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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

From Animal Politico: The Global Terrorism Index 2015 and El Palenque Discussion Regarding Terrorism Just Began.....Super Reports, Editorials and Interviews Including Two With Glenn Greenwald From " Democracy Now ! "

Okay, well like the rest of you we have been glued to the worldwide news reports on the Paris terrorist attacks and the fallout. I've been waiting for some kind of a report which covers Mexico and terrorism, and Animal Politico gave us that this morning. In this report is a link (in English) to the "Global Terrorism Index 2015" which is over a hundred pages in length, but worth reading. Mexico is ranked in the top five Latin American countries with the highest rate of terrorism, in fact Mexico takes third place in Latin America. Supplemental coverage and links on the left sidebar:

Courtesy Animal Politico

Animal Politico
Mexico, entre los 50 paises con mas "terrorismo" en el mundo, segun un estudio
por, Arturo Angel

Also this morning, the discussion has started on El Palenque from the great thinkers of Mexico (and some from the US) who have just began to address the issue of terrorism and its impact on Mexico; this is of grave importance to all of us.  So far, the commentary was kicked off by Jose Carreno Figueras which hits on the historical perspective, the increased and I might add increasing case of xenophobia both in Europe and the United States, the possible effect of the Paris attacks on the US elections, tightening of the US-Mex border and "Immigration Reform."  So, more input from the others as the hours roll on:

Animal Politico - El Palenque
Que opinan de los atentados de ISIS en Paris ?  Impactara a Mexico ?


For more of in my opinion the best historical background and viewpoints go to this link which also includes of course current events - of particular interest as you scroll down the page are the "Web Excusives," "Shows," & "Recent Shows" sections.  At the very top right of the page, you can click for complete Spanish translation.

Democracy Now

UPDATE/EDIT  11/19:  Two super important new videos and interviews added today, many more on the sidebar:

Glenn Greenwald on "Submissive" Medias Drumbeat for War and "Despicable" Anti-Muslim Scapegoating 

Glenn Greenwald:  "Shameless" U.S. Officials Exploit Paris Attacks to Defend Spying & Attack Snowden


As far as what is happening locally, we are still experiencing executions and I haven't yet been able to completely clean up the wind damage, the roof took a hit....I'll be back after Thanksgiving, have a nice Holiday despite everything that is going on.