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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Bernie Takes New Hampshire !!! We Have Some Tijuana Stats BTW...coming up...after the chamomile...02/13: UPDATE: THE STATS FOR TIJ: JANUARY ENDED WITH 169 EXECUTIONS; 62 SO FAR THIS MONTH YTD TIJ = 231; FEMICIDES RISING

I wasn't exactly calm this morning after the news about the reduction of the sentence  of the Trump scumbag and fellow gangster, Roger Stone:

 ~ From Politico: 02/11/20

"The reckoning following President Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal came into sharper focus on Tuesday.

Less than a week after the Senate rejected two articles of impeachment against Trump, the president bashed federal prosecutors for recommending a stiff sentence for Roger Stone, attacked the judge overseeing high-profile cases involving his ex-advisers, and suggested that the military could discipline Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a star impeachment witness..."

Read More....

Trump Takes Post-Impeachment Reckoning to Next Level - 02/11/20
By, Josh Gerstein and Daniel Lippman 


That news was preceded by William our neighbor next door who is a Bernie supporter telling Mike that essentially Bernie would be buried by the DNC a few more primaries down the road, a CNN front page interview with  James Carville (Bill Clinton's campaign manager) warning the Democratic Party is losing it's collective mind promoting "radical" leftists (of course we are to assume he meant Bernie) and in so doing is doomed to failure in 2020 and the two following reports:

 ~ From Counterpunch: (and this one should make you cry)

The Game Is Rigged
By Paul Street

And for the record, we love Jeffrey St. Clair...sometimes I wonder what it would be like to meet him at a party if I were ever to be invited that is being from the upper balcony; probably I would be overwhelmed and dumbstruck and intimidated due to his Mensa level. But he broke my heart here, even though he is correct:

"+ Who says there are no second acts in American political life? The DNC is conspiring to change its nominating rules to stop Sanders at the convention in Milwaukee. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, your Uber has arrived…

+ The Democratic Party has finally begun to fight dirty like a real Resistance™ movement…against Bernie Sanders.

+ If voting could change anything, they’d make an app for it…(Apologies to Emma Goldman.)

+ Russia, if you’re listening, and you can find the missing votes in Iowa, America will be forever grateful…"

Read More Here, he covered the whole shebang:

 ~ From Counterpunch: 

Roaming Charges: When Satan Quotes Scripture - 02/07/20 
By, Jeffrey St. Clair 


Which brings us to this evening watching the returns from New Hampshire. I was on Needles and Pins-a, and after Bernie's Victory Speech, I cried in the dish water.  When the fawk is America ever going to get its shit together ?

Nine Minutes of Bliss:

 Would someone please wake me up and tell me this is NOT going to be a heartbreaker ?


Stats coming up, I desperately need a chamomile salt soak.


UPDATE/EDIT 02/13/2020:  Okay, finally some stats.  I think it is too early to tell if the drug war is winding down in our region..  You may want to compare the current numbers to last years... noticing a drop in the executions from the other Municipalities.  If you go to Zeta , click the Noticias del Dia and what I've also noticed seems to be a higher rate of drug seizures up and down the coast.  I need to mention that since the statement of Padre Solalinde last year, the National Guard itself has been involved in several  instances of corruption with drugs throughout their ranks and across the country, and of course their role has pivoted to the focus of holding back the Migrantes. 

 ~ From Zeta:

January of 2020 ended with 169 executions/homicides in Tijuana .  We are not receiving inside information at this point if the killers (sicarios) of the victims are recovering drug shipment/ locations from their adversaries then killing them and keeping this information for themselves or handing it over to the authorities, or even sharing it:

Concluye Enero Con 169 Homicidios en Tijuana
Por, Lourdes Liza Romero 

Just a bit after noon today, Zeta reports that 62 people have been executed in Tijuana so far this month, giving the city a YTD figure of 231 dead.  Importantly, the emphasis is on yet another femicide in Tijuana, bringing the number up to five so far this month and YTD 19 femicides in Tijuana.  There has been an ongoing movement not only in Tijuana but nationwide to protest the ever increasing numbers of femicides in Mexico, which have become status quo.

Matan a Otra Mujer, Van 19 en Tijuana en 2020 

"In a state of putrefaction, the body of a woman was located in an unpopulated area in the Abelardo L. Rodríguez dam, in Tijuana, on the night of Wednesday, February 12. With this fact they  have added 5 victims in the month, and 19 so far this year; according to figures from the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI).
Information referring to ZETA, indicates that yesterday around 20:08 hours to the emergency center it was reported that on a neighborhood road, almost to the edge of the Rodriguez dam was the lifeless body of a woman.
Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at the site and confirmed the finding; Therefore, the presence of the State Research Agency's Processing Group was requested to carry out the corresponding procedures. So far the woman has not been identified.
In other malicious events on Wednesday, the murder of a man identified as Jesús González Jiménez, 28, was recorded. The victim had a head injury from a firearm projectile. The crime occurred on Estrella del Sur Street on the slopes of the hill of the Niño Artillero neighborhood.
Then, on Revolution Street and Fernando Montes De Oca, in the Arenales B neighborhood, the male body of approximately 50 years was located, which was covered with a blanket. The deceased, so far unidentified, was a bruised wound on his face.

Two men were arrested, after their alleged participation in a homicide registered in the La Gloria neighborhood, the morning of this Thursday, February 13.
Finally this morning of Thursday, February 13, a man was executed while traveling on Miguel Hidalgo Street, in La Gloria neighborhood. After the events the hitmen fled aboard a black Hyundai van, heading for the Free Rosarito-Tijuana Highway; site where a police persecution began that culminated in the streets Governor Lugo and Guillermo Prieto in the Cacho neighborhood. Two men were arrested and secured by a firearm.
So far this month, 62 people have been executed, while in the year 231 homicides have been recorded."


Over and out for now.  

end edit.