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Monday, November 14, 2016


I read that the immigration to Canada sites are overwhelmed with inquiries; in other words despite Donald Trump's phony reassurance to people living in the United States to "Don't be afraid, we are going to make America great again" on the 60 Minutes interview, people are scared as they should be.

Courtesy Truthdig

   Knowing the conventional corporate media (including Opray Winfrey !), this fact will be overlooked.  As far as the drug war and Mexico no one wants to relocate here, the atmosphere in the United States and Mexico is too unpredictable and unstable. The promoters were hoping for a Hillary win to squeeze out a little more juice for gringo tourism and relocation, but those days are over. Now with the proposed one to three million deportations of the criminal element which Trump says are "gang members...drug dealers" the cartels are making plans for new recruits, the question is will these new recruits overwhelm Mexican law enforcement ?

 There are calls for people across the United States to organize and fight the authoritarian Trump agenda, but if they can organize as well as the neo-nazis of the right and are able to be as dedicated remains to be seen. Plus there are still plenty of people in denial believing that Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice.  Once again, here are the top reports from the progressive sites to the current events in the United States (more on the sidebar):

The Intercept

Democracy Now !

Common Dreams 



I'll be back with the latest local drug war stats, taking advantage of cooler weather to complete delayed projects around here; but here's a good film you might want to check out (no pun intended)with Cillian Murphy ( The Irish heartthrob you might recall who played the main character from Peaky Blinders.) We watched the first part last night, will try to finish it tonight: