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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Only In Santa Cruz ------ Link To Poland: The Suwalki Gap


Maybe by the end of the week they will have captured her:

 ~ From Surfer Magazine:

Surfboard Stealing Sea Otter Sparks Controversy In Santa Cruz

By, Dashel Pierson


Meanwhile, check out the trend and how people are cashing in on the plight of 841:

Bumper stickers:

Lots of tee shirts:


Go over to Etsy, there are tons and more I couldn't upload.


Okay, I was told I cannot take any more vitamins or the Voltaren (75mg usually at this point 3 to 4 times a day for pain) before knee replacement surgery, so I am a basket case and just not able to blog. Monday I have two appointments and one more lab to do, worn out. But you guys have the links, and keep an eye on the Wagner boyz hanging out around Poland, bad news.

Luckily it hasn't been really hot here but it has been muggy. The more I read about Hawaii, the more I am turned off. Pro Publica  did a series of reports on Hawaii which you might be interested in; in some cases, their reports inspired government intervention:

 ~ From ProPublica:

An older report:


If you go to a search on google street views, you can pretty much scout out the neighborhoods, and it is shocking how many of them are below poverty level, some even worse than they are down here. The drugs and crime are problematic, and of course, the traffic is ridiculous. Oh brother.

So maybe I'll go back to looking at Santa Cruz again. I also got some creepy feelings looking at some very old houses, like they were haunted and I would never be comfortable visiting the Plantation Museum in Oahu where so many people suffered as slave laborers. Aloha.

Problem is, I think the locals might be pissed off at me up in Santa Cruz because I think 841 probably needs to go to the Monterey hospital and be checked out.

Wish me luck, should be back in a couple of weeks.

A song for 841: