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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Subect Is Donald Trump the Manic Maniac & North Korea

Courtesy Democracy Now!

 We will return to the outrageous violence situation in Baja Califronia with updated numbers on the executions, an almost lock down situation in the Zona Centro TIJ due to robberies and assaults with   intermittent police security controls, added information on the Ensenada-San Quintin problems of insecurity and interviews with local leaders with their viewpoints.  Three surprise (at least I was) front page articles from the beginning of the week from Frontera covering the beach-ocean contamination from Tijuana to Ensenada also coming up. I wanted to mention that several Mexican news sources have reported that the construction of Donald Trump's Wall has started in San Diego. This is a correction: What will start  is the replacement of the old landing mat primary fence (the one you see alongside Avenida Internacional). The funding for this replacement was already approved during the Obama Administration.

As you know, I'm not a technically minded person but this was so exciting I thought I would share it with you, and most of you probably already knew about it.  The next few reports from two websites on the Korea situation are also available on podcasts.  Yesterday we had to go up to the states again and Mike showed me this little trick:

1.  Press Blue Tooth as the source on your car radio.

2.  Go to the website you want to listen to (in these cases it would be Democracy Now! and/or The Intercept) on your smart phone and hit play.

3.  Blue Tooth automatically makes the connection and you can listen to the news from these (or other) sources on your radio instead of the conventional corporate blah blah rah rah.

Oh doh, you already knew about how to do that?  Okay, whatever. (;


Several Important Reports on Trump & North Korea:

An easy to read super informative historical run down on North Korea:

The Intercept - 08/06/2017

Jeremy Scahill interview with John Feffer, the Director of Foreign Policy In Focus @ the Institute for Policy Studies

Is Donald Trump Tweeting the U.S. Into A War On North Korea 

Another previous Jeremy Scahill interview with John Feffer a few days earlier with my favorite ending:

"JS: OK, John, really quick, a speed round here: Who is more likely to use a nuclear weapon, Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un? Brief answer, please.

JF: Donald Trump.

JS: OK, who is more of a narcissist: Kim Jong-un or Donald Trump?

JF: Donald Trump, absolutely. [Laughing.] I mean, it’s a function of American culture. Korean culture doesn’t foster that kind of narcissism.

JS: Who spends more time on their hair each morning: Kim Jong-un or Donald Trump?

JF: That’s a good question. I mean, probably, you know, Donald Trump because he’s older and his hair requires that kind of care.

JS: Whose suits are more expensive: Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un?

JF: Definitely Donald Trump. Absolutely.

JS: Are both Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump’s suits made in China?

JF: [Laughs.] Not the North Korean, I mean Kim Jong-un is either going to get suits from the West or they’re going to be produced by the vinyl lawn factories inside North Korea.

JS: OK, well, we’re going to give you — your prize is on the way, it’s an amazing North Korean car, it runs totally on Juche.

JF: That’s fabulous and is this going to be delivered by Amazon drone?

JS: It is, yes, we’re trying to have our own peace settlement here between Trump and Kim Jong-un, and I think we’ve figured it out, John. John Feffer, thanks for being with us on Intercepted.

JF: Thank you for having me on the show."

 The Intercept - 08/02/2017

Intercepted Podcast: Pyongyang and The White House Gang


Today's Classic Reports:

Democracy Now ! - 08/09/17

This link includes do not miss related segments with Allan Nairn:

Forget Russia, Is Provoking a Nuclear War with North Korea Grounds For Impeachment?


More of today's classic reports:

The Intercept

With more related links under the report:

The Madman with Nuclear Weapons Is Donald Trump, Not Kim Jong-Un
 by, Mendi Hasan


As promised last blog:  USA is falling apart at the seams, yes it is:

The Intercept - 07/22/2017

Donald Trump And The Coming Fall of American Empire

by, Jeremy Scahill


 See you guys later...I hope.