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Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Friday News Dump: "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer"

Have not been here due to several trips up to States, but need to mention yesterday out in and with the public in San Diego the mood was somber.  Those that would talk about the crisis of the growth of neo-fascism ( and yes this is a very serious crisis ) in the United States were anxious.  One person said: " You don't know who they are anymore, they are everywhere, be careful." One CBP officer told us that, "...the worst is yet to come."   A friend of ours in Eastlake predicted that, " think Mexico is bad as far as violence?  Just wait, the U.S. is going to make Mexico look like a cake walk."  Which gave me pause.

As though Trump's racist reactions to Charlottesville which emboldened the neo-fascists across the USA, then his tele-prompted disclosure of the so-called new strategy in the 16 year war with Afghanistan and threats to Pakistan (speech most likely written for him by the MIC - Military Industrial Complex), his Tuesday night Arizona Nuremberg Rally with more threats of a government shutdown if he didn't get his wall, defending his reactions to Charlottesville and a not so subtle hint of pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio weren't bad enough he then banned trans-gender people from the Military, is in the process of opening up public lands for private corporate development and did in fact pardon Arizona's notorious racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  At this point I would expect the local Mexican press to be saying something - anything about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the nazi scumbag.  At this moment, mum's the word from the local Mexican press. And naturally, we are all disappointed that Sheriff Joe will not be paraded and humiliated wearing nothing but pink underwear same as he did to Mexican and Latino detainees.

UPDATE @ 12:49PM :  Frontera has covered the Sheriff Joe report with no comments (?!) and still nothing from Zeta that I could see.


 Donald Trump Otorga El Perdon a Joe Arpaio

CNN had this report this evening - except I would have changed the title to "The Real Friday News Dump:  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Bannon and Gorka Will Be Working Behind the Scenes Supporting Herr Fuehrer and Reichskanzler Donald Trump":

3 Headlines the white House Hopes You'll Miss As Hurricane Harvey Hits  - 08/25
by, Jeremy Diamond

From the Guardian:

Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio, Former Sheriff Convicted in Racial Profiling Case - 08/25
 by, Julia Carrie Wong, Lauren Gambino and Molly Redden


The neo-fascists are just going crazy tonight, slobbering in their cheap beer.  Here's an important look at the rise of neo-fascism (with video):

The Intercept  - and don't miss all of their reports

VIDEO: How White Nationalism Became Normal Online - 08/25
by, Lee Fang, Leighton Akio Woodhouse


A closer look at the "Anti-Fa" Movement :

Democracy Now ! (and don't miss all of their reports, you can hit spanish to read transcripts, special great one on Dick Gregory)

Part One:  Antifa: A look At The Anti-Fascist Movement Confronting White Supremacists In The Streets

Part Two: Antifa: a look At The Anti-Fascist Movement Confronting White Supremacists In the Streets


Tomorrow's protest by the neo-nazis in San Francisco has been cancelled, Paris felt left out because she wanted us to send her poo-poo to be used by the counter demonstrators.  Sorry Paris, next time for sure.

As far as Baja California, you have all read the State Department's Travel Warning by now; here in Tijuana alone we are over 1,000 brutal and gross executions including decapitations, burned and dismembered bodies since the beginning of the year and more in the Municipalities (although many of these in Rosarito Beach and Ensenada are completely omitted in many of the news sources).   Nobody likes it despite what you may read in the Union Trib, it is horrible. Where are all these returning gringo souls referred to in that article? Everyone knows during US or Mexican Holidays, Rosarito is packed - but not with white people. Everyone knows Baja California is a war zone.

 The Americans and Mexicans and Mexican-Americans we know who own their homes want out due to the insecurity, the dysfunction, the impunity, the uncontrolled violence, the contamination of the ocean and beaches, the lack of infrastructure and basically have the same complaints against the government and social conditions as most intelligent Mexican Nationals. The American women we know refuse to drive alone through Tijuana to go to the States. How is it possible to relax under these conditions?  It is not possible and homes are not selling.  I'll return with the numbers over the weekend in between trying to catch up around here.

But one thing is certain, I can wear my buttons down here, too scary to wear them in the States these days.