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Sunday, March 5, 2023

News For You To Chew On....

From the New York Times


  Brian sent over a link the other day on the "Stagecoach Chile" blog regarding some aspects of the brutality of the drug wars here in Mexico. Another problem I did not address while briefly chatting with him was that I think there is simply no audience/ market for the drug war news: everyone knows about it and everyone is basically burned out on it. Importantly; everyone is nervous and everyone is scared. There is an incredible amount of anger as opposed to sadness over the direction Mexico is going under AMLO; not to mention the half-million angry Mexican people who demonstrated in the Zocalo against AMLO's repressive measures. Oh right...500,000 people just in Mexico City - and yet the number was minimized by the AMLO sycophants to merely 90,000. Of course it was minimized.


"Very little tolerance" indeed: have you noticed that journalists and politicians alike all across the nation who do not tow the line have simply vanished ? (Even Morenistas) Poof, gone. It will come as no surprise to any of us that AMLO's unification of the guard and Military is also being looked at askew and rather shall we say, authoritarian. Anything remember - perceived or real deemed to be askew is plainly put, crooked. Nervous yet? Problem is or one of them at least, the drug guys ain't nervous, at all. They are on a roll.

Still, there were 140 plus executions in Tijuana last month and we are off to a roaring start this month of March.  And even still, there were several killings in the States due to lack of and sloppy gun control. But before we all fade away into denial, it would probably be a good idea for y'all to keep abreast of local and national events in both countries.

Be prepared to be pulled over and searched by the Mexican Army with automatic weapons entering Mexico at Chaparral in TIJ (and these guys are rough) - especially if thou art a gringo. Why do I get the distinct feeling AMLO gave the order to do this because he just does not like gringos - except he liked Donald Trump. What a sketchy disaster. 

I'm going to be out of circulation for a few weeks - wish me luck with the knee - so here are at least some of the Mexico links:


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Of course, say a little prayer for the Ukraine. Did anyone find out when AMLO is going to visit Moscow ? 

Take care.