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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Latest Local & National COVID-19 & Drug War Stats For May 13, 2020: All Numbers Are On The Rise

Just a bit before noon today, Zeta reported the latest local COVID-19 stats - and believe me, it becomes grueling doing the numbers daily, it just weighs heavy on your heart - so send Zeta a thank you note:

  ~ All reports From Zeta:

BC Rompe Record de Nuevos Casos Positivos en 24 Horas, Fueron 238 
Por, Lourdes Loza Romero 

"In the last twenty-four hours, 238 new cases were confirmed by COVID-19 in Baja California, said the head of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Alonso Pérez Rico, on May 13.

The state official justified the high number at which the Secretariat Laboratory is processing the tests taken at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), so that in the following days high numbers of confirmed cases will continue to appear.

To date in Baja California there are 2 thousand 762 confirmed cases, of which thousand 359 are from Tijuana, thousand 93 from Mexicali, 127 Ensenada, 124 Tecate, 41 Rosarito and 18 the region of San Quintín-Vicente Guerrero. 

 Of the total, 264 cases are active and of these 12 percent are hospitalized.
There are 669 suspected cases, 337 in Tijuana, 264 in Mexicali, 42 in Tecate, 16 Ensenada, 8 in Rosarito and one more in the San Quintín - Vicente Guerrero region.

As of this Wednesday, 459 deaths have been registered from this new virus, 311 in Tijuana, 107 in Mexicali, 18 Ensenada, 18 Tecate, 4 Rosarito, and one more in the San Quintín - Vicente Guerrero region.

Regarding the "New Normality", Pérez Rico reported that, like the rest of the country, in Baja California the reopening "will be gradual, orderly and cautious", divided into three phases.

The first phase, next May 18, will be for the municipalities of "Esperanza" where no coronavirus cases were registered. The second phase, which is the preparation phase, will be from May 18 to 31. The third phase will be from June 1.

Phase 2, which will be the preparation phase, is in which non-essential companies will have to apply four actions in order to resume their work: 

1.- Preparation of health protocols.
2.- Staff training.
3.- Readjustment of spaces.
4.- Installation of intake and sanitation filters.

He commented that these actions should be permanent, since until there is a vaccine against the new virus, you should not let your guard down.

Pérez Rico also explained that a traffic light will be applied to resume activities, and until this is placed in the green, school activities in person cannot be resumed."


Confirma Secretario de Salud Deceso de Medico Jubilado Diagnosticado con COVID-19
Por, Isabel Mercado 

"In Baja California, the death of the first doctor due to coronavirus was confirmed, but it is a retired doctor, informed the entity's secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, who specified that more than 160 health workers in the state have tested positive to COVID-19.

"There is a person of medical profession registered as a deceased, we are trying to identify from which institution, he is a retired doctor," he added without specifying the place where the doctor died.
He explained that in Tijuana there was a record of the death of a doctor, a death that "is not related to COVID," he said.

Regarding the number of coronavirus infections registered in health workers, he said that the latest reports show that they have been affected by the pathogen “over 80 nurses and a similar number of doctors, some of them already recovered and others entering In this same premise, where they were asked to take shelter at home due to the policies of the Mexican Social Security Institute, and right now we are going to do the laboratory studies and give them the results. ”

Regarding the disapproval that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) gave to the decree approved by the previous legislature of the State Congress, to extend the term of government of Jaime Bonilla Valdez from 2 to 5 years, Pérez Rico maintained that " the reduction of the government does not affect the health system ”.

However, he admitted that there were five-year projections, so "in the sense that the project was for five years, the long-term plans will continue like this", waiting for the next state government to follow up on them .

And he added, "...the good programs that were before we entered continued, in a specific case is the rickettsiosis program, those that were not correct, or were not giving results, were replaced by something new and that is the health issue, they value results ”.


 ~ From Yesterday 05/12/20: Ensenada Conditions:

 Brote de seis Empleados Positivos por COVID-19 en Centro de Salud de Ensenada

Por, Marcos A. Angulo Alvarez 

Health personnel with respiratory symptoms were sent home for isolation at home to prevent the spread of this condition. There is none hospitalized

ENSENADA - An outbreak of six positive cases by COVID-19 was detected among employees of the Advanced Center for Primary Health Care (CAAPS) Ruiz and 14 of Ensenada, confirmed this afternoon of Tuesday, May 12, the head of the Health Services Jurisdiction in Ensenada, Ángel Iván Alvarado López.
He explained that on May 8, an outbreak of COVID-19 by SARS COV-2 was identified in six health employees who work in CAAPS Ruiz and 14, who were characterized by presenting headaches, coughs and fever, among other symptoms.
For this reason, he explained, it was necessary to carry out an intentional search for suspicious cases, with the following results:
100% of the health personnel were considered, with acute respiratory symptoms that had the contact history of confirmed cases and respiratory symptoms, taking a total of 48 samples.
Alvarado López indicated that containment actions were carried out immediately, all areas of the unit were sanitized, and health personnel with respiratory symptoms were sent home for isolation at home and thus prevent the spread of this condition.
He mentioned that according to the classification issued by the “Standardized Guidelines for Epidemiological and Laboratory Surveillance of COVID 19”, the clinical picture of the health personnel who manifested any symptoms is slight. Of these, 44.1% of these workers stated that they were asymptomatic, with 13% of them being sampled.
The state official reported that the staff who tested positive, there are none hospitalized, are at home and monitored by the jurisdictional epidemiology area.
He indicated that CAAPS Ruiz and 14, CAAPS Maneadero, General Hospital and the Fever Clinics (Centro de Salud Obrera and Centro de Salud Pórticos del Mar), as well as, the jurisdictional offices, are constantly sanitized by Vector Program personnel, safeguarding the patient and staff health."

The Nation Wide Levels....(Reported at 5:32 this afternoon)

Suman 4 Mil 220 Defunciones de COVID-19 en Mexico
Por, Carlos Alvarez

"Since last February 28 when the first outbreak occurred, until this Wednesday, May 13 (day 52 of the National Day of Healthy Distance), in Mexico there are 40 thousand 186 accumulated confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID- 19), as well as 24 thousand 856 suspects; 83 thousand 455 negatives; 9,378 confirmed assets; and 4,220 deaths, out of a total of 148,497 people studied.

As for the confirmed cases accumulated by federal state of residence, first there is Mexico City, with 10 thousand 946; followed by the State of Mexico, with 6,813; Baja California, with 2,764; Tabasco, with 1,976; and Sinaloa, with a thousand 620.

Of the confirmed cases active by federal state of residence, in the first place is Mexico City, with 2,240; followed by the State of Mexico, 1,244; Tabasco, with 557; Veracruz, with 514; Baja California, with 430; Yucatan, 278; Morelos, with 276; Puebla, with 266; Nuevo León, with 262; and, Sinaloa, with 256.

As reported by José Luis Alomía Zegarra, general director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (SSa) of the Federal Government, 31.5 is the national incidence rate of accumulated confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while 7.33 is the national incidence rate of active cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

As for deaths, there are 318 “suspects”. In addition to there are 1,862 new cases confirmed in 24 hours, which represents a 4.9 percent increase from the previous day, according to the federal official, during the daily follow-up conference regarding the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico.

Regarding hospital occupation in Phase 3 of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) in Mexico, it is at 34 percent of its capacity nationwide. The federal official presented the IRAC (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection) network, which has defined, so far, 723 hospitals.

Since the entry of Phase 3, the 32 state governments have to report to said national platform the local information, which the Federal Government integrates, analyzes and exposes it daily. However, as detailed by Alomía Zegarra, so far, there are only 699 registered health units (97 percent) with their daily situation.

On the other hand, he noted that there are 15,086 COVID beds available nationwide, of which 7,924 (34 percent) are occupied. Among the beds are the intensive care beds, where people with mechanical respiration are cared for.

By federal entity, Baja California has 55 percent of occupied beds and 45 percent available, while in Sinaloa it has 40 percent occupied and 60 percent available, according to the director general of Epidemiology of the Federal Ministry of Health.

On the other hand there are the beds that have a ventilator, to serve critically ill people. Of these, in Baja California there are 38 percent occupied and 62 percent occupied available, while in Sinaloa there are 60 percent occupied beds and 40 percent available."


Local Drug War Stats: TIJ This Month Alone = 75 Deaths

Parece que se Levanton Los Animos a Los Delincuentes y estan Dandose Vuelo": Bonilla, Tras Reportan 12 Homicidios en BC

"For the second consecutive day, Baja California experienced a violent day. In the last 48 hours in the entity there have been 25 murders, for which Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez declared in his morning videoconference on May 13: “We continue with the fight to lower the homicide rate, but with all this contingency (COVID19), it seems that the spirits of criminals have risen and they have been flying. ”

Between the morning of Tuesday, May 12 and the first minutes of this day, 12 executions were dated in the state, 10 of them in Tijuana and two in Playas de Rosarito.

The number of intentional homicides in Baja California, according to statistics from the State Security and Investigation Guard, amounts to 997 victims so far in 2020.

The GESI reported that, among the latest events recorded in Tijuana, the following stand out:

First, at 08:25 a.m. on Monday, in a vacant lot located on Calle 1, corner with Calle Las Fuentes, in front of the Guillermo González Camarena Primary School, in the Cañadas del Florido neighborhood, a body was found that was covered in rubble.

In the afternoon, around 1:40 p.m. in the area of ​​the hill on Calle San Ignacio and Germán Warner, Colonia Santa Cruz, the body of a male was found with a head injury.

A corpse of the male sex, so far unidentified, was found in Camino Arroyo de Las Palmas, in front of a sandbank in the Valle de las Palmas neighborhood.

Two charred bodies and human remains were reported in a neighborhood stream, Calle Prolongación 18 de Marzo, Colonia Rancho las Flores I section. At the intervention site, various fragments of wire and two pieces of tape were located in a charred area.

With firearm injuries to the chest and face, the body of a woman identified as Rocío Hernández, 37, was found. When she was assaulted, the victim was aboard a gray Honda Accord vehicle with California license plates. Two 9mm caliber bushings were found at the site.

A male, was killed when he was on the Defensores de Baja California road in front of # 840A, Colonia Burócrata Ruiz Cortines

The charred and handcuffed body of a woman was located in Calle Suárez # 1215 Colonia Las Torres, lower part.

At the Red Cross facilities, the young Alfredo Ayón Chávez, 22, died, who was shot at the chest, abdomen and back in the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood.

At 20 minutes from this Wednesday, May 13, on Constitución Avenue in front of number 378, Colonia Zona Centro, the lifeless body of a male was found inside a blue tambo.

In Tijuana, so far in May, there have been 75 homicides, and during the year there were 736 victims."


Okay, AMLO has sent the Army/National Guard back on the streets, I'll be back with that one.

Take care everyone.


Sunday, April 5, 2020

A Problema in Rosarito Beach With Social Distancing - Updates on Local Drug War Stats For TIJ & The COVID-19 Local & National Stats - 04/05: UPDATE Rosarito Beach - ALL Clear !!

I had read  that according to Google, the majority of Mexican people are not staying at home, despite fair warnings and the importance of social distancing.  The weekend prior to this article, we were impressed by the conditions in Rosarito Beach at the supermarkets, the pharmacias, the fish store, the gas station and the general social distancing we witnessed on the streets which were not crowded for a weekend. Most people were wearing masks in the stores and hand sanitizer was being made available in front of Smart & Final. Here is that report on Google:

 ~ From Zeta: 

Google delata que la mayoria de los Mexicanos no se estan quedando en casa, tras contingencia sanitaria
Por, Gerardo Andrade 

"Mexico is the country in Latin America that has least complied with the instruction to remain isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic, and this could be demonstrated by registering their cell phones.
The company Google released this Friday, April 3, a study where it collects the information from mobile devices that have the location chronology of their map application activated.
These same data are offered in a segmented way into six categories for each region or geographic area. In Latin America there are differences between the countries that have taken drastic isolation measures.
It is in this way that it is known that only 45% of Mexicans have stopped going to leisure places, of the aforementioned percentage 46% continue to attend recreational places, 19% to markets, 20% to their jobs.
In this way, it is shown that Mexicans have not yet taken the isolation measure with the seriousness it should, despite the recommendations of the Mexican authorities from the three levels of government.
In contrast, in Argentina a total quarantine began on March 20, the drop in the influx of people to cafes, restaurants, shopping malls was noted from the first day, reaching 86%, although it was already decreasing.
As a means of reference for habitual mobility, Google has used the movement that occurred in each of those areas, in the five weeks that ran from January 3 to February 6 of this year.
Also in Colombia, the brake on mobility has been very important, 86% of people have avoided attending leisure places, such as playgrounds.
In Brazil the decrease has been 71%, a similar figure was registered in Chile and in Peru the percentage of people's mobility fell to 55%.
Google offers for some countries data by provinces, which for example reflect a comparative decrease in mobility greater in large cities than in provinces without large crowds.
What is worrying is that in Mexico it is still in a stage where the pandemic due to COVID-19 does not hit with the expected severity.
Currently in Baja California there are already 58 confirmed cases of people infected with the coronavirus, with Mexicali being the city with the highest number of infections, 32 and then Tijuana with 26; as well as 4 deceased people."


However, this weekend threw us for a loop.  Mike, wearing both a mask and gloves, walked in to Calimax on Benito Juarez which was crowded and the parking lot was full, took several looks around and exited.  There was no social distancing, no one was wearing masks or gloves except for the checkers. Same situation at the Walmart . Not hundreds of people on the streets, but groups were together and no masks were seen; the gas station was good as was the Simi pharmacia, and importantly Smart & Final got the gold star, including the shoppers inside.  You actually felt safe inside, even though the prices are high.  Smart & Final also had hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Up in the States, they are limiting the number of people who can go into the stores (i.e. Vons & Walmart & Smart & Final) but so far there are no limits down here. So, I don't know what happened at Calimax,but it was scary. Mike will check it out again today. 

The lines going up every morning very early at SYPOE are backed up, so many people commuting still.  Police and National Guard on the streets in Tijuana and even below Ensenada in places like Camalu, Colonet and San Quintin directing people to go back to their homes.  We'll see what happens over Semana Santa.

The good news is that according to the authorities there are no cases of the Covid-19 in Rosarito Beach, so let's keep our fingers crossed.


UPDATE/EDIT - 04/05/20:

Rosarito Beach situation  - This afternoon Mike went in again to RB and reports a 100% improvement in the conditions at Calimax on Benito Juarez.  In a complete turnaround from yesterday's  free-for-all, only one entrance door was opened, staff was limiting the number of people who could go into the store, staff was cleaning people's hands as they entered, and people were being kept apart inside of the store.  Still, only about a quarter of the shoppers wore face mask protection.
So, wow Calimax also gets a gold star.

This is important:  On Benito Juarez, there was a police unit flanked by two truckloads of Army/National guardsmen equipped with a loudspeaker driving slowly while announcing the safety precautions to take against the virus and advising people to stay home, impressive ! I'd have to disagree with google on RB, streets were not crowded at all, yesterday was a glitch - I think people are getting the word.  Good Job !!! Maybe one of you out there can bring us up to date on what's happening over in Constitucion, Popotla, etc ? That would be nice, thanks.

end edit.


The Local Virus Stats:

 ~ From Zeta - 04/04/20

En BC se eleva a 5 muertes por COVID-19; Ensenada registra el primer caso confirmado
Por, Lourdes Loza Romero & Lorena Lamas

"A man, 49 years old, was the fifth fatal victim from COVID-19 that is registered in Baja California, reported the morning of April 4, Dr. Alonso Pérez Rico, head of the State Health Secretariat.
Currently in Baja California 69 cases have been confirmed, presenting for the first time a case in the municipality of Ensenada. The rest of the breakdown are 32 in Tijuana and 36 in Mexicali. Of the deaths, 3 were in Tijuana and 2 in Mexicali, Pérez Rico noted that the 49-year-old patient is the youngest person to have died in the state due to this new disease, the rest remain in the age group of 50 and 65 years old.
Under analysis of 202 cases are found as suspects, 103 in Tijuana, 62 in Mexicali, 29 in Ensenada, 5 in Tecate and 3 in San Quintín.

First confirmed case in Ensenada
In Ensenada, the presence of the first case of infection with the COVID-19 virus was confirmed this Saturday, Pérez Rico reported during the live broadcast with Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez.

He announced that in total there are 29 suspected cases in Ensenada and 3 more in the San Quintín delegation.
Before the confirmation of the first positive case, the municipal president, Armando Ayala Robles, urged the population to continue applying the sanitary recommendations to jointly achieve the containment of the pandemic in the municipality.
The first mayor highlighted that since March 18 his administration launched actions aimed at the application of preventive measures and for the protection of groups with greater vulnerability, in said checkpoints they detected tourists entering the port.
Consequently, the first mayor invited those who arrive at the municipality from other parts of Baja California and the United States, to isolate themselves for a period of 14 days and if they show any symptoms of respiratory disease during that time, they should contact the telephone lines arranged by the Ministry of Health."

P.S. Am adding this - the one man found to be an active carrier was only found due to the police traffic filter at El Sauzal going into Ensenada manned by the police on the look out for people who are infected by Covid-19.  So, we are hoping the jefes are keeping their guys well protected and safe, they are putting their lives on the line. Thank you to the authorities and be careful !

Update/edit : 04/05/20

Seven are dead, and 93 cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Baja California, a big jump in confirmed cases:

 ~ From Zeta: 04/05/20

Suman 7 defunciones y 93 casos confirmados de COVID-19 en BC 
Por, Angela Torres Lozano

"Baja California has already registered 7 deaths, 4 in Tijuana and 3 in Mexicali, and 93 cases of people infected with COVID-19, for which reason social distancing continues.
Alonso Pérez Rico, Secretary of Health in the State, reported through a live transmission that 651 cases have been studied, of which 380 have been discarded.
Of the 178 suspected cases, Tijuana has 88, Mexicali 57, Ensenada 27, Tecate 5, Vicente Guerrero / San Quintín 1, and Rosarito 0.
As for deaths, the 7 people are men, and the average age is 57.8 years. The first 2 deaths occurred on March 29, 2 more on March 31, one on April 2, and two more on April 4.
Of the confirmed cases, 15 have obesity, 15 hypertension, 19 smoking, 10 diabetes, 5 asthma, 3 HIV / AIDS, 2 cardiovascular disease, 2 immunosuppression, 1 chronic kidney failure and 1 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Pérez Rico noted that only 10 percent of confirmed cases are hospitalized, and that so far they still have beds and respirators available for those who require it, but asked to keep their distance so as not to saturate health services.
He added that it is in Mexicali where there has been greater resistance to keeping their distance, since they continue to hold meetings and conglomerate, so he asked to heed the recommendations and avoid infecting third parties."
end edit. 


The National Stats:

 ~ From Zeta: 04/04/20 

Ya van 79 muertos por Covid-19 en Mexico 

"Until the afternoon of this Saturday, April 4, in Mexico there have been 79 deaths from coronavirus, reported the Ministry of Health.
Sanitary authorities confirmed 1,890 cases, they said they are investigating 5,827 as suspects, while 9,467 have been ruled out.
In total, 17 thousand 184 people have been studied.
Three quarters of the cases have been registered in the last 14 days. The average age of sick people is 43 years. In 78 percent of cases the disease is mild.
Mexico has one of the highest prevalences of diabetes and three quarters of the population are overweight and obese, which puts the population at risk, said Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion.

He specified that it can not yet be assured that Mexico has made little progress in cases due to the health measures implemented since March 13 throughout the country.
The entities that register the most cases of COVID-19 are Mexico City, with 469; the State of Mexico, 180; Puebla, where there were 125, and Jalisco, with 120.
While the demarations with the highest incidence rate of contagions are Mexico City, where 5.2 cases are located for every 100,000 people; follow Quintana Roo with a rate of 4.35, in Aguascalientes the rate is 3.42; Tabasco and Yucatan follow, with 3.36 and 3.23.
The states with the most deaths are Mexico City, with 17; Sinaloa, where 10 people died; Jalisco, with six, while in Baja Califoirnia there have been five deaths from the virus.

The official recalled that in Mexico the population is exposed to getting COVID-19 because it has one of the highest prevalences of diabetes, while three quarters are overweight and obese. "That will weigh," he added.
He specified that it can not yet be assured that Mexico has made little progress in cases due to the health measures implemented since March 13 throughout the country.
Gatell-López reminded citizens that people with signs of COVID-19 who are not within the population with more risk factors should stay home to avoid saturating the medical centers.
Alejandro Svarch Pérez, head of the Insabi National Medical Coordination, recalled that the call "Mexico against COVID-19", which seeks the recruitment of medical personnel, began today and aims to respond to the deficit of doctors in the country.
Zoé Robledo Aburto, Director General of the IMSS, specified that the staff contracts will last six months, which implies that the institutions will provide social insurance for the new workers, as well as their family, who will also have liability insurance.
"(The new staff) will be dedicated body and soul to attending to cases," he said, explaining that the training will be sectoral.
In addition, in the case of unionized workers of the IMSS, they will be given a union aid for death
Robledo Aburto and Svarch Pérez detailed that the contracted people will receive a month's payment in advance plus the per diem payment, considering that some doctors would come from other states;  

It will also be sought that the National Examination of Aspirants to Medical Residences recognize the commitment to the country they have, giving them an additional score.
Alejandro Svarch explained that the health authorities hope to hire 6,600 doctors and 12,300 nurses. Tomorrow will begin the process of review of applications, on April 6 will start the recruitment and it is expected that between April 7 and 9 to 20-30 percent of our deficit of doctors in the country will be hired, he said.
Between April 10 and 13 they will have 40 and 50 percent of the hiring, from 1 to 17 they will be from 70 to 75 percent, while from April 18 to 20 they will be 90 to 100 percent, he added.
The official recalled that the hospitals are already working on a "waterfall model", where specialized doctors train general practitioners, this to be prepared in case of not being able to hire all the necessary personnel through the call."


Drug War Continues:

 19 executed this month so far in Tijuana, the YTD TIJ = 494 dead and YTD Statewide = 621 dead. I'll be back with Ensenada stats which are high, and a shootout between vehicles down the road on the Scenic Highway by BajaMar raised some eyebrows.

From Zeta : 04/04/20

Reportan Tijuana 5 homicidios, van 19 en abril 

"The State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI) reported that in the last few hours there have been five homicides in different parts of Tijuana. The number of murders so far in April has reached 19, and in the year at 494.
In the parking lot of Plaza Misión Soler, located in the El Soler subdivision, a man, between 35 and 40 years old, was shot to death in the torso. Five shells and a bullet were found at the scene.
Derived from an armed attack, one man died and another was wounded in events that occurred on Margarita Avenue and San Carlos Street in the Jardines de la Mesa neighborhood. The victims were identified as 29-year-old Felipe de Jesús Galaviz Ávila, who was declared lifeless at the site, after the impacts he received on the abdomen, while Salvador Delgadillo García, 32, was transferred to a hospital for attention. At the crime scene, 9 bushings and two vehicles with holes were counted.

A man who answered the name of Jesús Alfredo Ponce Jáuregui, 33, perished in the IMSS Hospital Number 20. The deceased entered the hospital a day earlier with gunshot wounds to the head, after being attacked in the Cumbres neighborhood.
On Cruz del Sur street, on the corner of Andrómeda, in the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood, a young man between 20 and 25 years old was attacked with two shots to the abdomen, and died instantly.
Finally, in the early morning hours of this Saturday, April 4, in a white Ford E-150 vehicle with California 8P44807 license plates on Purísima Street, in front of number 20567, Buenos Aires Sur neighborhood, a young man of 20 was found dead. to approximately 25 years. The victim was tied at the lower extremities with a white coated cable. A 9mm caliber shell and a bullet were found at the site.
With these crimes, the statewide homicide figure has reached 621 so far in 2020."


Update/edit : 04/05/20

 The numbers increase:  TIJ YTD - 496 Homicides/Executions; Statewide YTD  - 666 Homicides/Executions:

Reportan dos muertos en Tijuana  

"Two executions on Saturday, April 4, were reported by the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI) in Tijuana. The number of violent deaths reached 496 victims in 2020.
Late Saturday night, the emergency center was informed that in the Garden and Albacete streets of the Villas del Sol subdivision, the body of a male between 50 and 55 years old was found. The deceased had a head injury caused by a firearm projectile. A 7.72 × 39 caliber shell was found in the area
Later, inside a black Nissan Sentra vehicle with A37-NUF-8 border plates, the lifeless body of a man was found in the driver's seat. The victim, aged between 40 and 45, had a gunshot wound to the chest. Agents of the Processing group of the State Investigation Agency report that the events occurred in Ignacio Allende street in front of # 16558, Lomas de la Amistad neighborhood.
So far no people detained for the events are reported.
In Baja California, on Saturday, April 4, there were 5 executions, two in Tijuana, two in Rosarito and one in Mexicali, bringing the number of intentional homicides to 666 victims in 2020."

end edit. 


So, it's still pretty dicey guys. Take Care Everyone.



Monday, March 16, 2020

A Return to the Local Drug War and Mexico Corona Virus Stats - As of 03/15 YTD Drug WarTijuana = 371 Dead - YTD Drug War Baja California = 482 Dead - Increase In Violent Robberies In Tij & BC Careful You Guys On The Roads - Update 03/20 : Border Observations Update & Interview With Dennis Carroll From Santa Cruz !

  Despite the worldwide Corona Virus Pandemic which feels like a really spooky early Stephen King novel, the bloody fight for control of the Plaza continues in our neck of the woods.  I just hope the first responders to these murders are wearing heavy duty hazmat suits when they retrieve the bodies and the body parts laying around Baja California so they don't catch the virus.

I'm typing this up as fast as my little fingers will go before the rain starts and the electricity blows out, will return to update the stats since I am so far behind due to the US primaries and elections - speaking of which we may see a complete cancellation of the next primary. 

 ~ The Executions: 

From Zeta - 03/15/20

Llega Tijuana a 371 Muertos en 2020 
Por, Angela Torres Lozano

"During Saturday, March 14, two more homicides were registered in Tijuana, reaching 371 deaths so far in 2020; and 482 in Baja California.
The State Attorney General's Office reported in its daily report that the victim of the first murder was identified as Germán Alberto Fuentes Chávez, 31, who died in hospital.
He had firearm projectile injuries to the chest, left limb, abdomen, pubis area'
In the second event, it occurred at 11:49 p.m. on Saturday, in an abandoned building on Alamo Street, in the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood, where the body of a man, between 30 and 35 years old, still unidentified, was found. , also with firearm projectile injuries to the head. Five signs were also found at the site
With these two crimes, it amounts to 371 deaths in Tijuana, plus 31 in Mexicali, 38 in Ensenada, 21 in Tecate; and 21 in Rosarito, to give a total of 482."

So, YTD Tijuana = 371 Dead

YTD Mexicali = 31 Dead

YTD Ensenada = 38 Dead

YTD Tecate = 21 Dead

YTD Rosarito = 21 Dead.


 The Tijuana number increased this morning by three; seems the drug guys obviously do not view women as sacrosanct (they never have). Note that Lourdes reports Tijuana's total for this month with these executions stands at 70 dead.

 ~ From Zeta: 

Por, Lourdes Loza Romero 

"Between the night of Sunday, March 15 and the first minutes on Monday, March 16, three women were deprived of life in different violent acts in Tijuana. This adds 8 females killed so far this month and 35 in the year.
The first was at 8:18 p.m., in a double homicide registered in the Palma Real neighborhood. Two lifeless bodies were found at the scene, an unidentified man and woman, with injuries caused by a firearm to the head. Four .9 millimeter caliber bushings were also located.
At 8:50 p.m. another double homicide was registered, this time in the Roma neighborhood.
Two bodies, an unidentified man and woman, were found inside an apartment on Milan Street, both with cables around their necks.
The third attack occurred on the free highway Tijuana - Tecate, at the height of the Ojo de Agua neighborhood, at 00:20 on Monday the 16th.
A couple, a man and a woman, were attacked with gunshots while traveling aboard a gray Jeep brand Cherokee SUV.
Both were taken to the El Refugio subdivision fire station, where the woman was pronounced lifeless and the man received medical attention before being transferred to a hospital. At the site of the attack, two .9-millimeter calipers were located.
In other events recorded between Sunday, March 15 and Monday, March 16, five other people were killed in different events, bringing the number to 70 intentional homicides so far this month.
The first report was at 7:58 am on Sunday, March 15, via C4, a lifeless man was reported on Lázaro Cárdenas street, in the Chilpancingo neighborhood, with injuries caused by a firearm to the head. A .9 millimeter caliber bushing was also located.
At 17:45 years old, José Rodriguez Cervantes, 32, died at the General Hospital of Tijuana after being the victim of an armed attack on March 10 in the El Florido neighborhood.
The attack resulted in a neck injury and he died of cardio-respiratory arrest.
A few minutes later, in the same hospital, 24-year-old Mario Valenzuela Astorga declared himself lifeless, after being the victim of an armed attack in the Santa Fe subdivision, which resulted in a head injury.
At 8:15 p.m., on Daniel Gaona street in the Hidalgo neighborhood, José Ángel Galaviz González, 26 years old, died. For a gunshot wound to the head. In the place 1 .380 mm caliber bush was located.
At 9:00 p.m., a man identified as 36-year-old Rafael Calleros Martínez was found dead, with firearm injuries inside the Latino sports committee, on Article 123 street, in the Infonavit Latinos neighborhood. In the place 1 .9 mm caliber bush was located.
At 11:55 p.m. on Calle Jalisco in Colonia 3 de Octubre, another lifeless man was found with several wounds caused by a firearm; 9 casings of different calibers were also found.
Finally this Monday morning, a homicide was registered in the Obrera neighborhood. So far the identity of the victim is unknown."


Last month  and this month several Law Enforcement officers and ex-Law Enforcement officials were attacked from here to Ensenada, and I'll come back to those instances - but it is always good to hear from the CCSPBC  whose focus in this report is on the increase in violent robberies:

 ~ From Zeta:

Robos Violentes Rebusan a Autoridades: CCSPBC
Por, Angela Torres Lozano 

"The latest report of the Baja California Citizen Council on Public Safety showed that there has been a 43 percent increase in robbery with violence on public roads in Tijuana, compared to 2019; and the trend is increasing, a phenomenon that has not occurred since 2018.

The overall crime rate in Baja California has increased two percent compared to 2019. Violent assaults on public roads increased 24 percent in the state and 43 percent in Tijuana alone.
Just on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 3, a thief - dressed in black - entered a cleaner in the Jardines de Playas section of Tijuana; Gun in hand, he demanded the money from the cash register and later shot, injuring one of the employees, before fleeing without being captured.
Theft from commerce was reduced by 16 percent, but we will have to wait for the impact that it will have on the incidence of February and March, the wave of armed assaults committed in establishments of various twists during the last two weeks, particularly in Tijuana.
Such is the case of the robbery of the fast food restaurant, Hollywood Pop Diner, located on Ermita Avenue, in the Montebello neighborhood of Tijuana, which occurred on Sunday, February 25.
Witnesses reported that several youths - with their heads covered and dressed in dark clothing; one carrying a knife and the other a pistol - entered the establishment and stripped diners of their money and belongings, as well as the sale of the day to employees. One of the affected women heard one of the attackers tell another that if they did not give him the money “to shoot them”, which did not happen.
Also in Tijuana, a barber shop located in the Central Zone, between Third and Fourth streets, was robbed on Monday, February 24, by two men between the ages of 25 and 28 - one wearing brown denim pants; the other black and gray cap - who threatened employees and customers with a gun, stripped them of their belongings, locked them in the bathroom, and fled in the car of one of the victims.

"One of them pointed a gun at him and took the money from the sale of the day and the cell phones of the clients who were in the place, as well as some keys to a Ford Mustang vehicle, year 2004, black color," he explained. the report.
In another event that occurred again in the Central Zone, on Constitución Avenue (identified as a safe zone), on February 15 a young thief "well dressed" assaulted a man, who requested police support that never came, so the person affected decided to withdraw from the scene without waiting for the first respondents to arrive and put his complaint before the Public Ministry.
On March 4, the State Attorney General's Office reported the arrest of a man, named Franuel “N”, as the alleged person responsible for the robbery with violence to two businesses: on January 5, a similar pharmacy, in the Guaycura neighborhood ; and on February 22 at the Khoppi Caffe & Deli cafe, in the Downtown Zone.
In both events, he threatened the business employees with a firearm and told them to take shelter in the toilets while he committed the robbery, which consisted of stealing money from cash registers and valuables.

There is no political presence
“Finally, the robbery with violence occurs because the police do not arrive; it could be an addict who arrives with a weapon, who goes and assaults an individual, risking it that the police are not going to arrive, ”said Juan Manuel Hernández Niebla, president of the CCSPBC.
The robberies with violence have developed in colonies where there is usually a greater police presence, however, Hernández Nieblas confessed to ZETA that since September 2019 they have stopped receiving reports on the police incidence by colonies, despite the different written requests they have sent.
Regarding the increase in robbery with violence on public roads, which in Tijuana went from 129 complaints in January 2019 to 184 in January 2020, which implies an increase of 43 percent, Hernández Niebla added: "It is a trend that started in January of 2018. We began to see it with great curiosity, and then with alarm bells (because the robbery with violence was also going down). ”

None of the administrations, past or current, municipal or state, have been able to notice what is happening, he added.
One of the explanations for the phenomenon is that corporations have diluted the police presence, "understanding that robbery with violence does not need public ministries, but occurs because the police do not arrive," he reiterated.

The incidence
According to the report of the Citizen Council of Public Safety of Baja California (CCSPBC), in January 2019 there were 7,662 complaints filed with the entity, while on the same dates of this year there are 7,831, which means a two percent increase.
Meanwhile, shoplifting has been on the downside since last year. In January 2018, 707 complaints were registered in the state; in 2019 there were 540; and 454 in the same month of 2020. According to reports from the State Attorney General, it is a 16 percent improvement.
A similar case occurs in Tijuana, since of 344 robberies of commerce in January 2018, in 2019 there were 272; and this year 215 were reported. We will have to wait for the February incidence to account for the effect of the recent rebound.
As for robbery with violence on public roads, it has increased 24 percent in the state, as well as 43 percent in Tijuana.

During 2019, Baja California reported 307 armed robberies on public roads, against 382 this year; Tijuana, specifically, registered 184 complaints in January 2020 against 129, in the same month of 2019.
The CCSPBC president pointed out that this increase in crime incidence at the state level is a reflection of the increase in complaints in Tijuana, Mexicali, Tecate and Rosarito; the exception is Ensenada, the only municipality that presents a reduction with respect to the previous year.
“For four or five months, the total crime incidence has been increasing; that's something that somehow in the past had not happened. The number of complaints was high, but it was going down; Every year and month after month we watched how it was going down, and this changed four or five months ago, ”he told ZETA .
Hernández Niebla stressed that although there is always an increase in incidence when there is a change of government, it stabilizes after a certain time, a situation that, despite efforts, has not occurred in Baja California.

Disintegration of the social fabric
The president of the CCSPBC expressed that this increase is due to the disintegration of the social fabric, and is a chain of crimes that are related at different levels.
“We bring a homicide problem; these are related to drug dealing, and this, in turn, to additions; and addictions are related to the family, to the social fabric, "he said.
Given this, he stressed that robberies with violence, feminicides, homicides, and other crimes, are directly related to the social fabric. Such weakening is growing day by day, surpassing the authorities and their strategies.
"All the plans of social security, of security, everything that has been done, basically returns to zero when a new government starts because they create their own programs and start again," he assured.
He said that the authorities are overwhelmed by crime and it is reflected in the reports and social perception. "Five daily deaths in Tijuana are not to be applauded. These become 1,800 a year: and although it is difficult to reach last year's figure, we are still one of the most dangerous cities, ”he concluded."


Don't panic ! From prison,  El Chapo will be controlling the sales and distributions of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and paper towels to your area soon !

The Pandemic

To keep up with what exactly is going on in the USA & around the world, I've been keeping an eye on CNN's coverage (even though they are the plaything of the Corporate DNC).

 ~ From CNN:

 ~ Corona Virus Live Updates 

 ~ Sky News Live...International

Terrific coverage and advise here:

 ~  Coronavirus Live Updates: KPBS - San Diego

Excellent Reports: 

 ~ The Intercept - The CoronaVirus Crisis

 ~ Democracy Now ! - Coronavirus


 Update - 03/20:  *** A note on the Border "Shutdown":at this point (03/20) there really are not any wait times at the Border.  We went up yesterday - no lines at Sentri or otherwise - and dropped into Sprouts in Eastlake, but I noticed people were not wearing masks and gloves; I almost did not go in after seeing a woman sneezing, wiping her nose with her hand then touching the fruit outside, gross.  No meat & this could be a problem because Paris has her dinner cooked each night, lots of bread and veggies, try the Suma die for. The remainder of my medical appointments have been cancelled, so I have to wait for the two cortisone shots in my knees, the hernia surgery & glaucoma treatment and I'm almost blind.  

Despite the order for people to stay at home, Mike still has to report to work because he is considered "essential". 

So, I'm going to make a carrot today.

Boy, Trump is being a prick as usual.

Executions slowing down, will return with those.

Take care everyone.

Oh and P.S. One neighbor told me that due to the severity & crisis of the situation, he did not think the Outer-Space video was appropriate.  Okay then try this one:


*** Adding this for ya'll: Check out this interview of Dennis Carroll, es muy importante :

Dennis Carroll waits to be interviewed for the Netflix production of “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak.” Carroll for 15 years directed the pandemic influenza and emerging threats unit at the federal Agency for International Development (USAID) that helped identify more than 2,000 zoonotic viruses, or germs in animals. (Courtesy of Dennis Carroll) aption

 ~ From the Santa Cruz Sentinel 

Former Federal virus Hunter Says US Needs To Act Before New Germs 'Kick Your Door In' Interview with Dennis Carroll
by, Carmen Hereda Rodriguez

 end edit.


The Virus In Baja California & Mexico: 
To keep abreast of the Virus down here, I suggest you check in on Zeta throughout the day , who have been devoting massive reporting on both local & national events.  Here are just a few highlights, remember to check with Zeta each day ! I have two cortisone shots coming up, and am unsure right now if I'm going to cancel the surgery for the hernia due to possible conditions at the hospital...but anyways I might not be here so do link Zeta for vital information. On edit:  everything was cancelled.

Zeta Tijuana 

Locally, and keep in mind these numbers will probably change - there are 11 suspected-active cases of the virus in Tijuana, 6 in Mexicali, 4 in Ensenada, 1 in Rosarito and 2 in Tecate.  Nationally, there are 53 confirmed cases of the virus.

Update:  Proceso is reporting a larger number: (and note reports on their sidebar)

Sube a 82 el Numero de Contagiados de Coronavirus en Mexico


Concerts and Fairs have been cancelled one by one. Classes are being shut down locally and across the nation.  It remains to be seen if the Pre-Schools, Primerias and Secundarios will also be shut down, although an extended Semana Santa is likely. With all of the massive shutdown of events throughout the country, people are raising their eyebrows at AMLO's party hearty this last weekend with muchos besos y fiesta ! Okay, well at least he didn't call the virus a hoax made up by the Democrats. Apparently, these guys have no fear:

Ven Medios Internacionales Irresponsabilidad y Polemica por Vive Latino y Gira de AMLO

Of course it is a horrible contagious virus with so many sick.  Even though the lines to buy toilet paper and paper towels and supplies are pretty much the same in both countries (at least on the borderline - also, Mike just stopped at Vons on Dennery and said they were cleaned out of everything, just wiped out !) it is Mexico who is suffering the worse with the collapses of the Dow Jones.  Earlier today, the peso stood at 23 to 1, unthinkable ! 

However, if you are a spoiled gringo and just have to have paper towels, try a Smart & Final down here, but note they are pricey and may even go up higher in price due to the status of the peso.  So, like jeez, the pioneers didn't have paper towels, right? 

Meanwhile, take care everyone.

And here's something to think about...what IF there are bizarre after effects of  being infected by this virus? Such as.......creepy, huh? What IF it didn't really come from China after all but was released from deep and ancient buried soils when Bolsonaro let the Amazon burn ?   Or, what IF it didn't really come from China after all but it came from Outer-Space?  Wow. Whatever the case, don't end up being a paper towel/toilet paper/hand sanitizer smuggler. (Or hoarder ! NO Hoarding !)