out 

The Intercept 

BTW, you can sign up for email notifications from the Intercept now - here's an excellent one (all the reports are super fantastic) :

The Election Fraud In Honduras Follows Decades Of Corruption Funded By the U.S. War On Drugs 
by, Danielle Marie Mackey

Hope ya'll have a nice Christmas.


Paris went into the VCA in San Diego last week with a small hematoma and had one pin removed. She is feeling her oats and wants to run; the message is pretty clear - she broke out the screen on the bedroom window a couple of days ago (on the advise of Bob who told her to bust out and meet up with him under the lamp post at midnight).  Mike carried her down the steps and took her out in front yesterday but she still has to wait several weeks for a walkie.  Next week she goes in again, another xray and maybe another pin removal. She has been watching BBC 4's "The Detectorists" which she really has been enjoying.

Meanwhile I have a lot of cooking to do today (cranberries, mince pie, fruit salad for next door and bread...we're having lamb tomorrow with wild rice), we managed to put up a tree and last minute garland and I somehow found the Instant Nativity Scene, and Mike put a tiny statue of a pup in the Manger.  Have a nice Holiday !