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Friday, April 5, 2019

Subpoenas May Be Going Out To Release the Mueller Report !!! Trump's Latest Threat To Mexico

A warning that this will be a work in progress because I am completely limited on time.  Okay so here's my excuse: I have a small window of opportunity to accomplish things around the house and outside since the wound clinic released me.  In two more weeks I go back to have the laser treatments (photodynamic therapy) on my legs which will really knock me for a loop. So, until then I am free, but everything is a disaster around here.

 - The best news is that subpoenas may be going out to release the Mueller Report, because we all know the Barr Report was bullshit:

 ~ From Vox: note related reports under article:

House Judiciary Committee Authorizes Subpoenas For Full Mueller Report
By, Andrew Prokop - 04/03/19

You've probably already seen this, I posted it right after the Barr bombshell over on another site and I didn't even get a point for it due to a rampage of Trump psychos.


 - Trump's threat to close the Mexico-U.S. border was more bluster and bluff from the billowing orange balloon which actually scared a lot of people down here.  Yesterday we were up in San Diego (no I didn't win the lottery and buy the Warner Springs Adobe Fixer, sigh) and two amigas of mine who are Mexican citizens approached me at a store and were stressed that the border would actually close.  These gals live in Tijuana and commute to work in San Diego everyday and indicated that their friends were also worried sick. One of their friends they told me leaves TIJ early in the morning while the rest of us are sleeping in, uses the pedestrian crossing sometimes having to wait forever in line then on the US side catches a bus to go to work and repeats the process at the end of the day. How many of us could do that? This is what Trump does, he scares people.

But now, the new threat is that he is giving Mexico one years time to stop the flow the drugs into the US or he will close the border.  Does this mean he is willing to legalize the drugs and set up treatment facilities for addictions?  No, it means he is a moron.

 ~ From The New York Times:

 Trump Retreats On Threat To Close Mexican Border Offering A 'One Year Warning'
by, Annie Karni & Zolan Kanni -Youngs 


 - Democracy Now ! has an interesting interview with Professor Humberto Beck; hopefully they will do more of these with more perspectives:

AMLO: How Mexico's New Leftist President Has Navigated Corruption, Inequality and Trump


~ And how about Chicago , wow what a difference a day makes ! A Landslide ! Does anyone remember Mayor Daley and the '68 DNC Convention ?  Mike does, he was there.  Congratulations to Chicago, way to go !

 I'll be back and forth and in and out with the local events of the drug war over the next few days, I hope I don't sprain anything, completely out of shape after these weeks which turned into months. And, I finally found the acai ice cream at Sprouts but it costs an arm and a leg.  Paris says WOOF !