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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Trump Threatens Mexico - Complete Letter In English Of AMLO's Response To The Orange Madman - Zeta Reports M ay Ends With 194 Executions In Tijuana

Didn't he do this before to both Mexico and Canada - but with steel & aluminum then reneged?  I think this is typical Trump bullshit strongman tactics and an attempted diversion from the ongoing congressional investigations of the Unredacted Mueller Report and the mounting pressure to begin impeachment proceedings. I do not think Trump will be successful, but I might be wrong.

Howdy everyone out there, I have been working and working around here sanding, priming, repairing Paris damage, everything and I'm exhausted but need to get this stuff done before the weather gets hot.We also have been clearing out everything swooping down and showing no  mercy. We'll see about the painting. As far as the inside walls which are textured and everywhere, it all needs to be shop vaced due to the outrageous amount of dust from two years of messy construction around us. I only have five bulbs to go in the back, the side and front look awful and have been replacing my Heissner Gnomes which were destroyed  during the great Xeriscape Garden Disaster.  You can never have too many gnomes ! Look, here is one I found on ebay for a song - it's an oldie, terracotta, probably early post WWII; he is 9 inches tall...although I can't put him outside because he is too precious:

Here is another, this little guy is 13.5 inches tall - this is the hard plastic, adorable:

This one I love, but he is too expensive, he is 17 inches tall, terra-cotta but her starting bid is like $225.00 dollars so forget that unless I win the lottery:

So, I need a few more, completely gnomed out.  Meanwhile I thought this interview with Ambassador John Feeley made sense:

From PBS: 06/01/19|7m 15s

Will Trump's Mexico tariffs Achieve His Immigration Goals? 

And the response from AMLO:

From Zeta:

Aranceles no convienen a nadie, dice AMLO; "haga lo que se debe hacer," le responde Trump en Twitter 
Por, Carlos Alvarez - 05/31/19

***Wait...excuse me, who the fu*k  does Trump think he is and where does he get off telling AMLO to do what he should do?  What an asshole.***  Here it is, pasted for you:

"President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Friday that he is confident that his US counterpart, Donald Trump, will rectify his measure of imposing tariffs on Mexican products, assuring that the action does not suit either of the two countries.
"I think President Trump will understand that this is not the way things can be resolved, I think there will be a rectification, if not immediately, there must be, because these measures are not convenient for Mexicans but neither to the Americans, "said the Tabasco-born politician, who also affirmed that US citizens are in favor of free trade among nations, and" we must listen to them. "
In his morning conference from the National Palace, the Mexican president elaborated on what was said in the letter sent Thursday night to Trump, and emphasized that the US government will not be answered in a desperate way, so it will be prioritized the dialogue and understanding to reach an agreement.
Yesterday, the president of Mexico responded to Trump in a letter asking for a dialogue to seek alternatives to the immigration problem. "Remember that I do not lack courage, that I am no coward or timid but that I act on principle," he wrote.
"There are friendly relations with the people of the United States and also economic, cultural relations, more than 3 thousand kilometers of border, 24 million Mexicans live and work in the US, so we are obliged to act with great prudence," said López Obrador. .
The Mexican president considered that Mexico is fulfilling its responsibility in immigration policy and assured that it understands that migrants move from their places of origin, in a desperate way, due to lack of opportunity, work and violence.
"We have to help so that they do not enter illegally into the United States, but we also have to do it respecting human rights, no authoritarianism, they are human beings [...] In the last hours I have received calls of support from Mexicans of all the sectors, there is a solidarity of the people of Mexico towards our Government, a support as never before, "he said.
For his part, Donald Trump said that Mexico has taken advantage of the United States and has made a fortune for decades, in addition to criticizing the Democratic legislators of his country for immigration laws in the United States. "For decades, you can easily solve this problem. It's time to finally do what must be done! "He said in his Twitter social network account.
"Mexico has taken advantage of the United States for decades. Because of the Democrats, our migration laws are bad. Mexico makes a fortune at the expense of the United States, "said Trump, who yesterday announced that he will gradually impose a tariff for all Mexican imports, which would begin with 5 percent on June 10 and could reach 25 percent in October, until the illegal migration to their territory is stopped."


Just in case you didn't have a chance to read the entire initial AMLO response, here it is in English :

 - From The Mazatlan Post - 05/31/19

This Is the Entire Letter That AMLO Sent To Trump And where He Tells Him That He Is Not Afraid Of Him 

"AMLO sent a letter to the president of the United States in response to the tariffs announced by Donald Trump.

Here the full letter of the President of Mexico to the President of the United States, Donald Trump.




Mexico City, May 30, 2019

President Donald Trump:

I am aware of his last position in relation to Mexico. In advance, I express to you that I do not want confrontation.

The peoples and nations we represent deserve that, in the face of any conflict in our relations, however serious they may be, we will resort to dialogue and act with prudence and responsibility.

The best president of Mexico, Benito Juárez, maintained excellent relations with the republican hero Abraham Lincoln.

Later, when the oil expropriation, the Democratic president Franklin D. Roosevelt understood the profound reasons that led the patriotic president Lázaro Cárdenas to act in favor of our sovereignty.
By the way, President Roosevelt was a titan of liberties.

Before anyone proclaimed the four fundamental rights of man: the right to freedom of speech; the right to freedom of religion; the right to live free from fear; and the right to live free from misery.

In this thought we put our policy on the immigration issue.

Human beings do not abandon their villages for pleasure but for necessity.

That is why, from the beginning of my government, I proposed opting for cooperation for development and helping the Central American countries with productive investments to create jobs and resolve this painful issue in depth.

You also know that we are fulfilling our responsibility to avoid, as far as possible and without violating human rights, the passage through our country.

It is worth remembering that, in a short time, Mexicans will not need to go to the United States and that migration will be optional, not forced.

This, because we are fighting corruption, the main problem in Mexico as never before! And, in this way, our country will become a power with a social dimension.

Our countrymen will be able to work and be happy where they were born, where their relatives, their customs and their cultures are.

President Trump: social problems are not resolved by taxes or coercive measures.

How to convert the country of fraternity overnight to the world’s migrants in a ghetto, in a closed space, where the right to justice is stigmatized, mistreated, persecuted, expelled and canceled? to those who seek with effort and work to live free from misery?

The Statue of Liberty is not an empty symbol.

With all due respect, although it has the sovereign right to express it, the slogan “United States First” is a fallacy because until the end of time, even over national borders, universal justice and fraternity will prevail.

Specifically, Citizen President: I propose to deepen the dialogue, seek alternatives to fund the migration problem and, please remember that I do not lack courage, I’m not cowardly or timid but I act on principles:

I believe in politics that, among other things, was invented to avoid confrontation and war.
I do not believe in the Law of Talon, in the “tooth for tooth” or in the “eye for an eye” because, if we go to those, we would all be chimuelos or one-eyed.

I believe that statesmen, and even more so those of Nation, are obliged to seek peaceful solutions to controversies and to put into practice, forever, the beautiful ideal of non-violence.

Finally, I propose that you instruct your officials, if you do not mind, to attend representatives of our government, headed by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, who from tomorrow will move to Washington to reach an agreement for the benefit of the two nations.

Nothing by force, everything by reason and Law!

Andrés Manuel López Obrador
President of Mexico
National Palace, Plaza de la Constitución s / n, Patio de Honor, 06066 Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City
Source: notimex
The Mazatlan Post


Very Quick and Incomplete Summary Local Events:

 ~ Currently, the peso is climbing back up, wavering between 19 & 20 due to the Maniac Trump which of course is making matters worse for the Mexican people.The stats are no bueno, we are up to 188+ executed in Tijuana the past month of May  with multiple attacks on the authorities, I'll be back with those reports hopefully next week.  Sunday is Election Day down here, so it might be a bit more quiet. Zeta has written an excellent report on the ocean pollution|contamination here and in Rosarito Beach which I will post next time around and you really need to pay attention to this one especially if you are thinking of coming down to go for a dip in the ocean, no visible guerros in RB over Memorial Day Weekend.  We were going to take all this stuff down to the Jornaleros, but it is weird down in Ensenada, more killings, large amounts of dope in all the old familiar places (Punta Banda, La Bocana, San Quintin), so Mike has taken some boxes to the Red Cross, a thousand more to go. Trouble out on the spit again - get this, remember the gringos who bought back their fabulous expensive homes on the spit after the other gringos were kicked out?  They are in trouble now, there is another property dispute, it is deja vu all over again in paradise so they might be history.

UPDATE: Zeta is reporting according to the PGJE that 194 are dead/executed in Tijuana during the last month of May:

 ~ From Zeta:

Cierra Mayo Con 194 Homicidios En Tijuana


Okay - over and out for now, back to the salt mines: let us hope AMLO sticks to his guns.