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Monday, December 12, 2016

Perpetual Violence - Perpetual Occupation -- SSPE Stats: Tijuana Breaks All Previous Records For Executions

It was like a case of dominoes and if you are a Mexico insider or analyst, el jefe (de jefes) de SEDENA's Major General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda's statements a few days back came as no surprise.  General Cienfuegos stated that it would be okay with him if the Military retired to their barracks, they are uncomfortable chasing the criminals throughout Mexico and bullets alone would not win this drug war.  Since last October the General has admitted that the Military has become worn down by the fight with organized crime and has been advocating a "legal framework" for them to continue operations on the streets. He was outraged and dissatisfied with the promised improvement of the local, State and Federal police divisions and he cast doubt on the newly created Judicial system.

 Following the General's statement, Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto concurred with him and agreed that the Military's role in current surveillance and security in Mexico is really not what the Army should be doing and in essence a legal framework is necessary to keep them in the streets.

Our neighbor Reuban's reaction when we asked him what he thought said, "...the Congress will make sure the Army stays in the streets". And, there has been a call for a special session of the Congress and the Chamber of Deputies along with previously drafted initiatives lawmakers have been busy working on to allow for permanent occupation of the Military in the streets within a "legal framework".

Several human rights groups are objecting to a quick solution or at least for the lawmakers to follow the advise of the High Commission to return the soldiers back to the barracks in a responsible and gradual fashion accompanied by a law (s) which would regulate the use of force and establish a checks and balance system to monitor and supervise their activity.

Realistically, the USA will never allow Mexico to fall further into chaos. I guess we'll have to wait for WikiLeaks releases to find out what part the U.S. played in assuring the Mexican Army remain in the streets to keep the lid on so to speak.  We all know that the U.S. uses Mexico as a strategic buffer and of course as a huge part of the corporation dynasty which enslaves all of us.

Meanwhile, I have to send some more doggie emails to get on waiting lists for breeders - one breeder will know on the 16th by an ultrasound if her female is pregnant....if not, we might still pursue a rescue (maybe two) from DaphneyLand.  So, to keep you occupied here is another terrific interactive from Animal Politico which gives you a deeper understanding of the violence and the impact this drug war has had on Mexico and her citizens.  You can play around with it, hit all the buttons and participate and there is also an important section devoted to the CJNG tracing a historical timeline from their origins from 2007 to their present global domination.  I will return with the recent stats from our region, which have of course increased.

Animal Politico

10 anos de Guerra:  Como hemos cambiado


Courtesy Frontera, Just one of the 849 and counting

 Tijuana Breaks All Previous Records For Executions

A few weeks back, Zeta used the figures from SEMEFO for violent homicides in Tijuana, which were about thirty more than the official SSPE numbers.  Since then we have not received monthly totals from SEMEFO via Zeta, so we'll just have to stick with the official SSPE numbers.

As of yesterday (12/11/16) Frontera and El Mexicano are both reporting 849 homicides in Tijuana since the beginning of the year which is a number that surpasses all previous years since 2006 for the same time frame. Problem is, they keep happening - I am counting four more just in Tijuana since those reports.

I am not receiving complete totals for January through November of this year to date for the remaining Municipalities from the media.  However, I'm going to give you the link where you can check for yourself the homicide rates up until the end of October of this year for these Municipalities, and keep in mind, these are not SEMEFO stats.

January 2016 - October 2016

Mexicali:  95

Ensenada:  48

Tecate:  42

Rosarito:  62

So, taking the 849 number plus the amounts listed above and not counting the months of November and December or my recent additions, we are at 1,096 executions in Baja California and that number will increase substantially with the November and December stats added to the other four Municipalities, plus the remainder of December for Tijuana.

Here you can compare the statistics of each Municipality to previous years by clicking the year:

Seguridad BC

Estadisticas Delictivas


Dylan was prescient......

Translation by "Sotano Beat"

" Oh,¿dónde has estado, mi querido hijo de ojos azules? ¿dónde has estado, mi joven querido?

 He tropezado con la ladera de doce brumosas montañas, he andado y me he arrastrado en seis autopistas curvadas, he andado en medio de siete bosques sombríos, he estado delante de una docena de océanos muertos, me he adentrado diez mil millas en la boca de un cementerio, y es dura, es dura, es dura, es muy dura, es muy dura la lluvia que va a caer.

 Oh, ¿y qué viste, mi hijo de ojos azules? Oh, ¿qué viste, mi joven querido?

 Vi lobos salvajes alrededor de un recién nacido, vi una autopista de diamantes que nadie usaba, vi una rama negra goteando sangre todavía fresca, vi una habitación llena de hombres cuyos martillos sangraban, vi una blanca escalera cubierta de agua, vi diez mil oradores de lenguas estaban rotas, vi pistolas y espadas en manos de niños, y es dura, es dura, es dura, y es muy dura, es muy dura la lluvia que va a caer.

 ¿Y qué oíste, mi hijo de ojos azules? ¿Y qué oíste, mi joven querido?

 Oí el sonido de un trueno, que rugió sin aviso, oí el bramar de una ola que pudiera anegar el mundo entero, oí cien tamborileros cuyas manos ardían, oí diez mil susurros y nadie escuchando, oí a una persona morir de hambre, oí a mucha gente reír, oí la canción de un poeta que moría en la cuneta, oí el sonido de un payaso que lloraba en el callejón, y es dura, es dura, es dura, es muy dura, es dura la lluvia que va a caer.

 Oh, ¿a quién encontraste, mi hijo de ojos azules? ¿Y a quién encontraste, mi joven querido?

Encontré un niño pequeño junto a un pony muerto, encontré un hombre blanco que paseaba un perro negro, encontré una mujer joven cuyo cuerpo estaba ardiendo, encontré a una chica que me dio un arco iris, encontré a un hombre que estaba herido de amor, encontré a otro, que estaba herido de odio; y es dura, es dura, es dura, es muy dura, es muy dura la lluvia que va a caer.

 ¿Y ahora qué harás, mi hijo preferido? ¿Y ahora qué harás, mi joven querido?

 Voy a regresar afuera antes que la lluvia comience a caer, caminaré hacia el abismo del más profundo bosque negro, donde la gente es mucha y sus manos están vacías, donde el veneno contamina sus aguas, donde el hogar en el valle encuentra el desaliento de la sucia prisión, y la cara del verdugo está siempre bien escondida, donde el hambre amenaza, donde las almas están olvidadas, donde el negro es el color, y ninguno el número, y lo contaré, lo diré, lo pensaré y lo respiraré, y lo reflejaré desde la montaña para que todas las almas puedan verlo, luego me mantendré sobre el océano hasta que comience a hundirme, pero sabré bien mi canción antes de empezar a cantarla, y es dura, es dura, es dura, es muy dura, es muy dura la lluvia que va a caer.