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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thank You West Virginia ! Bernie: 51.4% vs. Tricky Dick....errr sorry I meant Hillary: 36%

Bernie Sanders (won) 16
 51.4% 118,159

 Hillary Clinton 11
 36.0% 82,804

 I just came home and since CBS (as some call it, the Clinton Broadcasting System) has not yet published the whallop Hillary took, I posted the figures from AP above. We are all smiles here, except for these recent reports that 40% of Bernie Sanders voters will switch and vote for Trump in the November General Election. I call bullshit on this, already there is a petition requesting him to run as a third party Independent and the people I spoke with today in the States are planning to write him in.

 I owe you several reports on the contamination due to raw sewage dumping coming from Tijuana on our beaches, and current news on the support of the Jornaleros of San Quintin, Ensenada in the United States. Executions and chaos from the drug war continues, even in light of the fact that Presidente Pena was in Rosarito on Sunday last....but more interesting, when we were in town on Saturday I dropped off a Bernie bumper sticker from Miss Lizzy of New York (with an expletive !) to a somewhat famous business person who has been around since I was a kid. He loved it, but he also said, "They won't let him win."  One thing is for sure, this race is getting more exciting by the moment....thank you West Virginia !!

 The Muffin is doing pretty good under the circumstances (our lives basically center around her), she gets a baby bath this weekend with Monoi Tiare Shampoo and I'm going to make tacos!!