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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Links To Current Reports on Ruben Espinosa - SSPE Homicide Totals for BC

Ruben Espinosa

I haven't been here because of house projects and we needed to buy and install a UPS battery backup, ours died after three years. You really should have one of these, especially in Tijuana and for sure in SADM due to the intense and continual fluctuations in electricity which will eventually wear out your computer and potentially blow out your television (or other appliances) like it did to one of our neighbors.  Anyway, these do provide surge protection and regulate the voltage, either by trimming it or boosting it to the proper levels for your computer.


*Worldwide revulsion, another reason the thinking gringos out of pure disgust or at least those with a conscience will not return to Mexico and reeling anger throughout Mexico over the brutal horrific torture, rape and executions of Proceso (and many other publications) photojournalist Ruben Espinoza and the four women he was with in colonia Narvarte of Mexico City, the place which he had fled to on 07/31.  (*AN article also notes other journalists executed this month of July:  Juan Mendoza Delgado in Veracruz and radio reporter Filadelfo Sanchez Sarmiento in Oaxaca. Zeta  notes the protest by journalists at the SYPOE this morning bringing us up to date on the executions of journalists in Veracruz from 2011 to date: fourteen (14) have been killed in Veracruz during the government of Javier Duarte.)


Edit 08/06:  Proceso printed out a more inclusive photo of the Tijuana reporters and photojournalists yesterday at the SYPOE:

end edit.


Gee, I wonder who this could possibly be?

According to "caricaturista" Raphael Pineda this recent killing is an indication that there is a systematic hunting down of journalists and photojournalists by the government of Veracruz.  Rafael himself left Veracruz four years ago and relocated to Mexico City - a place which was considered to be a safe haven for reporters and photojournalists.  Now he is thinking about completely leaving the country.

In 2012, thirty Mexican journalists applied for asylum to the Human Rights Commission of the Federal District (CDHDF) , twenty of these were from Veracruz.  Raphael said he has been in touch with other self-exiled colleagues from Veracruz who are now in Mexico City and at least one of them indicated that he is very scared.  His colleague believes these recent executions are a message being sent directly to reporters and photojournalists - a type of revenge for exposing the government of Javier Duarte of Veracruz.

Between 2014 and 2015 eighty journalists filed complaints for harassment and threats, twenty of them have received what is known as "hard protective measures" according to Noe Zavaleta a correspondent for Proceso during Sunday's (08/02) protests in the DF over the slaughter of Ruben and the women.  However according to Noe, Ruben loved his freedom and would never have succumbed to two policemen guarding (?) over him.

At the very end of this article is the interview with Pedro Valtierra, the Director of Cuartoscuro describing how Ruben felt hounded and persecuted in Veracruz because of his work and gives little credence to current official investigations over the murders; also many more reports, videos and pictures:

Aristegui Noticias
Hay una caceria de periodistas incomodos para Duarte:'rape'

Presente attacked in Poza Rica, Veracruz courtesy Aristegui Noticias

Meanwhile, the offices of Presente in Poza Rica, Veracruz were attacked Monday (08/03)
morning where three vehicles were burned and the front of the building sustained eighteen gunshots.  More links under this article:

Aristegui Noticias - noticed this is not coming up, google in title:
Atacan oficinas de poza rica cndh exige castigo a responsables

Here are many reports one right after the next, including updates on the two women so far identified who were with Ruben which will break your heart:

Arisegui Noticias - If the link doesn't come up google in the title.

Ruben Espinosa - Aristegui Noticias 

Nadie Vera Perez

If you read nothing else, read this article about Nadie Vera Perez one of the four women tortured, raped and killed with Ruben and the others on 07/31.  Nadie, a dedicated activist and #YoSoy132 member had also experienced government harassment, hounding and abuse, but she kept on going until the fateful afternoon:

Aristegui Noticias

Javier Duarte fuiste tu Comite Universitario de Lucha de Veracruz


The executions in our area continue, here are the current statistics from January until the end of June with a total of 377 in Baja California - click "Incidencia Delictiva" for reports:


Add to that figure, 58 homicides during the month of July which will put us at 435 (and we still have five months to go this year) - we had burned bodies, bodies thrown out on Blvd. 2000 and the Scenic Highway, bodies left on the streets, bodies with narco-messages, human bones discarded on the beach, a vehicle left abandoned on Avenida International with narco-message, and bodies in most of the Municipalities of BC.

Everyone seems to be holding their breath in anticipation of even more shoot outs and killings throughout the region, particularly after the execution on 07/30/15  in Tijuana's Zona Norte of Eufrosina Alvarado Jaimes, the mother of Alberto Avila Alvarado aka "El Chacal" (now under arrest) who was thought to be one of the replacements for "El Mono" the long time leader-jefe of the CAF in the Zona Norte and  the Zona Centro who was murdered last spring.


Cierra Julio con 58 homicidios

I'll be back.

P.S. Weirdly when I go to Aristegui Noticias after a few moments either the site or the reports no longer come up.  I checked with several people in San Diego who said they are having the same problem, the pages or the site won't come up.  If I use the VPN there is no problem. ???