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Monday, June 8, 2020

Updates From 06/07/20: Racism Is a Global Problem - Outrageous Barr and Dept. of Homeland Security Statements Regarding Systemic Racism Within U.S. Law Enforcement and Disturbing Poll Results - UPDATE/edit: Some Thoughts On General Colin Powell

Running behind here, but for the record:

 ~ From CNN:

George Floyd Protests Across the U.S.


Excellent reports from those updates, I thought: 

  - We've been watching the global reactions all week, and they are continuing: 

 - Note Brazil:

6 hr 31 min ago

Brazilians protest in support of Black Lives Matter and against President Jair Bolsonaro

"Thousands of people in Brazil took the streets again this weekend in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and to protest President Jair Bolsonaro's government, including its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

At the protests, scattered across the country's major cities, people chanted and carried signs bearing slogans like "Black Lives Matter" and "Bolsonaro needs to go."

About 3,000 people attended a rally in Sao Paulo to criticize the federal government and to protest violence against black Brazilians by police forces, said Brazil's Military Police. Protesters lay on the ground, shouting "I can't breathe" -- George Floyd's last words before he died in Minneapolis two weeks ago.

Demonstrations also took place in the country's capital, Brasilia, and other cities like Porto Alegre, Recife and Fortaleza. Protesters on the streets were joined by local residents who banged pans and pots from their balconies, while passing drivers blasted their horns in solidarity.
Raull Santiago, one of the protest organizers in Rio de Janeiro, said on Twitter that leaving home in the middle of a pandemic was a difficult but necessary decision.
“We, the people that live in the favelas, do not accept having as our only option to choose between being shot or [getting] infected by the virus. Today is an important day in the fight against the genocide of black people," he said.
Bolsonaro's response: Last Friday, Bolsonaro condemned participants in anti-government and anti-racism demonstrations as “thugs” and “terrorists,” words also used by his American counterpart, Donald Trump, to describe the protesters in the United States.  

He said the demonstrations could draw a violent response from law enforcement and warned Brazilians to stay at home Sunday, “so that the security forces -- not just state but also federal -- can do their duty in case these thugs go beyond the limits of the law. ”  


 - We are in trouble folks: 

Within the linked report pay attention to the related articles as top Trump officials claim there is no systematic racism in law enforcement - including Barr's second statement to date, and Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolfe also Homeland Security's Ken Cuccinelli's statement that he does not believe George Floyd's life would have been spared if he were white - are these guys from Mars ?

Note the latest polls which I think are unsettling, how is it possible that despite slightly moderate changes, so many thousands and thousands of GOP whites could believe that racial inequality/discrimination towards blacks in the U.S. is non-existent or not a  serious problem ?   I thought we left Mississippi decades ago, God help us all and Trump will cultivate this ignorance to be reelected.  Don't kid yourselves, he is so good such a pro at the bullshit, an astounding number of people will embrace and believe him - this is terrifying:

Analysis by Ronald Brownstein


 - No Systemic Racism ?

by, Rob Picheto and Henrik Pettersson


UPDATE/edit around 3:30pm:  I did not say anything regarding retired General  Colin Powell's statement against Donald Trump, which was powerful.  I'm still struggling with Gen. Powell even though he admitted to screwing up (and apologized) and the CIA also has admitted to screwing up giving him bad information regarding Weapons Of Mass Destruction in Iraq which he submitted to the United Nations and which drug us into the horrible Iraq War, killing hundreds and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraq citizens and three thousand U.S. combat soldiers, not to mention being really just another destabilizing American misadventure nightmare into the Middle East.   

I always wanted to like Gen. Powell, but I am struggling due to his past association with the Bush Crime Family and the out of control revved-up Military Industrial Complex, thanks to the Bush Crime Family.  I'm also afraid that Trump will use Powell's words against him - i.e. Trump could say something like, '...well that's a twist, a liar calling me a liar !'

Mike says Gen Powell was a patsy and was used by the Bush Administration to do their dirty work (not only in Iraq, but during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles), and he could very well be correct.

I wish I could completely trust Powell, but it takes time to heal old wounds.

Maybe tonight I can get back here, just swamped.

end edit


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At some point will return to the local drug war and Pandemic stats.

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