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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Bummer...Surgery Delayed - New Models of Walkers Are Amazing But Pricey - More From AMLO On "Security" - Thank God For Daniel Dale - UPDATE 03/15: Latest Study From NASA Links Intense Weather Events To Accelerated Climate Crisis - Neighbor Requests Change Of Music For the Walker Relay Races !

I was all packed and ready to go, my primary care Doctor at SRS had released me, all tests completed and passed (and there was a battery of them), zoom class attended and physical therapy arranged...but at 2:00 this afternoon received a phone call from the surgeon's office that surgery would be delayed.

I have to wait another three months and take another A1C test. It appears as though the  taking me completely off glimiperide and lowering my insulin since last June drastically affected the A1C results.

I cried all afternoon this has been such a bummer and it is not resolved. The best thing to lower A1C results is exercise, but shit, I can't even walk. So, going back on the voltaren for pain, going back on on the glimiperide and insulin will be increased. Testing again June.

The only good news is that Mike said I could get one of those snappy walkers with lights,a horn, brakes, a seat, wheels, a place for your luggage and back support. Some of the newer models from Australia are off road. I have to admit the one I have - the el cheapo one from Walmart which Mike bought -  is beyond basic. There are no words to describe how primitive it is. Actually, SRS was supposed to issue me a good walker like they do everyone else and knowing my old cane was not doing the trick & I could barely walk and seeing  Doctor after Doctor for nearly three goddamned years did they ? Hell no, that is SRS, it fucking sucks !  Cheap pricks !  Nothing new...still unbelievable I was taken off of glimiperide and insulin lowered  since late last year in June by a non-specialist, scary medicine. We are changing providers next season, FAST.

So,if I really do get a new model, I've decided I'm going to practise and get involved in walker racing.

I mean look at these people - they are having a blast:

I mean like I could do that....well, not down here.

Check it out - example of a newer model of walker:

Kind of pricey....

Later dudes.

P.S. Pay no attention to AMLO's most recent statement, it is delusional and logically invalid, a cognitive distortion.  Also, thank god for Daniel Dale.

Update/edit 03/15:

It just started raining again and is supposed to be heavy until dawn. I never remember rains like these. Just by chance I caught the following report - and I have to admit, I was wondering when someone was going to link all this snow and rain here to climate change.

On the report, you can go to the  recent study from, "...NASA scientists published Monday in the journal Nature Water found that increasing frequent, widespread and intense droughts and floods were linked more strongly to higher global temperatures than to naturally changing weather patterns like El Nino and La Nina. This suggests these intense events will increase as the climate crisis accelerates, the study says."

 ~ From CNN:

Water Disasters On Both Ends Of The Spectrum - Dry and Wet - Are Getting More Intense As Planet Warms, Study Finds

By, Rachel Ramirez 


Here is the study: ( You can click it for current updates)

Changing Intensity of Hydroclimatic Extreme Events Revealed by GRACE and GRACE-FO

By, Matthew Rodell & Bailing Li


end edit.


LOL, my neighbor said this was a better song for the walker races....and he is correct !